The dinner plan that I reported earlier changed around 5:30.
I had just finished eating when Ellen walked or rather hobbled in. She has put her back out and been sent home. She had some lunch at work and doesn't really fell like eating anyway. She is resting up now after taking a Radox bath. We will see what tomorrow brings.
The rain came this afternoon and it became very hot and humid so I started copying photos to my old computer that will give me them on 2 computers and a hard drive so I should be covered against loss.About 7pm the thunder came and lasted an hour or so,not really close the storm was passing seaward and we only had 6 or 7 lightning flashes but plenty of rumbles.We are promised more intense and closer storms throughout the night.

I came across a folder with photos of Walney through the year when I was checking.
This covers,mist,snow and sun,animals and birds like alpaca and ostrich to the humble sparrow,squirrel and horses. We have sand,rocks pebbles,landscapes and seascapes,sunshine and sunsets,flowers and trees. My garden from the beautiful fragrance of Summer to the ravages of winter.The ponds of the north end,views of the Lakeland fells and the Isle of Man.
A snapshot of 12 months on the island.I thought it would make a nice slideshow.
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