Not knowing what time Ellen was home I decided on a beef casserole in the slow cooker. I cut beef in to slices added onion,garlic,carrots and a thick beef stock. When this had warmed through I added,tomato puree,pepper,parsley and thyme and poured in half a bottle of strong ale,a tablespoon of Colmans mustard, a teaspoon of Worcester sauce and grated some nutmeg on top and let it bubble away for three of hours. It was ready by 2 so I made 4 small suet dumplings with parsley mixed in and added those,an hour later I tucked into mine and it was very tasty. I turned it off then and later turned it on again added dumplings and it was all ready for Ellen coming home and boy did she scoff it with creamed mash.After her second 10 hour shift running she was ready for it.
A very successful meal.

The weather turned cloudy and cool very quickly so no work in the garden which with my back in a bad mood is just as well. A short stroll this morning just to loosen the joints is the only exercise I got