This morning we had one of our increasingly infrequent emails from my ex saying that he’d sent some Birthday money for our son. It’s quite a considerable amount and I’m afraid I won’t even come close to matching it. He’s also been depositing some money every month into a savings account for our son, every month for the past 2 years, and this matures on his 18th Birthday. The bank has already disclosed how much the final amount will be, and again, it’s quite considerable. Whilst we both appreciate that he’s done this, it would have been nice if he’d paid the maintenance that he still owes me. The money is for my son, not money for me to help feed and clothe him so while my son is quid’s in, I’m broke. I’ve let the pet insurance expire, I’ve cancelled membership of something I pay monthly for, and next month I’ll be downgrading the house insurance. Things are tight now, though come September when my child benefits stop, it will be even tighter. The only light on the horizon is that next March my car loan will be paid off, and then at least I’ll have a bit extra cash every month. My son has filled out his first application for a job, so at least he’s on the case there.

I saw my friend on Saturday, first time in 2 weeks as he’s been away, and we caught up over a coffee. For once, nobody disturbed us and it made a lovely change. I think the same ‘crowd’ go to the same coffee shop on a Saturday, and they may have remembered me politely berating someone the last time we were there, after we’d been interrupted for the third time. I know people like his dog, but it gets very tedious and he is working so shouldn’t be disturbed anyway.

It’s getting a bit warmer here though I’m still waiting for the promised heat wave. On Sunday the lashing rain woke me at 4.30am, and when I went out for groceries I drove through torrential rain. It stopped long enough for me to get into the supermarket and rained a little on the way home. By mid-afternoon I had laundry on the line. What a change from the morning!

Whilst I was at the supermarket I had a quick look at Birthday cakes for later in the month, and saw a nice looking small cake that I’ll buy later, if they have it. My ex suggested a certain deli where he’d bought cake last year however it’s too far away, and from my perspective, it would be too expensive. The cake he’d bought last year was layers of chocolate sponge, fresh cream, and chocolate curls on top. Delicious, but far too big now that they’re not here to share it with, and it was from an Italian deli, so I’m guessing pretty expensive too. I’d make a cake, however my recent attempts have been less than perfect and I suspect my oven is conking out. It was only a cheap one, and has had 8 years of hard labour. Nothing lasts…

Enjoy the rest of the week, I’m enjoying some peace and quiet in work although next month we have ‘visitors’, same as last year and if last years are anything to go by, the peace will be shattered by them. Oh well, I’ll enjoy it while it lasts :)