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toutes images prisent de la rue (urbaine / rurale)

Fopr coment This superb image was seen in: ~ ~ WOW of the day ~ ~

In former times there was a real culture of inn signs and other destinations; they could not always be preserved. First of all we would like to save the remaining ones from this fate - at least by taking pictures, and maybe we can also discover some on old photographs. Second, as IP is a forum act…

Alle Bilder die mit einer Olympus oder Panasonic mit mFT Sensor entstanden sind.

Tous nos amis les chiens, du moment qu'on les voit bien ! All our friends dogs, since we see them good! ¡ Todos nuestros amigos los perros, desde el momento que se los ve bien! Tutti i nostri amici i cani, dal momento che li si vede bene! Alle unsere Freunde die Hunde, da ja man sie gut sieht!

Des yeux, des regards, au travers de photos ( macros, plans serrés ) ou de créations digitales. Pas plus de trois images par jour pour permettre une certaine diversité.