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Share your love, knowledge and questions of everything created with film.

The term "aerie" is the name given to a Hawk's Nest, so this group is an aerie of your photos!! This group allows any subject matter, so please post any of your photos here!! One Commenting Rule When commenting, please follow the Golden Rule of: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…

photo sépia et que sépia sans tache(es) de couleurs

Are you a lover of all things abandoned, decayed, rusty, and crusty? This group is about your most artistic captures and renditions of this subject... macros, extreme PoV's and angles, color treatments, cool scenes, etc. No quick snapshot photos please. Open to the whole world - I know there…



44 members - 3 013 contributions - 153 discussions - Created 22 months ago

We ˥˥ıʍ keep the group behaving, but then again this group shares it's toys for the most~part. This group is simply to challenge ourselves to branch out and be creative. Each week there will be a new challenge topic posted for us to photo. Upload pictures for this challenge on Sunday, we have membe…

Any photo in which the colour is the big eyecatcher.

Bilder aus Norddeutschland - Landschaft , Leute , Ereignisse