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A group for photos of the urban, suburban and industrial landscape, the fragments of landscape in-between and the construction of landscape.

Jesus . Spe Salvi Facti Sumus . Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam . "Nicht uns, o Herr, nicht uns, sondern Deinem Namen sei Ehre."

Gay, bride, techno, tekkno,love, umzug karneval, karnival, faschingsumzug, fasching, parade, street, day, fun, mardi gras,Alaaf, helau

Pictures from the Beach / Strand-Impressionen

Grouper les regards que j'affectionne tout particulièrement.

Some bridges are solid, imposing forms and some are extremely graceful. Some are concrete, some wooden, some are made out of bricks, some of stone and some are made of iron or steel. But they have all been built to cross something. Any kind of bridges are welcome here - bridges for motor vehicles,…

100+ Visits - ipernity photos with at least 100- and maxium 249 visits at the moment from posting to this group. Posted according the rules but now more as 249 Visits? You are most welcome to post the photo in one of the sister groups. (to you the choice or you leave the photo in these group or r…