When I finished the high rise bird bath yesterday my thoughts turned to the pedestal and what I could use it for.It is ornamental and needed a top of some kind. I hit on the idea of the mixing bowl I used for the gooseberries yesterday and decided that it would look OK if I cobbled something together and let it over winter outside to age. So that's what I did,with an aerosol lid a machine screw and washers.The lid fitted very snugly over the pedestal so I banged a few drain holes in the bowl and drilled a pilot hole in the bottom, a matching hole in the lid and Hey Presto, a couple of minutes and the bowl was attached. Filled with compost it will be the ideal home for a few small flowers come spring. I have parked it on the rough ground that I have left fallow this year and held it down with four pegs made out of two of the locking bars on the old whirly.The piece of ground will also be sorted and leveled for spring. I think aging over one of our winters might give it an interesting finish.So the old bird bath/feeder has come in for two little projects and no cost or waste involved I like that bit.
A good hours work now it's brew time.