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Please feel free to post any architecture picture you want :-)

This group is for the opposite of documentary photography. Every kind of digital manipulation is appreciated: Change the colors, fake real film effects like cross processing or make your pictures look lomo like, make day to night and night to day, bring people together they never met. Be crea…

do you take time for an experiment? taking pix can be so different and the results are different too. abstract, beautiful, colorful, conceptual, crazy, different, emotional, industrial, macro, monochrome, natural, nice, strange, sweet... different kinds of experiments are welcome... so also feel…

Pictures of the Department "Bretagne" in France / Images de la Bretagne / Bilder aus der Bretagne

Photos that have been manipulated or created in Photoshop or any other image editing software.

bâtiments en ruines

Photo d'Art, Artistic Picture.