Group: The Powerline Graveyard

Xcel Energy 4kV

WMECo 4.8kV Y pole

Ohio Edison

DP&L/Troy L&P


Old NSP Transformer Pole

Otter Tail Power - Hillhead, SD

Northern States Power, St. Cloud, MN

Goodwin Lane Sub

WMECo 8.3/4.8kV Y pole

WMECo 4.8kV Y Pole

MECO 13.2kV Y and WMECO 22.9kV Poles

WMECO 8.3/4.8kV Y Pole

WMECo 4.8kV Y Pole

WMECO 8.3/4.8kV Y Pole

WMECo 115kV towers

MECo 2.4kV Y pole

Toronto 4kv Construction

WMECo 8.3/4.8kV Y pole

Xcel Energy, St. Cloud, MN

WMECO 4.8kV ∆ Pole

Old City Light and Power, Indiana Michigan Power U…

Abandoned Duke Energy 46kV that was replaced.

Abandon 110k(i think)

A pole with missmatched Insulators.