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Pictures of the Department "Bretagne" in France / Images de la Bretagne / Bilder aus der Bretagne

"Tags me my street" "Tags me mijn straat" "Tagues moi ma rue" ... Tag / Graffiti

The collection of photos of old windows and doors and their accessories

Anything goes: shadow play, self, soft lighting, photoshop, wild, use your imagination! Be creative and please give constructive critique to others. (please, minimum nudity.)

This group is for personal photographs taken throughout Europe in a natural environment (no garden, no zoo). Only members's pictures will remain in the gallery. Welcome :-) For our comments in this group : More than a gallery, it is an interactive community Please give é comments per post (in the…

Tout ce qui est aux pieds de l'être humain. Chaussures / bottes & co Pieds nus (ou non chaussées) : interdit Chaussures sans pieds & vice-versa: No ! All that is at the feet of human beings. Shoes / boots & Co Barefoot (or not pavement): No! Feet without shoes: No! prohibited

Black and white photos only Film or digital