Group: River and Lakes -- Flüsse und Seen

Karfreitagsteich / Good Friday's Pond

Scott Falls

Kaitoki Waterworks, Park.

Torreira, Portugal

Just Paddling.

Torreira, Portugal

Sommerpause - Summer break - PiP - HFF

Ria de Aveiro, Portugal HFF

Island on Eibsee

View Of The Waikato River

Ponte de Telhe, Portugal

By Lake Whakamaru

Ruhe am Herrensee / Calm at Lake Herrensee

Rund um den Herrensee / Around the lake Herrensee

Litschau & der Herrensee

Torreira, Portugal

Ceresole Reale Lake fence

About To Drop

Quiet Stream.

Ponte de Telhe, Portugal


Ponte de Telhe, Portugal


HFF to you All !!!

Padova Città d'Acque: riviera Paleocapa

Foz do Sabor, Portugal