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Sharing marvelous macros of course! DUH! ; ) Please feel free to post up to three images a day of your amazing macros. Any and all true macros will be accepted but PLEASE nothing obscene. I hope to have this group be an inspiration to us all.

"A Treasure Hunt" is a fun group which was started for those who enjoy looking for themes for their photos. Each month a set of 20 themes/photo challenges will be posted and the object is to find a suitable photo for each of the themes in that month. Only photos taken in the relevant month will b…

The orchids or Orchideengewächse (Orchidaceae) is a cosmopolitan plant family. They are viewed as particularly beautiful, and many, the orchid as queen of flowers.

alte marode Orte (Gebäude)

das sammeln von farbfrohen bildern

minimal, simple, abstract, composed this is the group for all those who are off-center or enjoy being it once in a while :) we're looking for surprising compositions beyond symetrix. simple and pure. post your asymetricx pix here. please don't post: flowers, buildings, seaside, landscapes -…