Just for the fun of it.

Stream of consciousness: Dental visit is it that or another other that interrupted my sleep so deep within the night or morning around three I started my day just sayin'. And now it's five and a bit and I started the coffee brewin' downstairs while meanwhile upstairs up here splashed some watercolors but ahead dead heading in to the future I've got nothing going nothing planned so maybe go with the flow the story of my life seventy five years whodathought ears are itching must be listening to the sound of moose ticks tok tick tok lock pick earrings are for sale believe it or not I sought a snowplow it warmed up to +6 we might get a bit more snow today say the season's change trees breathe they yes exhale oxygen when making carbon dioxide to food but just like you and me and thee and he and she that need and inhale oxygen through their leaves to metabolize etc., but I hadn't considered that deciduous trees drop their leaves and subsequently hold their breath for months at a time ain't life grand? Sand is just prototype glass but it won't hold water liquid vapor solid minus forty degrees yesterday morning home is where the hearth is root canal next week what the heck a new experience said the spider to the fly drank Fermented mare's milk drank kumis in Yakutsk the hospital would send patients over to the permafrost institute to use their industrial xray machine a restaurant twix Vladivostok and the airport kangaroo steaks sold there not that folks were drinking heavy but had to carry the stewardess off the plane a good time was had by all scratch a Russian find a Tartar Ring of Fire, Pacific Rim walking on bones but not my bones Cook Islands the King's golf course in Hua Hin the roughs are smoother than most greens meanwhile back at the ranch the furnace kicked in only five and a half hours of daylight now the deciduous trees gotta hold their breath for another 6 months why the spring leaf buts all open up so fast. 'All together, inhale!' & even though I know man is a rationalizing, as opposed to a rational, animal I gotta admit if I had it all to do over again I'd do it all over again!