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This group is devoted to abstract images which depict a periodic pattern, such as translational symmetry or a type of rotational symmetry.

photos of green plants. The occasional blossom should not prevent you from posting to this group, but this is not about flowers. However, green leaves (even if belonging to a flower) are admissable.

A group to share your beautiful photos of Scotland. We encourage discussions! Join in the "Where was this photae took competition" to develop your knowledge of Scotland or start your own discussion. Remember it's a family friendly group! No limits on the number of photos you can add to the group b…

Maritim moods: Ocean, sand, boats, roaps, fishing nets, gulls, shells, beach, lighthouses, beach chairs, anchors, sails, quays, bollards, and so on… Please, NO images of nude beach! Please, NO cargo ships, freighter, cruise liners - therefor other groups! Thank you!

The best on ipernity!

This is a group for pictures of vivid colors found in our world. The brighter the better!

Photos of people in Black and White. Mono or sepia are also OK, but the main focus of the image must be a person or group of people. Portraits or street images, men, women or children. This is a public group so no graphic nudity. The image should be safe for work.