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Staying connected while traveling in the EU - 21 months ago

Earlier, I had posted a blog about the thoughts I put into selecting the right phone & plan for a trip to Tokyo : When traveling to european countries from the US, it becomes easier, as there are very low hardware obstacles. Nearly all modern, UNLOCKED US-phones have sufficient capabilities to connect to the european GSM carriers. There are few (Verizon & Sprint) phones that cannot be used at all, due to CDMA vs GSM incompatibility. There remains a…

  • Staying connected in Japan

    - August  7, 2019
    Many people cannot (or don't want to) imagine life without constant connectivity to the Internet -- even during their vacation. When you travel abroad, you need to make preparations for that. The MOST IMPORTANT PRECAUTION to take is to check the terms & conditions and (expensive) charges that can arise from using your phone on a foreign carrier's voice or data-network. To prevent excessive charges, make sure you disable all kinds of roaming. Removing your SIM and solely use WIFI is a good…

  • Build your own GPS tool -- update 2015/09/24 & 2019/02/12

    - February 12, 2019
    "Build your own" in this case doesn't mean soldering and writing thousands of line of code. Instead I take advantage of available HW & SW and combine them and hopefully end up with a better (and lower-cost) solution than the off-the-shelf items. This is an ongoing adventure -- come back to see the progress ...

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