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La fotografía, como todos sabemos, no es real en absoluto. Es una ilusión de la realidad con la que creamos nuestro propio mundo privado. Arnold Newman Hello, Welcome to the new group. No porn, no violence, no marginals. Bienvenu au nouveau groupe. Pas de violence. Saludos. Greetings. Saluts. Grü…

Shots with 50 and more votes !!!

HDR addicts, please post your HDR-photos here and discuss your techniques and whatever else you like. Open for everyone. Only YOUR pictures, not some stuff from the internet!

Hier kann man Kirchenfotos reinstellen !

Kodak Films

Kodak Films

90 members - 3 926 contributions - Created 2 years ago

All pictures made with Kodak films are welcome. Please tell wich film you use.

Landschaften aus der Natur landscapes of nature