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Des yeux, des regards, au travers de photos ( macros, plans serrés ) ou de créations digitales. Pas plus de trois images par jour pour permettre une certaine diversité.

Flower Power "The whole wide World about Flowers"

Vintage photographs of genuine sailors only, from any navy. No pornographic photographs will be allowed.

To display the finest of landscapes from around the world. Please be active in this community with comments and participate in our discussions

montrer les fontaines (de la plus belle à la plus curieuse). Ne pas oublier de mettre la ville oule village ou se trouve la ou les fontaines!

Ipernity en Español, para hispano-hablantes de todo el mundo! Ipernity in Spanish for Spanish speakers around the world!

Is it Art? Fortunately,tastes vary as much as interpretation. I certainly know what Art is - as I am sure that you know as well. To incite, to move, to express, to report, to share, to display, -Art is used for these purposes, and always there are other forms and uses. Art is what we say i…