This morning's planned stroll over the bridge to do some shopping was abandoned. The weather has been dull and cold all morning. Instead I flashed the pass and caught the 10:30 bus. It is normally a quiet ride over but this morning it was all banging,shouting and loads of noise. The reason was two stops down the road 8 or 9 very excited young lads got on weighed down with one man tents with all sorts of camping stuff dangling from the full rucksacks on their backs. These were followed by three ladies equally lumbered with more gear and a baby in a buggie. This is a bank holiday weekend and all next week the little angels are off school. The brave women have decided to take them away on a camping adventure and were very upbeat about it,that won't last. It was good to hear the kids laughing and looking forward to their time under canvas although a few of the others on the bus didn't seem as good about it as me. One or two had been on the sherbet dips( a euphemism for swallowing large quantities of the falling down water.) last night and the last thing they expected on the quiet trip to town was a band of marauding youngsters. I left them to it and did my normal Sunday trip before catching the 11:15 back home,a much quieter trip with just half and dozen of the regular misfits.

Now with lunch over,the sky is brightening,Ellen is watching TV in her room with Sooty for company and Zazzles is stretched out giving it big ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ on his cushion. All is peaceful in my little corner of the world. Catch you soon

Fact of the day
The Guinness World Record for the most dogs skipping on a rope is 13.

Quote of the day
Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.

GROUCHO MARX (1890-1977)