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deregulation desocialisation global dualism acceleration dismantling democracy - elected dictaturship ..... that's only keywords of hostile life reality a growing number of people who are living in increasing mysery in the social fringe are faced by a self styled elite of few people with powe…

Pictures of reflections of all kinds

Dragonflies are a masterpiece of evolution. Please join our group if you've managed to take some good pictures of one (or more) of these artists of flying. And, of course, feel free to invite any dragonfly-picture you like. This group is also available under this address:…

This group is devoted to abstract images which depict a periodic pattern, such as translational symmetry or a type of rotational symmetry.

Jen la loko por afiŝi ĉion, kio rilatas al la socia komunumo Esperantujo: fotoj, filmoj kaj sonaĵoj faritaj dum Esperanto-aranĝoj, Esperanto en la publika vivo ktp. Fotoj de Esperanto-parolantoj prefere aperu ne tie ĉi, sed en la grupo "Esperantistoj".

Portraits,photos relatives aux animaux sauvages

Schöne Landschaftsaufnahmen aus aller Welt .................... Landscape - Landscapes - Landschaften - Landschaft - Natur - Nature - Welt - World , Paysage , Paesaggio , Paisaje