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The promotion of excellence in Monochrome and Monotone Photography

Traffic and other signs. Sur la route ou ailleurs.

La seule ambition de ce Groupe " Oiseaux de mon monde "est de vouloir participer modestement à la sensibilisation d'un plus grand nombre de personnes à la protection des oiseaux, afin qu'un jour, les générations futures ne puissent pas nous reprocher d'avoir détruit leur environnement. La terre et l…

0P3N.Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle ! - Fahrräder, vélos, biciclette - everything similar to a bycicle : tandems, rickshaws, bibicis, all of them - thank you This is an 0P3N sub-group. elctrical bycicles are allowed but no motorcycles. An example from : www.ipernity…

A group for photographers who are NOT using a digital camera. 35mm, 6x6, Polaroid, pinhole, holga, color black and white, whatever, even Liquid Light as long it is not digitally shot. We know it's difficult to check your format so we trust you. Please discuss and invite your friends.

Any item(photo,music,video) that has been voted 18 or more times...the group relies on the trust of its members

Whether you ride or not, post your pics of Motorbikers life, events, parties and rides! Moto motorcycle motorcycles motorrad motoräder Motoraduno Harley Davidson Moto mortorbike