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Vereinfachung der alphabetischen Suche nach Gruppennahmen

Gerrit Fischer
By A Gerrit Fischer club
November 24, 2018 - 6 comments - 240 visits- Permalink

Ich würde gerne Sonderzeichen aus den Gruppennahmen entfernen, da sie die Suche nach geeigneten Gruppen erschweren.

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 Steve Bucknell
Steve Bucknell club
I can’t understand that comment Gerrit, the Google translate makes no sense. Can anyone translate it into English?
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
 aNNa schramm
aNNa schramm club
here the translator from Deepl.translator:
I would like to remove special characters from the group names because they make it difficult to find suitable groups.
2 years ago.
Steve Bucknell club
has replied to aNNa schramm club
Thanks Anna, but I still don’t understand what “special characters” are, so I still can’t grasp what is meant.
2 years ago.
Amazingstoker club
has replied to Steve Bucknell club
I assume it's the "*" at the start of the name which would move the sort order away from the 'I' in 'Italo', I'm a traditionalist and quite like the '*'. And maybe also the '-'
2 years ago. Edited 2 years ago.
 The Limbo Connection
The Limbo Connection club
I am a special character and I regard any suggestion of my removal as threatening behaviour.
2 years ago.
Steve Bucknell club
has replied to The Limbo Connection club
It looks as though the special character/s will remain, in accordance with the ancient traditions of Italo-Byzantine Obscurity.
2 years ago.

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