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This group are for those who still remain shooting with any film cameras. whether it is 35mm, 120mm, toy camera, polaroid, etc.

Analog photography with and on 135 format and 35mm types of film, of any make, perforated or not, with either standard or square image (like the Robot or Zeiss Icon Tenax which use 35mm standard film but take square pictures) , SLRs, rangefinder, viewfinders, pinholes, Karat, Rapid, totally film med…

Alle Bilder die mit einer Olympus oder Panasonic mit mFT Sensor entstanden sind.

An 0P3N_V1SU4L_M0M3NT group. This group is open. No limits ! No restriction ! No censorship ! 9999 photos per day and per member maximum. Feel free to put your creations here ! Even the sky is NOT the limit ! Let's enjoy it together ! Every member will be promoted modera…

1st. Class Macro

The collection of photos of old windows and doors and their accessories