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A group for Textured photo ONLY Please type the reference of the texture's Owners you use in description, thanks

Photographic images ,analogue or digital, showing light and shadow,light and dark,black and white. Although color is not allowed an exception will be made for photographs which have a residual amount of subtle colour. An exception will be made for fog shots with minimal residual amount of color Fo…

« Les nuages sont comme les pensées, les rêveries, les cauchemars du ciel. » La troposphère est le domaine de l'atmosphère où se développe les systèmes nuageux. Les nuages sont formés de fines particules d'eau assemblées à l'état liquide (nuages de gouttelettes) ou à l'état solide (nuage…

Gute EBV´s der Originalen Fotos

réunir les membres de virusphoto

Some bridges are solid, imposing forms and some are extremely graceful. Some are concrete, some wooden, some are made out of bricks, some of stone and some are made of iron or steel. But they have all been built to cross something. Any kind of bridges are welcome here - bridges for motor vehicles,…

I am a group administrator Nostalgia. We would be happy if you add this document in our group. Thank you!