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This group is about photographs that have the male gender as the main subject matter. This group's aim is to picture the male in all his aspects. Acceptable submissions include: Photos of your husband, boyfriend, best buddy, co-worker, father, brother, self portrait, men doing their jobs or enjoy…

It has to be done.This is a group for anyone who is looking for an alternative to the new Flickr. Anything goes (except porn)

If you used to post your doll photos on Flickr, please feel free to join this group and share your photos to help us reconnect with some of our contacts (as well as make new friends) now that we are here! Please post as many doll-related photos as you like - G to PG rated. Thanks!

".. Please show photos of sculptures of all kinds, whether religious or secular, whether funny or pondering, whether sad or cheerful ..... Here, the shrill pop-art figure as well as the angel at the cemetery have their very own place, the heads of the Easter Island fit as well as the the Niki-St.Ph…

Réunir tou(te)s les photomanes et autres faiseurs d'images du Vaucluse et alentours, pour échanger leurs productions et qui sait, mieux se connaitre et se faire reconnaitre, ici ou là....




115 members - 2 774 contributions - Created 6 years ago

Pictures of statues