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Uniquement des portraits de personnes ou d'animaux, (uniquement la tête face ou profil),photos N&B ou couleur, dessins ou peintures, travaillés digitalement ou pas. Only portraits (just the head face or profile )of people, animals, B&W, colour,design or painting,digitaly worked or not.

".. Please show photos of sculptures of all kinds, whether religious or secular, whether funny or pondering, whether sad or cheerful ..... Here, the shrill pop-art figure as well as the angel at the cemetery have their very own place, the heads of the Easter Island fit as well as the the Niki-St.Ph…

To get Woophy´s actual and ex-members in one spot.

A group to display photos of mainly historical buildings which were created up to and including the 20th century. It would be appreciated if photos here could be accompanied by a short description giving location and a little history if known. Also please do not submit images of 21st century glas…

It has to be done.This is a group for anyone who is looking for an alternative to the new Flickr. Anything goes (except porn)

Shots with 50 and more votes !!!