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N'importe quelle photo extérieure ou intérieure d'un édifice religieux

Vos plus belles photos ici :-) The best of your galery Only 3 posts/month

Pictures of reflections of all kinds

Anything goes - except nudity/porn

Urban/ City scenes, your photos showing the good or the bad side of town/City life. Special emphasis should be on highlighting the special character and variety of urban life. This is not a group for posting building photos or any town/city/street scenes that shows no life. However Ipernity rules do…

Posted a photo to the pool? Please view pages 1 to 4 from the pool and try to find photos which deserve your personal comment, nice if you use the group commment code by your personal comment also. No rule but appreciated by all members. Thanks! Comment Code: Seen in <a href="…