Here is an update on the wounded Sooty.
Thank you for all your best wishes for his speedy recovery. I did report them to him but he turned over and went back to sleep.
Yesterday when he returned from the vet he ate little and slept a lot,a good sign the sleeping bit. When he did move he didn't put his injured foot on the floor but hopped along on three legs.
This morning was pretty much the same tale but by late afternoon he was walking on all fours,he is still limping of course but that is improving as the day wears on. He has his appetite back and is in purring mode again.He has even been playing with his toys. Tomorrow he is back at the vets for his follow up examination and we are hopeful he will get the all clear. Today is his last day of captivity tomorrow he will be roaming the garden although I don't think he will go on any adventures for a little while.
This is him in his favourite pose.

Australia’s Deadliest Creature
According to the National Coroners Information System, there were 128 animal-related deaths in Australia in 2000-06, and horses were responsible for 36 of them. Many resulted from someone colliding with a horse while driving, or falling off one while riding. A quarter of all animal-related deaths in Australia take place on the road.

The second most deadly animal in the period was the cow (20 deaths), followed by the dog (12). Sharks killed 11, snakes eight, crocodiles or alligators four, spiders, only three. One person was killed by a cat.