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Back in Circulation - June 24, 2017 new

I haven't been around for almost three months and several of you have asked whether I'm okay and whether I'm still active on Ipernity. Here's what's been happening. Back on March 22 I went in to emergency at the local hospital with what I thought and the doctors first thought was appendicitis. An abdominal drain was put in to drain off the expected infection with an appendectomy scheduled several weeks later. The abdominal drain, however, produced no signs of infection but rather a kind of m…

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Como uma teologia ruim prejudica as missões - June 25, 2017 new

Quando você envia missionários, você está exportando uma doutrina da igreja. Ao longo dos anos, concluí que muitas vezes estamos exportando uma eclesiologia ruim.

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It was forty years ago today - June 24, 2017 new

Not really! But "it was forty one years ago today" wouldn't make such a good headline. What am I on about? In 1976, I got my first 'serious' camera, a Zenith E, and began taking photographs that were meant as more than souvenirs or records. And now it's a long time since then and I am still doing the same thing. About an hour ago (it's a summer Saturday evening), the light started to look good and, as I recently pulled a muscle in my right leg and exercise is very good for stopping the pain, I…

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la pensée du soir..! - June 23, 2017 new

Se prendre au Sérieux.. c'est ignorer qu'on est Con..!

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LA FANTOMO DE L' OPEREJO (83) - June 20, 2017 new

Karaj legantoj,
Jen la sekva epizodo de via felietono.
Mi deziras al vi agrablan legadon!

Por malkovri la komencon de tiu romano, jen ties ligilo:


Mi kore dankas al ANJO, IVAR kaj NOĈJO!

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A stroll in the sunshine - June 20, 2017 new

Today is day 4 of our mini heatwave,temps up to 80f by midday again but I feel the change coming,the air is not as fresh but more muggy and we have rain forecast for the early hours.Oh well it was good while it lasted if it does go. I needed some cow juice this morning and it being a lovely morning I detoured to the grass lands and beach on the way. Not a big trip only a couple of miles or so but I was in the sort of terrain I love,nothing messed about by man here except for the path running alo…

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Sorry I haven't been on here much, but I've managed to catch a chill - June 19, 2017 new

Hiya folks, how are you all? I hope the weather where you are is as glorious as it is here in my part of the world. Today we were 30C which was hotter than Spain and Greece!!! The problem is we rarely have temperatures this high, so we're not used to it. It's been like this for a couple of days now, so I've managed to have both my lounge windows open... I only shut them last night when I went to sleep, because I didn't want to have my windows open being on the ground floor. In my lounge I ha…

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Problems loading - June 12, 2017

Having problems loading the pages again. I have managed to visit a few of you, but its taking so long. To those of you I have not visited, I do apologise, and will catch up as soon as I possibly can. Have a lovely evening June.

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LA INTERLINGVISTIKAJ STUDOJ ... 2017 J. - June 17, 2017

La Interlingvistikaj Studoj de la Universitato Adam Mickiewicz (Poznano, Pollando) igxas 20-jara, kion ni festos dum la 4a Interlingvistika Simpozio en septembro (21-22, tuj post la unua sesio de la nova interlingvistika grupo kaj antaux la kultura festivalo Arkones). La simpozio havos specialan sekcion dedicxitan al Zamenhof, kaj estas malfermita al la granda publiko (problemoj de internacia komunikado). Temo: Rolo de internaciaj lingvoj ekde la epoko de Zamenhof ĝis la nuntempa multkultura mo…


! Stress - stop - evitu streson ! - June 20, 2017 new

! Stress - stopp ! ! evitu streson ! ( furiozaj gekelneroj ) Wenn du weißt - dass dein Leben niemals endet weißt du - dass du unendlich viel Zeit hast alles zu erschaffen - was du gerne erleben möchtest - oder es erneut zu erschaffen - falls du es früher schon mal erlebt hast und es wieder erleben möchtest Im Kosmos gibt es ein Sprichwort » Ewiges Leben bringt ewigen Frieden « ----------------------------…

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