Sooty was at the vet's today for his check. His toe is broken but of course there is not a lot to be done for such a small foot.Binding who be pointless because he would have it ripped off in no time. The vet said it will knit together quickly with him being so young and to bathe it daily with warm salty water and a cotton bud. Sooty has been in fine fettle since he woke up this morning and is walking fine now so it isn't causing him any distress. He is in the garden at the moment soaking up the sunshine.Oh no he isn't he just came in, flopped on his cushion and went to sleep.

Talking of sunshine we have plenty of it.People are out in their gardens either working or relaxing on loungers,some of them showing a little to much flesh for pleasant viewing. Lawn mowers are humming away,cars being washed,children laughing and running crazy in the street. I saw a couple of families on their bikes heading for the beach when I went for a stroll. The short stroll took a long time because so many people were out and and about eager for a chat. I was even offered a beer at one house. I declined it being about 10:30.I think I might go for an evening stroll on the beach later.
We have more sun tomorrow then Monday the rain returns so it's get out while you can time here.
Catch you soon