Well even though I've done a bit more to my new project, my own quilt, the weather was so nice that I realised that the grass really needed to be cut.

So this afternoon, despite my back nagging away at my conscience, telling me that I should just leave it, I cut the grass. I should have listened to my back - I keep getting spasms now and a hot water bottle is jammed in the small of my back hoping for relief.

Anyway even though I was sitting down most of the time while I was cutting the lawn, it still didn't help. So I took a couple of photos of the hedge which has started sprouting lovely tiny pink flowers.

I then noticed a solitary bumble bee flitting between the tiny flowers.............

He was quite difficult to catch in focus because the flowers were about 12ft away from me and I don't have a large enough zoom, still I managed these. He was really enjoying himself, with all the flowers just for him.

Right I'm going to give my back a little bit more care and relax against this hot water bottle. You know - I'm really quite good at handing out advice, but I'm absolutely rubbish at taking it!!!!!!!!!!!