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Updated on: November 11, 2018.

Total Solar Eclipse 2017, album created on August  2, 2017

It is the "Great American Eclipse" -- according to many websites.

The hunt for Red October, album created on September 21, 2016

Photos from a roadtrip through the Eastern Sierra along SR-395 in search for fabulous fall colors. That part of California is best described as a "high desert" because the valley's floor is 5000ft in the north and "only" 2000ft in the south while 10...14.500 feet (4400m) high mountains to the west block most of the rainfall. Forrest there mostly are pines and other evergreen but if you follow the water, you find the side of the creeks lined with Aspen and bushes. In autumn the differences bec…

Death Valley -- Day & Night, Spring & Summer, album created on February 19, 2016

There are many reasons to come to DEATH VALLEY. The world-famous heat and the gruesome name. Walking nearly 300ft below sea-level without getting wet. The amazing starry night sky. To walk on Tatooine oe other extra-terrestrial worlds which were filmed here. The colorful mountain slopes telling a fascinating geologic history. And NOW (Spring 2016) the rare occasion of an enormous bloom of desert wildflowers of all kinds.

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Building an ASTROnomy camper-van -- Part #2a - 8 months ago

In PART #1, I described the reasons for choosing the Chevy Astro (cargo)-van as the basis for my modifications. And I was able to find one that already had a good amount of camping modifications -- Here I want to show the choices & modifications needed to further optimize the storage & still have convenient access.

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