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Bike riding, album created on January 26, 2011

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Bush walking, album created on July 13, 2009

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Beach placess, album created on November  3, 2007


Dancing roos

I saw this too were having a nice dance enjoy - See all videos
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Recovering - 8 years ago

Hi dear friends I had a bit of accident 3 weeks ago I fall of my bike and did some damage to my body.. I crack my kneecap and broke my left arm, so I have not been able to do much with my time.. laying reading talking on the phone and trying to recover.. my knee is very swollen lucky I didn't have to have operation, time will heal its self.. hope you all having a fabulous year.. here in Australia it did not start well hope it will change soon... cheers all Nada

  • Floods in Brisbane

    - January 12, 2011
    Hi everyone this is very bad time for our city, there has been so much rain that has turn in floods, some city like Toowomba has been swept and taken away, cars, houses, people and what every was on its way.. Parts of Brisbane is starting to get flooded, there many suburbs that are close to the river are under water.. We need more then a prayer its very hard time for everyone.. I do live on hill and hope it want come to us but all the roads a blocked and not sure how long the power can be on and…

  • Happy New Year 2011

    - January  6, 2011
    Hi everyone, it has been long time since I wrote a post. I remember the very beginning of my joining the Iper group I ask you all to pray for rain... well now 3 year down the road I need to ask a different request.. we have been having so much rain more then our soil can take it.. So my friends ask god to stop raining so we can have summer and go to the beach... One more think I am going to go to Europe in May with my daughter, we going to spend some time in Macedonia then she wants to go to Fra…

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Wish you a nice weekend...!!!
Una bella rosa de mi jardin
2 years ago.
Hola le deseo una feliz semana...!!!
3 years ago.
Hola Nada, te deseo un lindo y feliz domingo...!!!
Agapanto color morado lila.
4 years ago.
 Bertje Laguna
Bertje Laguna
Hey Nada, i am sorry for not visiting Barcelona in 2008
4 years ago.
 Bertje Laguna
Bertje Laguna
How nice, hello Nada thanks for visit and adding me.
Very welcome to the land of windmills.
Wel this is holland..........
greetings ; Sjaak
4 years ago.

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