Group: Script

Tunisi : Hotel Medina e grande lampione tunisino

Eine Ansage - HFF!

Espresso bar

Boccadasse : La Casetta

schriftliches Angebot

lost in translation

Warehouse of Screws.

Gull and folk at Folkestone

Zamenhof in Folkestone

Folkestone is an art school


Ṣalāla : La residenza del Sultano Qaboos

Lido Sands

Dreamland lettering


Standing stones with Margate behind


Typewriters as toys.

Old typewriters.

Posting boxes in Oxford

Funchal : Shopping center

1941,Oct.13th -Meines Großvaters letzter Brief be…

Bassin d'ablutions (chôzuya) dans le Tenryu-ji "Te…

Regxedzinoj de hungara deveno

Usseaux : una meridiana in funzione

tea party in a forest

Panam Health centre

27 objects (odd number!)