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156 members - 2 232 contributions - Created 9 years ago

Orange. The colour. Or the fruit ;)

In der Gruppe Sepia soll jedes Ipernity-Mitglied die Möglichkeit haben, seine Sepia-Fotos einstellen zu können. Herzlich willkommen! Venez partager avec nous vos plus belles photos sépia et soyez le bienvenue ! You are warmly welcome to share with us your favoutite sepia pictures ! Thank you !

beautiful photo's

Can't believe, that no one has found a "birds" group! So - here it is :)

This group is for all images except nudity. We encourage comments on images that you like to show that you can be noticed in The Little Pond. This will be a friendly group where the image is the most important thing NOT how comments are posted. Have fun and remember The Little Pond is a community o…

N'importe quelle photo extérieure ou intérieure d'un édifice religieux

All sorts of transport, and the vehicles used for it. The aim of this group is to build a collection of all transport themed photos As a member you can include photos of - trains planes helicopters buses ships trams and transport related scenes- airports platforms, taxiways, equipment etc. Y…