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Cathedrals and other buildings or objects of Gothic style Please tag the photo with the name of the city where it was taken.

il rispetto verso il pianeta che ci accoglie è primario ... e lui contraccambia offrendoci scenari di naturale bellezza. Postate le vostre foto, magari aggiungendo la descrizione del posto fotografato, la località ... così da fare partecipi tutti allo scatto. respect for the planet that greets us…

The first cat group at Ipernity! This is a international group for cat lovers. Please feel free to post pictures of all kind of cats and all ages. From Kitten to Granny, we want them all! 5 pictures per day. Have fun! :)

Das BESTE, was der iperniyty-Stream für dich zu bieten hat.... ....bitte gebt den anderen Rückmeldung The BEST of the ipernity stream for you: ....please ..... give the other a response Utilisez uniquement le meilleur. S'il vous plaît donner à l'autre une réponse

A place for old flickr pros and new friends to post their photos and have fun.

Thank You For Joining Us And Welcome To Auto Focus ( Post / 1 Comment / 5 ) RULES: 1. Please post Anything in this group 2. Please do not repost the same picture or you will be banned. 3. If you Post 1 picture please Comment on 5. ONLY USE COMMENT CODE BELOW 4. If you post a picture and run you wi…