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Into the garden... - April 14, 2017

It’s Easter – a long ‘weekend’ off work… for those who don’t have to work across Easter. And it seems we are all supposed to be gardening. It seems to me rather cold to be gardening today, but trees arrived in the post, and gardening I must go. Trees? Yes, trees. In the post? Yes. In the post. “Would you like a tiny Scots Pine Tree?” I was asked. Tiny, I thought; Yes, I may as well. I have room for a tiny tree. Perhaps ‘baby’ would have been a better word than tiny, because while the tree i…

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La unua epizodo de mia traduko ĵus ricevis la 1000an viziton ! - April 14, 2017

(... kaj plurajn aliajn jam vizitis pli ol 1500 personoj!) Karaj legantoj de "La Fantomo de l' Operejo", Karaj geamikoj, Mi tutkore dankas vin pro via intereso pri mia tradukado, sed ankaŭ pro via fideleco kaj precipe via amikeco! Pro ilia valorega kaj daŭra helpo kaj/aŭ iliaj apogo kaj kuraĝigo, mi ŝuldas multan dankon al IVAR, GINETTE, KATRINO, CEZAR, JADRANKA, NOĈJO, FILIP, TREVOR, TJERI, OREST, DOROTA, LÁSZLÓ, HELJA, EDITH, ANJO, FRANK M., MICHEL A. .... Al ĉiuj vi mi deziras plian ag…

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Die Kunst des Schweigens - April 12, 2017


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A slight delay in jungle clearance - April 13, 2017

Yesterday the work in the garden ground to a halt because of a rainy morning. A little sun and a drying wind dried things up and I was able to start again this morning. I got the second mow on the rear top half and raked the grass up. It looks pretty ropey like a stubbly newly mowed hay field but the green is already showing through. I raked the grass into a pile and went to get my long pronged fork to move it. when I came back it was scattered around and the cats were having great fun tumbling…

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Sometimes it's great to be wrong - April 14, 2017

So! Back in the fifties In the middle of Florida 5, let's see, no, 7, of us had been, caving, spelunking but that's another story. None the less, after spelunking, we all hopped in 2 cars to head back to campus. Now It was a hot day, so we'd left the doors open on the cars. Drivin' back, in our car we suddenly heard a sound from 'neath the seat to my ear it was pretty damn close to a sound I'd hear before the dry repeating rhythm of the rattle of a rather peeved rattlesnake! Now I can attest t…

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Decoupage Tutorial - "SUGAR EFFECT" on Easter Egg - Mix media - April 13, 2017

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MAGA Mindset. What It Means To Me - April  5, 2017

Making America Great Again starts with the individual. We can't expect Trump to do everything. We must start in our own back yard. If you can stomach local politics, get involved. I'm choosing to do the most constructive thing I can at this point, literally in my own backyard. I don't know what happened to Kentucky, it was never this trashy before. Louisiana always held that title. I just went and picked up 12 bags of trash from the side of the road. I ran out of steam before I made it to the…

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Paris : on fait quoi des 20.000 vélos et 1.200 stations Vélib' ? [ES-EN] - April 18, 2017

Dans le " nouveau marché " avec ses vélos électriques,
que ferons-nous des BATTERIES ?
En el "nuevo mercado", con sus bicicletas eléctricas,
Lo que vamos a hacer con las BATERIAS?
In the "new market" with its electric bikes,
What will we do with the BATTERIES?

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Txoria txori - April 15, 2017

Poema vasco escrito por Joxean Artze en 1957.
Fue adaptado en música por Mikel Laboa en 1968.

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Those damn seagulls. .... - April 12, 2017

Some of you might remember that I have a family of seagulls who nest on my roof in amongst my four chimneys. Well last year they cleaned out their old nest which meant all sorts of things came down, plastic bags, twigs and old grass etc. I say all came down, but not exactly! Some of the twigs they used for the nest ended up in the gutter and it rained - you get the picture. Yesterday the lad who cleans my windows brought his very long ladder and cleared out the gutter. I mean look at tha…

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