Group: I want to show you this pic :)

Skeletons - painting on inside wall of ancient fac…

above the clouds

Penedo Furado - the pierced rock uphill.

sunset on the beach (Badesi / Sardegna)


Municipal Museum.

ancient Sardinian knife forge

Portuguese pavement.

Fountain (1944).

Muro Azul (Blue Wall).

Painting on abandoned trailer.

Owl, by Bordalo II.

Pinch Me!!!! (PiPs)

Please Give A Little .. (PiP)

Church of Mercy.

Mother Church of Sardoal.

HFF to all!

Pasted paper mural.

Travellers' Rest

Ancient long tram.

A rare sign.

Will you Play With Me?

right hand only

Evening moonlight.

waiting for lunch.

Le paradis des buffles