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Zur Unterstützung von Ipernity Treffen in Köln. This group is focused on organizing meetings in Köln to make people in touch and to have fun. Pictures posted here will be about Group meetings. Simple rules: Photos not concerning this group will be taken away from the pool. Please join us.

minimal, simple, abstract, composed this is the group for all those who are off-center or enjoy being it once in a while :) we're looking for surprising compositions beyond symetrix. simple and pure. post your asymetricx pix here. please don't post: flowers, buildings, seaside, landscapes -…

At the time of the digital technology, and in spite of the difficulties taking photos of street, our purpose is to promote the photography of street in cities. You can participate by posting photos of street in this site as soon as you possess all the rights and agree to share them with this site, b…

tout ce que vous avez sur le coeur , dans la tête , en travers de la gorge , venez hurler vos peines vos joies vos folies et ensemble, nous y arriverons PAR CE QUE LA VIE EST BELLE

Ce groupe est pour mettre en évidence la pollution visuelle des lignes électriques aériennes et qui rendent caduques une photographie. When you thing that your pictures are spoiled with electric wires just add them here. Fotos con hijos eléctrico.

This group is for analog photographers, new or more experienced. Our goal is to promote the survival of film in the digital jungle. Experimenting and classicism welcome. However your photography should have a "felt" feeling in it or display a personal point of view, subtle or striking does not matte…

A group for photographers who are NOT using a digital camera. 35mm, 6x6, Polaroid, pinhole, holga, color black and white, whatever, even Liquid Light as long it is not digitally shot. We know it's difficult to check your format so we trust you. Please discuss and invite your friends.