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Un groupe ou tout est "Zen" Ennemi du stress, de l'anxiété,il est surtout un groupe ami de bien-être et de sérénité..! A group or is "Zen" Enemy of stress, anxiety, it is mostly a friendly group of well-being and serenity ..!

A place for all your macro pictures.

This group are for those who still remain shooting with any film cameras. whether it is 35mm, 120mm, toy camera, polaroid, etc.

Analog photography, which means film. No photos from digital cameras, thank you!

Photos from "street-art", graffiti, stencils, cuttings, stickers, urban knitting, etc. ... This is a moderated group Please give me some time to do the work, I haven´t each day time for ipernity, but will moderate this group in my free spaces. In case there isn´t any free time for ipernity all your…

Pictures of waterfowl, divers or waders

Berlin . . . . .members are allowed to post 10 docs per week - please try some quality ... serials themes Kiezgefluester politics styles spaces perspectives architecture and so on ...