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This is an 0P3N sub-group. Not only portraits but any photo technic to represent somebody's face or similar (masks etc.). Group photos. Painted faces. Let your imagination flow !

Monotone and B&W.

Welcome to our brand new group for film camera users of the world, that uses from any toy camera to some serious medium format cameras or even reflex, to show their artwork and join a global community where they can thread information, tips, analogue cameras use, or just meet peole with the same int…

This is a group for posting pictures of women wearing heels on the street in everyday life. No beach shots or carnival shots.

A group for photographers who are NOT using a digital camera. 35mm, 6x6, Polaroid, pinhole, holga, color black and white, whatever, even Liquid Light as long it is not digitally shot. We know it's difficult to check your format so we trust you. Please discuss and invite your friends.

Rassembler les photos qui présentent les facteurs de biodiversité (faune, flore, insectes, sols, eau, milieux marins etc....)