My neighbours John and Pauline have just returned from a few days away. I keep my eye on the house whenever they shoot off,checking for mail or newspapers sticking out of the letter box and doing a morning and nightly walk around their back garden making sure everything is OK. They generously bring me a little memento of their trip as always and this time they counted Ellen in as well.
We got a coffee mug each complete with spoons. I thought at first the spoons were plastic but they are enameled as is the lining of the mugs.Cute aren't they?

Sunshine again here and a nice morning breeze made it a perfect time to mow and strim the front and weed the rose beds. I was done and dusted before lunch.
On my morning patrol of the garden accompanied as ever by my faithful sidekick Sooty who walks along alongside me I noticed the buddleia bush is full of lilac buds ready to burst open,that will bring some much needed colour to the place.

No cooking Saturday and Ellen's turn to spring for the meal. We both opted for a battered chicken breast burger with a potato salad and it was very tasty.Our Saturday eating may not be the healthiest but it is a treat and treats aren't meant to be healthy