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Diagonal compositions

Seules vos photos photos de couchers de soleil sont acceptées.

Schwarz und Weiß Black and White

pictures of ships, vessels, cruise liners, containerships, boats ...

What kind of music makes you fly! Which music makes your emotions free? Please share this with us in this group. No limit! You can add many music, but it is important that it gives good emotion to fly for you.

barış béke Fred Frieden mír мир pace paco paix paz PAZ peace (he ping) heiwa pokój Rauha TAIKA Vrede صل آشتي )سل

250+ Visits - ipernity photos with at least 250- and maxium 499 visits at the moment from posting to this group. Posted according the rules but now more as 499 Visits? You are most welcome to post the photo in one of the sister groups. (to you the choice or you leave the photo in these group or r…