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this group is meant as an open gallery for everybody... most posted pics are only viewed by friends and contacts... and that's a pity... here you can show your pics to others, who don't even know you... you can find new friends here, get a bigger audience, see new pics, get new inspiration…

For picture, videos, etc... That deserve votes but don't get them. The admins and moderators will choose pictures.

Pictures of anything with the Sky as background (not just landscapes where the sky is at top- it must be the background of the whole photo. NO Pictures with Focus on the sky! Biggest part of the photo have to be in the Sky. NO typical photos of Clouds or Sunsets or the Moon! The main thing needs…

oh well... ;)) to comment: <a href="">seen in chimneys-roofs-walls</a>

Pictures of waterfowl, divers or waders

This group is for all images except nudity. We encourage comments on images that you like to show that you can be noticed in The Little Pond. This will be a friendly group where the image is the most important thing NOT how comments are posted. Have fun and remember The Little Pond is a community o…

To get Woophy´s actual and ex-members in one spot.