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This is a group for pictures of rust, industrial decay, deteriorated objects, abandoned and left behind things, be it in an urban or rural setting. Everything that is appealing in a different way.

I've just come over from Flickr, and decided to start a new group where a few of my Flickr refugee street photographer friends might be able to settle in and feel comfortable. But of course all are welcome! Contributors may post up to three color or black and white photographs daily.

Red! The color of passion, love, warfare and other unbridled buffoonery. When contributing to this group, please make sure that your image(s) is/are absolutely dominated by the color red! Please understand that in this group it’s not enough if your image just contains some elements of the color red…

A group for all your nature images, it doesn't matter if it's your best shot or not, there are other boards for that. This is for those whose love of nature shines through from their heart and soul. No stress, no thinking too much, just enjoyment (NO LIMITS)

Please NO: Erotic, fetish, violance or other adult oriented content. This group is only for pictures with 5 and more faves!

This Group all about nature anything to do with nature goes This Group on flickr

25+ Faves

25+ Faves

296 members - 9 672 contributions - Created 8 years ago

25+ Faves (at least 25- and maxium 49 faves) Group rules Faves Sister Groups : 1+ Fave 5+ Faves 10+ Faves 50+ Faves 100+ Faves. Comment code : Seen in <a href=""> 25+ Faves </a> Visits Sister Groups : 10+ Visits 50+ Visits 100+ V…