A gorgeous day here on the wild north west coast of England. We have had wall to wall sunshine with temps in my little suntrap of a garden reaching 78f. This coupled with a very high humidity made for a close sticky sort of day. I cut the grass this morning before it got really warm. I found a carpet of tiny purple flowers on the part that was the wildflower bed,I am leaving it fallow this year just letting the vegetation grow. Anything that looks promising I cleared an area for and threw a few seeds in as well. Two are looking very green and very full,the primrose patch isn't do well and you know why. Anyway then I noticed the little purple fellas were sprouting all over the grass,at first I thought it must be clover and it might well be but the flowers look like no clover I ever came across.
I finished my work by taking some bad guys out of the borders which are very green now but only patches of colour as yet, still a sunny spell might just hurry things along although I know Mother Nature won't be rushed.
Time to sit in the sun and slurp an ice cream,catch you soon