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Updated on: August 27, 2010.

Egypt, album created on March 27, 2009

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The Moon & Gothic Pointy Things in Rouen: A Study, album created on March  9, 2009

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Crete, album created on November  7, 2008

Our vacation in Crete, 20.10.2008-29.10.2008. Silly people pics from this trip can be found here:

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Used Lenses or Lens Rental in or Around Heilbronn - 10 years ago

Does anyone know of a good store that rents camera gear and/or sells used gear that is near Heilbronn? I would even go so far as Stuttgart, Mannheim, Karlsruhe or Würzburg "close". If it matters, I am looking for Nikon-Mount lenses.

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Happy birthday!
10 years ago.
Demetrius Chryssikos
Demetrius Chryssikos
Bon anniversaire, Allanimal !!!
10 years ago.
Hallo Nachbar, danke fürs adden :) freue mich immer über Leute hier aus dem Ländle, hehe...
habe so vieles wieder erkannt in deinem Stream...schön!
10 years ago.
Grüsse vom Bodensee
11 years ago.

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