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Any kind of sweets,cakes,pastries,chocolates,ice-creams,tartes,puddings,jams,marmelades,sweet pies,candies and sweet beverages,honey and enything that contains sugar even sweet drinks....In short everything that makes our mouth water...All we, that have a 'sweet tooth' let us enjoy our innocent tast…

just a place for some flickr friends to collect ourselves, regroup, and figure out some new digs for ourselves... please feel free to post, discuss, trouble-shoot, and share!

I ♥ Film

I ♥ Film

130 members - 6 372 contributions - Created 10 months ago

All of you still loving good old film feel free to join! Be honest and post analog photos only. This group is limited to three photos a day.

"light and shadow" - literally and metaphorically -

Dedicated to black and white photographs. I'd like this to be a group to have a simple but at the same time attractive objective, create a photo stream of B&W photographs that can attract and inspire the visitors of this group. Dedicato alle fotografie in bianco e nero. Mi piacerebbe che si tr…




123 members - 1 644 contributions - Created 4 years ago