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A group where human activity can be seen, a place to observe and capture candid and social interaction. Although we prefer people in the photos here, the subject can be absent of any people by being that of an object or environment where that object projects a human character or the environment is d…

To capture images of the people, buildings, architecture, landscapes and scenery that makes Spain such a wonderful place. Para capturar las imágenes de la gente, los edificios, la arquitectura, los paisajes y los paisajes que convierte a España en un lugar tan maravilloso.

1. This group welcomes all kinds of photos and images. Normally, the only ones disallowed will be those depicting sexual acts and sexual arousal. The promotion of hatred and violence will not be tolerated but the exposure of such undesirable elements in our world will be. 2. It is a general group w…



77 members - 1 390 contributions - Created 8 years ago

wetter is the german word for weather

Bilderbearbeitung in jeglicher Form HDR,Filtertechnik,IR,Colourkey,s/w,Montagen,Texturen ua. no snapshots!!! attention to the rules..!!!..

ElMagreb,Maroc, Marruecos, Morocco Everything about Morocco.

A group for Textured photo ONLY Please type the reference of the texture's Owners you use in description, thanks