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Beautiful Landscape

This is a group for posting pictures of UK landscapes, anything from urban to country is fine. It's also a place to discuss landscape photography in the UK.

Photos taken with film cameras of any type.

Paris, face B

Paris, face B

2 members - 2 062 contributions - Created 9 months ago

l'autre facette, les autres visages de Paris

Worldwide urban/suburban/rural exploration and infiltration of abandoned & decayed structures (industrial, commercial, hospitals, farms, barns, etc.)... some of these sites may even be active, if you dare! If you have a cool story to share of an experience while exploring, please share it here...…

Fotos gemaakt in Nederland Pictures shoot in The Netherlands Uitnodiging : Prachtig Nederlands plaatje! Wil je overwegen dit te plaatsen in <a href=""> Nederland </a> Dank je! Commentaar Gezien in <a href="…