Early last evening the showdown between Sooty and Peggy which has been brewing finally occurred.
I put a few scraps out for Peggy who was on the wall but before she come get to them Sooty arrived and sat beside them looking at Peggy,neither moved until Sooty decided this was the day. He moved slowly over and sat right below Peggy,she hopped along the wall away from him. Sooty climbed onto the wall crouched low and began his walk towards Peggy who flew on to the garages,Sooty sat up thinking he had won but I knew better I have seen the old bird in action before with bigger cats than him, she suddenly flew off the garage roof at a great rate of knots towards Sooty who only just jumped into the garden in time. He crouched down wondering what had happened when Peggy renewed her attack from a different angle. This really spooked the cat it looked as though he had nowhere to hide. Ellen went to rescue him but Peggy got there first with a third attack. Sooty hightailed it into the house and hid behind Ellen while Peggy gave her victory call and landed to eat the scraps. All in all an entertaining few minutes with only Sooty's pride hurt and a lesson learned,"Don't mess with the big boys"