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This is a completely open group for all Blythe photos. The only rule is that your photo must be of an actual Blythe doll, no clones or photos of clothing without dolls ... an no sales posts!

This is a group for posting pictures of UK landscapes, anything from urban to country is fine. It's also a place to discuss landscape photography in the UK.

from outside, from inside and also details... Limited. We do not tolerate pictures with badges between the comments. Thanks :)

S'évader à travers la photo, les créations artistiques... Des ateliers pour le plaisir de créer et de s'amuser grâce aux divers défis d'écriture...;-)

To display the finest of landscapes from around the world. Please be active in this community with comments and participate in our discussions

selfportraits of all kind... crazy, funny, artistical or just serious... post whatever you want to show from yourself... be welcome and have fun :))

Is it Art? Fortunately,tastes vary as much as interpretation. I certainly know what Art is - as I am sure that you know as well. To incite, to move, to express, to report, to share, to display, -Art is used for these purposes, and always there are other forms and uses. Art is what we say i…