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53 members - 3 649 contributions - Created 8 years ago

Overviews of park or garden, or details of elements which are a part of them : trees, flowerbed, ponds, fountains, bridges, sculptures..., which express the atmosphere of the place. NO PRIVATE, ONLY PUBLIC GARDEN OR OPENED TO THE PUBLIC. NO NATURAL PHOTO, ONLY PLACES CREATED AND MAINTAINED BY ME…

all about traveling with a camera. A place to exchange photo tips and travel info and an exposition hall for your best travel shots. Feel Free to post questions and advice. Please do not advertise other groups or your personal websites - except in the special threads created for this purpose.

Every shot and digital or pictural art with music which evokes a dance picture or tempt to dance, alone or two and several people are welcome in this group. No picture that can shock will be agreed by respect of everyone.

This is a group to collect vintage photographs of men in the military. Pre-1960 photographs are encouraged. However, any pre-digital photographs are welcome. Please do not add photos without men in them.

A group for Textured photo ONLY Please type the reference of the texture's Owners you use in description, thanks