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All kinds of faces

Schwarz und Weiß Black and White

Dettagli architettonici di un edificio o monumento, Architectural details, details and parts of buildings or monuments Les détails architecturaux, des parties de bâtiments ou de monuments Detalles arquitectónicos, partes de edificios o monumentos

Everything from Down Under, which relates to Australia, pls don't post pictures of private events, which have no immediate relation to Australia. If you post pictures of animals and/or plants pls be aware that there are groups for pets, this means no kitty cat pictires on this group. I'm so…

If you are proud of it, we'd love you to show it in our group! All photos are welcome here. Please, no nudity, as we are family friendly. It doesn't matter if it is straight from the camera or edited with software after you snapped the shutter. Please, just have fun! Thanks for posting in Impu…

Nature, landscape, wildlife, documents about nature conservation Quality prefered than quantity. only about Europe !

Shots with 50 and more votes !!!