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La Maison du Bonheur vous ouvre toutes grandes ses portes pour accueillir toutes vos belles photographies prises avec tant d'amour ! Vous êtes Bienvenue ! (Pas de nudité) Merci à vous tous mes amis (es).

All and any interesting transport photo. Cars,Trains, Buses Boats, Planes, Motor bikes, Scotters, Mopeds, Caravans etc, old or new. Photos MUST be your own work. No stolen shots from other sites or scans from mags etc This must be the best Transport group on Ipernity. Only members may post. Post A…

Jouer, SUR UN DÉTAIL qui attire votre œil ... avec sa lumière et ses ombres. Tous les thèmes et lieux sont possibles : de l'animal à l'objet, à l'intérieur ou/et, à l'extérieur. Une envie : être imaginatif afin de créer votre propre univers !!!

Willkommen | Welcome! The QUADRAT Größe▐█ SQUARE Size accepts the best and finest artistic quality photographs formatted as a PERFECT▐█ SQUARE = QUADRAT= CUADRADO = KVADRAT What is must & matter the most in this group are: the PERFECT▐█ SIZE and FINEST QUALITY of your artistic photography. Dankeschö…

>Simple Rules:This is a family group and rated G! No nudes please (and nothing that even comes close to it!). Provocative images included. Sorry, but those pictures will be deleted without notification. Let's keep this group as wholesome as possible.Please be civil in group discussions. Treat others…

Celebrating the square format.

industrials beauty is often in the detail. macro, ferro art, rust and more... (it doesn't matter if the pics are colorful or monochrome) if you want... you also can post non-industrial-stuff... but in details please! would be nice if you tag your pics with industrialdetails.