I haven't even got the garden prepared for seeding and already I have the first casualty,the bright yellow daffodil was horizontal and broken this morning,a very short life for a pretty flower.

Going back to yesterday's subject of living alone there is something Ellen cannot understand about my life. I often sit here nice quietly with no radio or TV blasting away,I love the peacefulness,Ellen on the other hand needs a constant barrage of sound,she will have the TV on ( in her room I hasten to add ) without even watching it which I find as strange as she does my silence. I think this shows I am more content with life.

It is still the season of one pot wonders here,today is chicken casserole which is a nice dish whatever the weather. I think tomorrow might be a find it and eat it day, no set plans or real cooking just grab what you want when you want it maybe I'll have a stir fry with odds and ends left over. I don't know if Ellen eats like this,if not it's time she did.

Fact of the day

The Albanian language has 27 different words to describe the shape of mustaches.

Quote of the day

'There's a man outside with a big black mustache.'
'Tell him I've got one.'

The Marx Brothers