Group: Duck, Duck, Goose

By Lake Moananui

Happily Swimming.

This is my bench!!

Why am I such a glutton?!

Duck Enjoying The Day.


A fine specimen


On Whakatane River.

At Lake Karapiro.

Quack, Quack! Come Back!

On The Shoreline.

A Paddling Of Ducks,

Fondation Pierre Gianadda, Martigny (Valais, Suiss…

Ducks Enjoying The Water.

Three White Ducks

Just Paddling.

Gulls at Lake Taupo.

294/366: The Ducky Snoozers

White, Duck

Quietly drifting along.

Source du Groseau, Malaucène, Vaucluse (France)

Beside Hamilton Lake.

Line of Ducks

Group Of Ducks