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Candid Street Photography. What is it? See Wikipedia for an explanation and some examples. Candid Street Photography presents people captured in a moment, in a public street space. "Effective street photography is about telling a story in a single frame, not simply recording what was there at a par…

Collecter tous les types de photos, vidéos, et textes sur les chats. Photos de tous les jours. Photos d'oeuvres d'art sur tous genres de supports ayant comme sujet les chats. Vidéos ayant comme sujet les chats Textes d'auteurs connus et méconnus ayant pour thème les chats.

Clair-Obscur : Sens 1 - Mélange et opposition des lumières et des ombres dans un tableau, une gravure... [Beaux-arts]. Sens 2 - Lumière tamisée, douce, diffuse. A VOUS DE JOUER !

This group is for analog photographers, new or more experienced. Our goal is to promote the survival of film in the digital jungle. Experimenting and classicism welcome. However your photography should have a "felt" feeling in it or display a personal point of view, subtle or striking does not matte…

postez vos photos crées avec le Canon EOS 50D post your photos created with the Canon EOS 50D

Las mujeres en el arte.... Dedicado al arte hecho o inspirado por mujeres... Música, videos y textos hechos o inspirados en mujeres son también bienvenidos... La mujer en el arte - Women in Art Mujeres en el cine - Women in Films Women in art... Dedicated to the art made by or in…

This group is for all ipernity-members who are using the creative-commons-licence. You are merely invited to join this group and to post pictures with cc-licences in this group. As long as ipernity has no cc-search this group may help to find cc-licenced pictures for blogging etc.