A wonderful sunny day here the temps up to 76f in my back garden this afternoon,that may not be hot for some of you from foreign climes but around here for this time of year it's practically tropical

After washing my bedding I was able to hang in outside on the whirly for the first time this year Yippee!,I do like bedding to get a bit of wind and sun on it. After that I had a full day in the garden,this morning I cut and strimmed the front grass and weeded the rose beds before having a break and writing the Showdown blog. After a break and a brew and chew I took my tools out the back to start on that.
There was a delay because John and Pauline next door were out in their garden so a natter was in order. Once free I started by giving the grass it's final clear up mowing and trimmed the edges of course. From now on both lawns will just need a weekly trim if weather permits.
After a sit down and a smoke I started on the side with the fruit bushes in,there was plenty of grass and debris to clear from them before I strimmed and edged the whole lot,more work needed there but it's coming on. As soon as I finished with the power tools the cats joined me for a sunbathe,Zazzles on the grass, Sooty who is mental however chose a patch of freshly seeded border and proceeded to roll over and generally make a mess. I moved him onto the grass and sat down whereupon he started rolling in another patch,I gave up at this point and left him to it.
John came out for another chat which passed an hour or so before Pauline found him some work to do,she is good at that. Time to clean the tools and put them away and Ellen arrived home just as I finished that so we sat in the garden chatting until it was time to make dinner. Work all finished I returned outside and Ellen popped round to see Stephen. After a while I came in to write this rubbish ,a very pleasant day all round......... Pause for panic.

A funny end to the afternoon,well it made me laugh. Ellen just hurtled through the door,Stephen mentioned it was raining so she rushed back to get the washing she had hung out in and I collected the garden chairs and cups.By the time we had done this the rain had stopped of course. Our weather is decidedly odd.
Catch you soon.