A nice sunny busy day. The day started out dull but soon the sun shone through.
My son Stephen paid a visit this morning which was good,Zazzles made a fuss of him as usual with visitors. he stayed an hour or so and wandered off for lunch.

After my lunch I decided to have a potter in the garden helped by two kitties. I found a small patch suitable for clearing and seeding some more wild flowers. I went to get my tools and when I returned I found the space occupied.

I asked them nicely if they would move,Sooty pulled his tongue at me and
Zazzles was totally indifferent.

They then rolled over and went to sleep.

For their complete feline indifference I decided to return to that job later and started on weeding the mint patch. I keep the mint in an old stainless steel kitchen sink to stop it invading the garden. I noticed a bramble had managed to plant itself in the corner so set about removing it. Lying dormant the beast had a tangle of roots right through the soil so I had to tip it all out to get rid.This took me all of 20 minutes because it was packed so tightly around the roots. I will get some more compost and re-seed it in the next few days.
Ellen returned home just as I finished bring with her a nice treat at the right time,a box of ice blocks,I think they are called ice lollies in other parts, they certainly went down well.Only one each of course not the whole box
I have dinner in the oven now, lamb chops with roast potatoes and button sprouts just the ticket after working in the garden. Catch you soon