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A group for photographers who are NOT using a digital camera. 35mm, 6x6, Polaroid, pinhole, holga, color black and white, whatever, even Liquid Light as long it is not digitally shot. We know it's difficult to check your format so we trust you. Please discuss and invite your friends.

Bilder aus Deutschland

Sunrises and sunsets. Les levers et couchers du soleil. Sonnenaufgänge und Sonnenuntergänge. Los amaneceres y atardeceres del sol. I albe e tramonti.

Abstracts with a bias for ! And a Strong Strong preference for B&W, B/W, BN, NOIR....But not Limited to......i think you get the point(;

ipernitys Best

This is a group of outstanding photographers from around the globe, and a gallery of fine landscape photography of the highest calibre. Feel free to start discussions here; it is a great way to make acquaintances and build friendships with others who share your passion for photography. Please post o…

Dedicated to the beauty that is black and white