I'm in the process of uploading all of my old Flickr stuff (stuff that is no longer there). It is taking a while, and for some reason PictureSync doesn't upload the metadata when exporting from Aperture. Hell, it may work, but the interface for PictureSync is so funked up that I have no idea how to enable the option to do something so basic as include the frackin' EXIF metadata with my photos. Why is the PictureSync interface so horrible? Oh I wish that the excellent Flickr Export for Aperture plugin would work with Ipernity. From what I can tell, the APIs of Flickr and Ipernity are similar, but not enough that the plugin maker will deal with it. It is very frustrating to have my entire history of photography show up as being taken in the last couple days. I've talked to both Ipernity guys and the plugin maker guy and never managed to get it going. Which is a shame, because the plugin is awesome. Between the way Flickr treats its users, and the inadequate upload tools for Ipernity, it almost makes me want to just forget about uploading photos to the web anymore. Or maybe I should just write my own Aperture export plugin for Ipernity. But that would take a while. And it would probably suck. But it looks like my only option. That or just give up altogether.