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Pictures with humans...

*** This group accepts only macro or close up flower photos *** Flower buds, or flowers with insects, fruits, seads are acceptable



208 members - 1 599 contributions - Created 7 years ago

Snow - Schnee - Neige!

Tout ce qui met en valeur le pied et la jambe. Everything enhancing the foot and leg.

Just made this group to allow easier viewing of my collection. this for contacts and friends and family to view my pics.

Photos of 'Retro Cars' * -- Exclusively vehicles made in the 20th Century (1900-1999). You can upload several pictures of the same car from different angles and detail shots. /!\ *Simple upload rules: No pictures of 21st Century cars, doublets or retro vans, busses, trucks or lorries; Those will b…

Pays du Chili - Country of Chile