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Ysplix. The meaning of the word: During Olympic Games (and not only) in Classic Greece, they used to use a special mechanism to control the simultaneous starting of race horses, or racers. This mechanism, already used in 344 BC, was a system, positioned to the race start point, in front of racers,…

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Tous nos amis les chiens, du moment qu'on les voit bien ! All our friends dogs, since we see them good! ¡ Todos nuestros amigos los perros, desde el momento que se los ve bien! Tutti i nostri amici i cani, dal momento che li si vede bene! Alle unsere Freunde die Hunde, da ja man sie gut sieht!


ART photographique, digital , pictural ou sculptural , MUSIQUE et POESIE Photos OR digital, pictural or sculptural ART, MUSIC AND POETRY

Kunst . The German Word for Art . The Group Page URL

Ordinary everyday spaces and places that don't normally get a second glance. Simple views. Topographic photography. This group is not about people or street photography. No close-ups, no plants, no romantic sunsets, no animals, please. For mundane objects, we recommend the Art of the Mundane group.