Group: USA

Lobster Boats and Rocks (3)

HFF in Chicago (1 PiP)

the "new" Forest Grove....

Coca-Cola scenery

Perspective de lampadaires

Hot Day? IceCream Is An Answer

Quoddy Bay Lobster (reprised for HFF)

In the garden...

Rainmaker Fountain in Palmsprings (1 PiP)

09.11.2001 not forgotten

HFHH - Happy Friendly Haflinger Horse

bye bye monument valley

the bench...

Sunrise Over the White Fence

Manhattan Bridge

Wayne wonderland cash store

6 bacs, 4 fenêtres (Utah)

Belle d'antan sur Steel Radials

Am Ursprungsort des Jazz - The birthplace of Jazz…

HBM @ Chicago Pier

Tamarack Lake, Ralston Lake

HFF for you and this lonesome cowboy

the last battleship....

Shades of red and pink

Through the beach fence / Ombres et clôture de pla…

Wild turkeys