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Road signs, warning signs, informational signs, no fishing signs, Signs!

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NO PEOPLE OR ANIMALS IN SHOTS IN THIS GROUP, PLEASE. A place to celebrate and record, with quality shots, essential British architecture and engineering. If you'd like to submit images and join, give me a shout. It's the building or structure that's the point, so 'inhabited' photos are removed.

Film based photography is your passion? You are a nerd or a noob, a hip shooter or oldschhool afficionado? You shoot b/w or color? With or without darkroom? You develop your films yourself or even mix your developer at home? Your workflow is hybrid and you scan the negs? You push the button and let…

Our friends the birds. For coments: This wonderful image was seen in: Aves birds oiseaux vögel pássaros

In former times there was a real culture of inn signs and other destinations; they could not always be preserved. First of all we would like to save the remaining ones from this fate - at least by taking pictures, and maybe we can also discover some on old photographs. Second, as IP is a forum act…

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