I decided to take a rest, my hands were starting to complain as were my arms!!! I don't kneel down as someone mentioned, I lie prone on the foam and old carpet. That way my knees are safe and I can reach quite a lot - today's patch was about 10ft x 6ft, so that's not too bad. Don't forget I am very close to the ground and I can see every bit of weed and it's roots, so everything and anything with roots gets dug up!!!!

Anyway while I was taking a rest - I laid down on the carpet and looked upwards.......

It was lovely just looking upwards through the lilac trees to the blue sky.

Note to self - don't wear black trousers on a hot day and lying on the driveway - you get very hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I watered the pots and took advantage of the water droplets for more pictures. Strange because these last few years the rain has done it for me - now I have to use a watering can - great eh?

The lilies made some lovely pictures with the water droplets.

So tomorrow I won't be doing any weeding, although probably some sewing. I'm going shopping and weeding means I get mucky so a day off won't be too bad. As for the sewing I'm coming along well with this new quilt. I should be finished in about a month...... then it's back to my own quilt and I should finish in time for next winter.