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Post ONLY 20* Faves Photos

Toutes expressions artistiques de qualité: Peintures Sculptures Photographies Bijouterie et tout travail d'artistes.


Photos and movies of twilight, night and nightlife. Please no classic sunsets.

Ce groupe est pour mettre en évidence la pollution visuelle des lignes électriques aériennes et qui rendent caduques une photographie. When you thing that your pictures are spoiled with electric wires just add them here. Fotos con hijos eléctrico.

This isn't an evangelical group. It's aim is to have high quality film based images. Artistic merit using film is what I'd like to see. We all know what art is I think, so that means it's wide open. Max posting rules aren't present and won't be unless the pool turns into a dumping ground. Bring on…

This group is dedicated to tolerance in art and speech on Ipernity. Unfortunately, even on Ipernity, some people insist on telling people how to shoot or what comments may be made on images. This dictatorial attitude must be stood up to, that is what this group stands for. In posting your images he…