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This is a completely open group for all Blythe photos. The only rule is that your photo must be of an actual Blythe doll, no clones or photos of clothing without dolls ... an no sales posts!

This group is only based on the artistic research of the hand(s) which must be the main subject, even the single of the photograph. Leave to research the most aesthetic hand(s) :) The administrators reserve the right to remove any photograph which would not correspond to their quality standards.

- Created !

This is a group for LANDSCAPES + THE MARK OF MAN - generally NOT for TOWN & CITY or WILDERNESS shots, although distant views of towns etc. may be deemed suitable. Landscape is taken as being "A picture depicting an EXPANSE OF SCENERY and an aspect, or aspects, of the land characteristic of a parti…

Fotos of culinary specialities and beverages from around the world. Fotos von internationalen kulinarischen Spezialitäten und Getränken. Photos de spécialités culinaires internationales et boissons. Imagenes de especialidades culinarias internacionales y bebidas.

Vos plus belles photos ici :-) The best of your galery Only 3 posts/month