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All kind of photos except of the following: Erotic, fetish, violence or other adult oriented content. Add a note to your picture to provide a magnified detail of your original image. This could be another shot, showing a closer view or another point of view as well. SORRY, with the new Ipernity ru…



92 members - 3 765 contributions - Created 7 years ago

Tout genre de machins à roues sans exception ! All kind of wheeled vehicles or things without any exception !

Ce groupe est créé pour favoriser l'échange émotionnel autour d'un message photographique. L'idée étant de partager autour des émotions, de communiquer, de ressentir et d'apprécier. Tous les commentaires émotionnels sont les bienvenus, positifs ou négatifs. Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez noter de…

Alle Bilder die mit einer Olympus oder Panasonic mit mFT Sensor entstanden sind.

Mother Nature is the Muse that inspires us to paint her wonders through loving eyes! Welcome friends to this new group that features artistic works dedicated to Mother Nature in all her wonderful expressions! Images of landscapes, seascapes, plants, animals all welcome. SOOC and edited images are…

Here at Amazing Details, flowers are our passion! From the wild ones to the hybrids, we love them all! This group was created for gazers & photographers alike. Unlike other flower groups, here we want to see the flowers only... Check out the group rules then bring us all your pretty flowers & sh…