A couple of photos.
Ellen heard the unmistakable whine of Zazzles let me in call this morning just as she was getting up.She was unable to find him for a while then tracked the noise to her window. He had climbed on the garden rubbish wheelie up to the little porch thingy over the door and up onto her window.She came down and told me where he was and I took a look see and Zazzles was on look out duties surveying the street. Letting him in the window would be a mistake if he used it regularly he could bring anything home as a trophy and store it in her room.

I am used to seeing the neighbours extension when I look that way in the back garden but today it looks like this.Allan and his boys took the top off it yesterday prior to fitting a new one with extra windows,more to follow on that.They have 6 children all who have grown up and flew the nest.

The washing line you might pick out is Where Janine and her boys live,her hubby did a runner leaving her with a teenage son Liam and a special needs youngster Lois
Next to her where the greenhouse and flag pole is Bimbo's place and that's the 4 houses on our block.He has a grown up daughter but I never see her visiting.There is then a gap of a few feet before the next little block starts.The houses beyond the trees are single bedroom flats. 4 flats to each building 2 up and 2 down each with a small piece of garden to themselves.
I have John and Pauline on the other side of me and Linda beyond them in a block of 2. John and Pauline are well into retirement now,John was a head gardener and Pauline a teacher.they have 3 grown up children. Linda works at the hospital taking blood samples off both in patients and out patients she has 2 grown up boys.

That's my little corner of the world.