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An agitation free space welcoming flamboyant twaddle from dadaists, rebels, vacuists, dissenters, idiot-savants, antichrists, aesthetes, castaways, rioters, degenerates, aliens, drifters, unbelievers, two-tone panthers, freaks, situationists, outsiders, pagans, victims, plotters, deep topographers,…

Si Zeus voulait donner une reine aux fleurs, la rose régnerait sur toutes. Sappho It's all about roses !

Macrophoto animals flower etc



48 members - 6 461 contributions - Created 6 years ago

This group shall be a place for your best street life and street photography pictures. This means, please post your images which show your ideas or your most intensive impressions of life in the city. Streets, people in the street, buildings, the djungle, the traffic, metro, subway and all this st…

All about Europe: People, buildings, landscapes. Feel free to post, but please look for quality.

The photos which show the color Yellow in the foreground, thus primarily. Yellow the photo should determine.