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This has been set to an unmoderated group - August 2014. Please respect the group's rules when submitting content. For everybody who decided to emigrate from flickr, or elsewhere, and wants to find their old contacts back and for anybody else who wants to meet us. Feel free to join in the discuss…

Images taken with reflex cameras Olympus E-System "



40 members - 2 006 contributions - Created 4 years ago

Überlagerungen und Kompositionen aus zwei oder mehr Bildern mit Texturen. Bitte nur max 3 Bilder am Tag hochladen.

Black and white portraits

Ιn music all sentiments are developed in their pure status and there is nothing in this world that it is done without music. Arthur Schopenhauer(1788-1860) German philosopher.

PHOTOS RELEVANT DE L'AMBIANCE "CONTRE-JOUR" * du naturalisme à l'ornithologie, * paysages maritimes, * humains et animaux * objets utilitaires ou non. Une légende sera toujours la bienvenue... Une restriction cependant : pas de photos de nu(es) ! Bien sûr…