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BIENVENUE | WELCOME to our only L'Atelier d'Art ✪ Maïclo & Félix ~ a very special group dedicated to art in all its forms. Please visit also other great images in the group and post at least two or more comments to offer your appreciation and support. THANKS | MERCI



465 members - 9 380 contributions - Created 9 years ago

Show your most beautiful waterscapes. Pictures of the sea, beautiful lake scenes, waterfalls :) Please try to keep a certain amount of quality. Post only pictures where water in free nature is the main theme.

Dans le total respect devant tous les autres membres d'Ipernity , de leur savoir-faire , possibilités ou moyens , nous avons jugé bon de créer un groupe ou tout le monde a la possibilité de se promener quelque peu en dehors de tous les " sentiers battus " et d'avançer selon son propre g…

In former times there was a real culture of inn signs and other destinations; they could not always be preserved. First of all we would like to save the remaining ones from this fate - at least by taking pictures, and maybe we can also discover some on old photographs. Second, as IP is a forum act…



71 members - 4 592 contributions - Created 5 years ago


All kinds of Crosses...even jewellry

Bienvenue à vous, le noir et blanc uniquement pour toutes sortes de scènes de rue, parcs, manifestations divers et variées, photos de détails, d'architecture, d'animaux des villes, marchés, portraits, bars.... à vous de jouer...