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Worldwide urban/suburban/rural exploration and infiltration of abandoned & decayed structures (industrial, commercial, hospitals, farms, barns, etc.)... some of these sites may even be active, if you dare! If you have a cool story to share of an experience while exploring, please share it here...…

SHOWCASE OF THE BEST PHOTO'S OF YOUR CONTACTS. Look every week at the photo's you faved and invite them to this group by using the group invitation and tag photos with "wwwonder" . For posting read Rules Invitation: -----------------------------------PLEASE COPY PASTE BETWEEN THESE LINES-------…

This group was formed to showcase images that explore architecture in an abstract manner. Photos submitted should be visually compelling and dynamic showing how beautiful architecture is as abstract art.

Images taken with reflex cameras Olympus E-System "

Tous les oiseaux d'Europe. Seulement les espèces sauvages

A place to share the beautiful flower images on ipernity.

Toutes photos qui font craquer le cou en les prenant. If your neck has cracked when you took a picture, this is the place to add it. Fotos para romper el cuello.