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A group to display photos of mainly historical buildings which were created up to and including the 20th century. It would be appreciated if photos here could be accompanied by a short description giving location and a little history if known. Also please do not submit images of 21st century glas…

NATURE ❤ SANCTUARY group celebrates: nature, flora and fauna, environment and ecology. Please post your best NATURE photos, videos and audios. NO pics with -buildings, -people, or -pets indoors! Our motto: Love'n'cherish Earth, Save the World!

Seules vos photos photos de couchers de soleil sont acceptées.

A ball-jointed doll is any doll that is articulated with ball and socket joints and made of resin. Please share pictures of your BJDs here. All different types of BJDs are welcome!

In Gärten oft ungeliebt, am Wegesrand oft unbeachtet, in Blumengeschäften nicht erhältlich und trotzdem, unsere Wildblumen sind allgegenwertig, egal ob in ihrer zaghaften Schlichtheit oder auch berauschender Schönheit ... Bitte hier nur Blumen aus ihrem natürlichen Umfeld einstellen und keine Blumen…

Please post only square format images here. It doesen't matter what the image is about. A square is a regular polygon with four sides each the same size. -------- Seulement les images carrées. Le Motif a un rôle mineur. -------- Bitte nur Bilder einstellen, die quadratisch sind.