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Toutes photos qui font craquer le cou en les prenant. If your neck has cracked when you took a picture, this is the place to add it. Fotos para romper el cuello.

In dieser Gruppe können adäquate Fotoaufnahmen aus - Fauna - Flora - Landscape - Personen - Art - gepostet werden. Es findet keine Kontrolle der Bildqualität statt. Bilder, die den oben angeführten Anforderungen nicht entsprechen, können entfernt werden. Ebenso werden Bilder entfernt, die - p…

Overviews of park or garden, or details of elements which are a part of them : trees, flowerbed, ponds, fountains, bridges, sculptures..., which express the atmosphere of the place. NO PRIVATE, ONLY PUBLIC GARDEN OR OPENED TO THE PUBLIC. NO NATURAL PHOTO, ONLY PLACES CREATED AND MAINTAINED BY ME…

* Photos on white background or photos where white light is dominant

To learn from each other. To learn of other countries, cultures, towns. villages. provinces, areas, etc. Share your area and world with us. Art, photography, music, videos, sports, history, food, dance and more is welcome. :-) Have fun learn and enjoy!

In former times there was a real culture of inn signs and other destinations; they could not always be preserved. First of all we would like to save the remaining ones from this fate - at least by taking pictures, and maybe we can also discover some on old photographs. Second, as IP is a forum act…