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Ipernity????? - January 18, 2017 new

There is a few of my contacts who continue to load to the site.. But really we all need to load to the site to show the team we are still here.. Sad times to see this as we value this site a lot.. I have seen this happening to sites i have been on in the past which closed their doors for one reason or another.. And i fully understand the reasons why many have no interest in loading to the site.. But please hang in there and wait until the team gets back to us.. and continue to support those w…

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Tech News (Yahoo) - January 16, 2017 new

It’s the end of an Internet era. When Yahoo’s sale of its core email and web portal business to Verizon is complete, the company plans to change its name to Alibaba. The change reflects the company’s change in focus from email, news, and other consumer Internet service to their new focus as a major stakeholder in the Chinese import company Alibaba. Several members of the board, including CEO Marissa Mayer, will step down. Mayer is expected to go to Verizon with the Internet services busine…

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I Want To Dance With You by John Prine - January 17, 2017 new

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ISSUE : SOLVED - archiveteam [EN] [FR] - January 16, 2017 new

[EN] Hello to you all, We address this message to people who are participating in an aspiration through the ArchiveTeam tool. We ask you to please limit your queries to 10/s max. We are currently receiving an abnormal influx of queries that is hurting the platform .... Not to mention the cost that AWS will induce ... We are not against this but we ask you to contact us before launching such an initiative ... via the Help & Contact section. Thank you for your understanding. Team ipe…

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Eménagement.. - January 15, 2017 new

..en cours !

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10 janvier 2017, ipernity NEW PERSPECTIVES ... - January 10, 2017

Message de Christophe et la team ipernity : www.ipernity.com/blog/team/4646844

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2017, Be in Light & in Love !!! - January 18, 2017 new

Happy New Year !!!! NINA SIMONE-FEELING GOOD www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfJRX-8SXOs 1ian - purpose for the new year: "It is never too late to be who you could be." George Eliot 2ian - washed Mura, the most wonderful puppy and started doing research on how to 'do the impossible': "There are seven things that destroy us: wealth lacking work, pleasure lacking consciousness, knowledge lacking character, religion lacking sacrifice, politics lacking principles, science lacking humanity, and businesse…

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BILAN DES SILENCES DU VENTOUX 2016 - January 14, 2017 new

trés peut de visiteurs les expos sont trop éparpiller dans les 11 communes retenues ,, en maxi dans de le centre de SAULT 500 personnes sur quatres jours ,??? trop de choses en m^me temps expositions , conférénces, sentier thématique ,film , une mauvaise organisation avec un mauvais flèchage pas de plans ou se trouve les expos , les visiteurs tournent en ronds mauvais choix des photographes , certain n'on pas leurs place dans ce genre d'expo qui veut montrer aux publics de la qualité et des…

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Peut être qu'un au revoir - January 16, 2017 new

Bonjour à tous. Je vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse année 2017 avec plein de bonheur, de belles choses et de belles images pour vous et vos proches pour cette nouvelle année. Mais... sans Ipernity. J'ai passé du temps ici et découvert de belles personnalités et de superbes photos. Maintenant je ne sais plus trop que faire... Connaissez vous un autre endroit ? En tout cas merci à vous tous d'avoir regardé mes pages et peut être à bientôt... Enrouler nos peaux pour ne pas s'oublier et…

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Ozaki Hosa 1885-1925 - January 13, 2017 new

Parfois , j'écris Parfois , j'efface tout Ainsi des fleurs de pavot.

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