It was a lovely surprise - Mandi and Dogan called me on the internet and we spoke for nearly half an hour, til the Internet Gods decided to spoil the fun and shut down in Turkey!!!

Anyway, they rang to not only say how much they missed me [awww] but missed Boo too [awww] and they didn't actually brag about the weather neither - that was because it'd been raining today!!! They did say, however, that they'd done the visa application on-line this afternoon and so with a bit of luck, the Consulate will sort it out and they should be planning to come back in about a month. Boo was sitting down next to me, so Mandi could see that she was fine and relaxed.

In fact Boo has really started to make this place her home. She's got her little routine already and is even starting to like me stroking her. She's a little minx though, my neighbour, Yvonne popped up yesterday and she was rolling all over her, purring and generally making a fuss of her!!!! She doesn't do that to me....!!!

Then Pippin, who's now accepted that the strange new cat is here to stay and so he might as well put up with it, decided that the spot on the couch where Boo likes to sleep, was a good place for him to have snooze!!!!!!

Boo had gone out into the kitchen and the couch was free - Pippin wasted no time in jumping onto the warm place and settled down for a nap. Enter Boo - who looked at her place all filled with another black cat and she just sat down and looked up to Pippin [who chose to totally ignore her]. She sat there for quite a while, then accepted defeat and went to sleep on the floor. You can just about make out Pippin on the couch. Black cats and dark blue throws tend to blur......

Oh well - time to go and make some supper - I do feel that it'll probably be lamb stew because I'd made some yesterday and as usual too much, so it's going to be lamb stew again tonight!!