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A group for pictures about Portugal, the Portuguese and everything remotely portuguese...

Kunst . The German Word for Art . The Group Page URL

bâtiments en ruines

Cars, airplanes, motorcycles, trucks,..... all vehicles are welcome. Autos, avions, motos, camions.......tous genres de véhicules sont bienvenus.

To showcase the wonderful and diverse landscapes we photograph. Buildings can be featured but only as part of the landscape. This group defines Landscape as "a picture that shows a natural scene of land or the countryside". So please add your cityscape photos to other groups.

Here at Amazing Details, flowers are our passion! From the wild ones to the hybrids, we love them all! This group was created for gazers & photographers alike. Unlike other flower groups, here we want to see the flowers only... Check out the group rules then bring us all your pretty flowers & sh…