Remember my complaint about the Park and Ride? Well I emailed them 9 working days ago, and had an automated reply stating that they will try and reply within 5 working days. 9 working days later and I got nada, zilch, a big fat nothing. It just goes to show the contempt that they have for their paying customers.

I had one of my child benefits this week and was disappointed to see that the amount has been reduced by a little over £12. The other has been increased by a whole, whopping 20 pence. So, I had a £10 a month pay rise, and got stopped just over £12 in benefits. Thanks very much! They all stop in a few months when my son turns 18, man I hope he can get a job to help with the bills; it’s going to be tight if he doesn’t.

I’m not sure if the above is keeping me awake, but I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep this week. I’ve tried warm milk or night time tea, yet wake 2 or 3 times a night, every night. One night I woke the whole household, I was kicking hell out of my bed and almost screaming. Thankfully I can’t remember much of that dream; it must have been bad. Thank goodness I don’t get those often. I lost count of how many times I apologised for waking up my son, and on a school night too.

Today is my last day in work for 2 weeks. I’ve been counting the days, now I’m counting the hours lol. I have lots to do; paint and varnish the stairs, sort out the blinds, sort out a laptop that I’m playing with, do my paperwork, plant some veggies in pots, weeding… The problem is, the 2 weeks will fly past. I could happily stay home every day and I’m counting the years until I retire. Shame that I have quite a wait lol. Seriously, my job isn’t too bad, but I am looking forward to the days when I no longer have to work, but can if I want to. If that makes sense?

We’re due some fine weather here, just hope it lasts for most of the 2 weeks so that paint and varnish will dry nice and quickly. Have a great weekend; enjoy the sunshine if you have it.