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I love Sunsets, Sunrises, Clouds and Skypictures. So please share Yours with me



48 members - 2 616 contributions - Created 13 months ago

vehicles, cars, trucks, buses, vans, scooters, bikes, tanks, tractors, apcs, locomotives - well anything that moves on wheels and can be classified as a vehicle. Alas investment vehicles or vehicles to promote some abstract evil like democracy do not belong to this group. Neither do images where a…

Pictures of anything nautical that you think will be of interest. Both Merchant Navies and Warships, of any country at all. Small ships, private vessels, even rowing boats if it is a nice picture. Only rules, NO SMUT, NO NASTINESS

Our ★ IPERNITY ★ Masterpiece ★ Chef-d'œuvre ★ Meisterwerk ★ Group has been dedicated to your ★very best high ★★★★★ quality contributions ★ ( = photos. audios, videos, and other documents ). Please keep in mind that we're FAMILY FRIENDLY ! Show your respect 'n' support by commenting on the minimum…

Analog photography, which means film. No photos from digital cameras, thank you!

photos de portes et fenêtres apportant un intérêt certain soit par la poésie (peintures de couleur, fleurs...), soit par les matières (pierres, vieille peinture, volets cassés...) attention, je suis très difficile !!! amicalement à tous, je vous attends.