Sunshine that is. So far we’ve had lovely sunny days and quite cool nights here; great for getting gardening done.

Ok, I need to get something off my chest so to speak regarding my son. Like many parents, I would literally die to protect him, and I would literally kill to protect him; think grizzly bear protecting her cub; that’s me. He was planned, and very much wanted. He was wanted by both me and his Father. Things didn’t work out and we parted ways when he was about 10. His Father never paid the amount of child maintenance he was supposed to, and now that he’s emigrated, I get nothing from him. So, money is a little tight. Children, even those very much loved and wanted, are not cheap. Those who actually have children will know this. I get some benefits for him due to my salary, and those end when he turns 18 which is soon. I made a comment that I hoped he would be able to get a job and that would help with the bills. He is not a ‘cash cow’ nor will he ever be, however food and clothes aren’t free, nor is the rent – which eats half my take home salary – so if he can get a job to help with the bills, all the better. If I’d had a child simply to get money, then I would have ‘popped’ out 3 or 4 of them and made a career out of it. I chose to have one, which we could afford.. My son has no interest in college or university but I’ve made it clear to him if he wants to go, then we would manage. We always manage. Apart from my student loan and car loan which I pay off monthly from my salary, we owe nothing. I do not rake up debts, unlike my ex, and I always pay the bills; all of them. Even if my son can’t get a job, he will always have a home with me for as long as he needs or wants one. I hope this is clear. I may have misread a comment, but if not, then anyone who thinks I had a child simply to get money is free to delete me because you obviously do not know me at all. Thank you.

So far my time off has been productive; my friend and I have taken both dogs for a lovely long walk in the woods. Afterwards we had a coffee and what an attention whore my dog was. 3 small children surrounded him and were patting him and talking to him; they thought he was like a furry blanket lol. He loved it!

I’ve also had the gas service done; all good there thankfully.

I’ve cleaned the blinds in two rooms so far, just a couple more to do. I can’t believe how dusty and dirty things become; the sun shows it up nicely!

I’ve also cleaned the oven and cooker top.

I plan to have a quieter day today and just get some groceries and clean one blind, and get some laundry sorted whilst the sun is shining.

Later in the week I intend to catch up with all my family. That’s the great thing about holidays; time to do the time consuming chores, and catch up with family, and cook. My son is off too, and we plan to have a big pizza cook up together and make lots of tasty pizza, maybe even some for the freezer for another day. Fantastic!