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Talk freely about nature and its biodiversity ..! "We believe look at nature and nature is looking at us and permeates us. " Christian Charriere Parler librement de la nature et des sa biodiversité..! « Nous croyons regarder la nature et c’est la nature qui nous regarde et nous imprègne. » de…

Low light photography. (handheld, without tripod, and without flash) Usually involves use of high ISO and wide aperture.

The Museum is a gallery for all kinds of artwork: Photographs (digital & scanned from negatives or hard copies), Drawings, Paintings, Prints, Sculptures, ... But this group is now Family Friendly therefore pictures that may shock are not allowed. Please do not refer to this group in comments you m…

35+ Faves

35+ Faves

89 members - 3 317 contributions - Created 6 years ago

What's the group object? Obviously your document (photo / film / blog OR whatever) shoud have been voted 35 times or more. SISTER GROUPS ARE THE FOLLOWING : 3+ Faves We have fave groups in steps of 7 faves 7+ Faves 14+ Faves fourtee…

Schlösser - Burgen - Castles - Châteaux all over the world Tags/Stichworte: Schloss Schloß Schlösser Burg Burgen Castle Castles Château Châteaux Partner-Gruppe: Beautiful Gardens

Pictures of all kind of dogs :) Feel free to post 5 pictures a day, but don't forget to look at the other pictures and to write to them too :) You can also visit our other group

Images taken with reflex cameras Olympus E-System "