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Flower Power "The whole wide World about Flowers"

1+ Faves (at least 1- and maxium 4 faves) Group rules Faves Sister Groups : 5+ Faves 10+ Faves 25+ Faves 50+ Faves 100+ Faves. Comment code : Seen in <a href=""> 1+ Faves </a> Visits Sister Groups : 10+ Visits 50+ Visits 100+ Visits 250+…

Not lamps (artificial light), digital displays, candles, fireworks, the moon or the sun (both only hidden by other things)... ...more the diffused light(s) you find. And shadows created by those lights.Most of the photo should be dominated by lights and/or shadows.Light from objects we don't see on…

Wide variety of pix shot with Canon cameras. It wouldn't hurt a bit if the pix are prize winners, excellent, memorable, funny, dazzling or sexy! Let's see what we can do!

create interest in high heel fetishism. share photos .donate well worn high heel pumps and boots.