After my mornings work on the bird bath this afternoon I turned to the garden again but before I bore you with that here is the regular morning stand off between Sooty and Peggy. Sooty's exit route is halfway along Allan's wall and down through his garden, while Peggy's morning parking space is on the corner. She has worked out that is the place where I am most likely to spot her if I look out. So every morning Sooty crouches low and goes to the middle of the wall before jumping into Allan's and Peggy keeps a beady eye on him,it is an uneasy truce.

Meanwhile in the garden I spotted a bee breakfasting on a red poppy and the buddleia is starting to flower.I have a few bees returning as more blooms appear.

After lunch with the sun beating down I decided to do a little gooseberry picking,I don't like them but I grew those and some rhubarb ( I don't like that either ) for Margaret. Now they are a bartering tool and as I owe Allan one or two favours a bowl of goose gogs would go do well with him. They don't give their fruit up easily and strong garden gloves are a must if you don't want red stuff pouring out of you.

I have come inside to cool down,have a brew and type this.
P.S the birds are enjoying their new high rise bird bath.