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Wie der Gruppen-Name schon sagt, dunkle, düstere und geheimnisvolle Bilder.

pictures, personal paintings,landscapes, connected wtih the variationof autumn colours . Be creative.

Please take the time to vote for the Weekly contest and to post your shot for the Weekly contest Thank you. In regards to the Theme of the Week Contests there will be NO Time Frame as to when the images were taken, rather we would like for you to post which photo you are most proud of that…

This is the companion to the flickr group I founded, which is going strong with over 4,000 members. Architecture can be old or modern. Historical objects such as vintage articles or transport. Must be at least 50 years old. C'est le compagnon de mon groupe flickr, qui va fort avec près de 4000…

Nature, landscape, wildlife, documents about nature conservation Quality prefered than quantity. only about Europe !

beautiful photo's

If you use any kind of manual focus lens and would like to showcase your work then please post your images here. Please include some details about the lens you used and the camera it is on, if it is a modern digital camera or an old film camera - it doesn't matter, show us what your old glass can do…