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here put your best pictures of animals and insects in a wide plan and make us stund by your picts

Bilderbearbeitung in jeglicher Form HDR,Filtertechnik,IR,Colourkey,s/w,Montagen,Texturen ua. no snapshots!!! attention to the rules..!!!..

The pictures which allow to become quiet to us...

Tous les chevaux et nos amis les ânes.

Welcome to our "open daily" picture gallery! This ipernity group aimes to be the most open photographic group. No restrictions in theme, equipment and technique, or postprocessing. Post here and just don't worry about group rules. Let's showcase some diversification. Post anything: of analog…

To collect together the best geometric abstracts. Limited to one post per day so that the pool remains viewable and not just a dumping ground, so please post your best. Any suggestions for the group warmly welcomed.

La Maison du Bonheur vous ouvre toutes grandes ses portes pour accueillir toutes vos belles photographies prises avec tant d'amour ! Vous êtes Bienvenue ! (Pas de nudité) Merci à vous tous mes amis (es).