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WELCOME to EXPLORED 4U ■ only for pictures that have featured in IPERNITY's EXPLORE please ■ you are requested to use the COMMENT AWARD to enter into the spirit of the groups purpose and your personal comments are appreciated always ■ enjoy and of course CONGRATULATIONS on being EXPLORED ■ copy &…

This group is for all ipernity-members who are using the creative-commons-licence. You are merely invited to join this group and to post pictures with cc-licences in this group. As long as ipernity has no cc-search this group may help to find cc-licenced pictures for blogging etc.

NOT JUST GOOD AND BEAUTIFUL SHOTS...IT MUST BE SOMETHING ARTISTIC AND ESPECIAL!!! Eye catching images processed (manipulated) in Photoshop or any other creative editing software using TEXTURES, FILTERS, ETC... Photos not matching this criteria will not be accepted. NOTE: To be accept you need…

5+ Faves (at least 5- and maxium 9 faves) Group rules Faves Sister Groups : 1+ Fave 10+ Faves 25+ Faves 50+ Faves 100+ Faves. Comment code : Seen in <a href=""> 5+ Faves </a> Visits Sister Groups : 10+ Visits 50+ Visits 100+ Visits 2…

Post your dog pictures here. :o)

Black and white photos only Film or digital

"Food Photography" is the place for beautiful food on Ipernity. Do you enjoy cooking, baking, decorating - or just taking a photo of a dish artfully prepared by someone else? This group is the place for you :-)