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The object of this group is is to have photos of churches..big and small....anything goes.

A place to share the beautiful flower images on ipernity.

Flowers of all kinds

Pictures of Nature: Landscapes with sea, beach, rivers, trees, animals, people, plants, flowers...NOT MAN MADE THINGS, such as buildings, cars, roads, etc... Pictures that don't fit the purpose of the group will be removed without warning! As I'm not still 100% recovered from my last surgery, app…

Mettre en commun les plus beaux de ces édifices. Share the most beautiful of these buildings

All sorts of animals, whether cuddly or creepy. Post the best shots of your pet, wildlife photos or macros of insects, spiders and other tiny critters.

Réunir des photos ou des vidéos sur les façades... Quand on photographie, la moindre promenade dans une ville peut être l'occasion de multiples clichés.. Architecture, humour, originalité, toutes les photos de ce type sont les bienvenues ! Merci de localiser vos images soit en description soit par g…