Mandi came up today and I thought I'd have a day free of doing anything - not so!!!!

Apart from popping up to Asda so we could get a webcam for her laptop, so she can talk to Dogan and see him at the same time, it was also a lovely day and so we sat out in the driveway.

Now you all know what I've been doing the last few days - weeding the driveway - and I can't just sit there and not weed. So while Mandi was catching a few rays, I was sitting down weeding.

Somewhere along the line - the vein in my finger got trapped and suddenly it started to hurt and swell. I was trying to post a picture of my poor blue and bruised finger, but Ipernity won't let me. Apparently they have temporarily suspended my page because I published a picture that I hadn't taken - ages and ages ago. I've apologised and deleted every picture that wasn't mine, but they still haven't reinstated me. So hopefully it won't take too long before I'm back!!!