As the weather slowly improves and I get out more I meet up with people I haven't seen for a while. We exchange news and my main news item of course is the return of Ellen.

Their views on this are polarised. The people who live with a partner or family mostly say that it must be wonderful having company again. The solos on the other hand are sorry that my life has been disrupted. I'm firmly with the latter of course and although I love my daughter dearly I would like her to be a visitor not a resident.

When you live alone for a long time you set your own pace and life is comfy like a pair of favourite slippers. Living with somebody else again changes everything your whole life style goes out of the window. They aren't used to a solo life and see none of it's advantages and none of the down side of living together.
Couples seem to think I am lonely and I have given up explaining to them living alone does not mean you have to be lonely rather that you can pick when and where you want company,which of course they can't.

A cold overcast day here I am still debating if I should layer up and wander off or stay in the warm house. I think the house is winning.

Fact of the day
The first cinema in the world opened in California on April 2nd, 1902.