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This is a group for pictures of rust, industrial decay, deteriorated objects, abandoned and left behind things, be it in an urban or rural setting. Everything that is appealing in a different way.

Low light photography. (handheld, without tripod, and without flash) Usually involves use of high ISO and wide aperture.

In dieser Gruppe "Ich fotografierte ..." geht es darum, zu einem vorgegebenen Thema ein passendes Foto hochzuladen. Außerdem haben sehr aktive Gruppenmitglieder mit einer Reihe weiterer Games begonnen, wie zum Beispiel die Untersetzung einer handlungsoffenen Geschichte durch originelle passende Fo…

Do you like the color blue? Then this group is perfect for you,cause it's dedicated to the color blue! Please post only pictures where blue is the dominating color :)

With just one focal length, lens design can be optimised: which is why top quality primes are still made. There is a satisfaction in using primes, whether old or new, that appeals to many keen photographers. This group is for only photographs taken with prime lenses. NB that we do ask you to inc…

This is the group sign to learning of photo. We all wants to learn more about exposure and shutterspeed. We all want to explain the world through visual communication... Intresting Groups Nature, Landscape, Catchy Coulors , Animal photo , Colour and more groups at my profile...