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143 members - 3 125 contributions - Created 7 years ago

A group dedicated to each kind of buildings. Old Buildings are preferred, but new buildings are fine, too

Analogue shots taken with 120 film.

I ♥ Film

I ♥ Film

137 members - 8 297 contributions - Created 17 months ago

All of you still loving good old film feel free to join! Be honest and post analog photos only. This group is limited to three photos a day.

Willkommen bei der ipernity Schwarzweiss-Fotografie-Gruppe. Sie ist gedacht für alle die Bilder in Schwarzweiss mögen. Nicht erlaubt sind Farbbilder, Pornografische sowie Gewalt verherrlichende Bilder, die werden natürlich gelöscht.

Some bridges are solid, imposing forms and some are extremely graceful. Some are concrete, some wooden, some are made out of bricks, some of stone and some are made of iron or steel. But they have all been built to cross something. Any kind of bridges are welcome here - bridges for motor vehicles,…

Panoramas, views at nature in a landscape style.