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Tout ce qui fait passer d'une rive à l'autre, ponts, passerelle , bac ,barques... au dessus des ruisseaux, des rivières , des fleuves, des bras de mer . Mais aussi tout ce qui se passe sur ou sous les ponts , le long des rives. N'hésitez pas à publier si vous avez des photos qui correspondent.

Humanity beauty respect and peace

Beautiful Gardens arround the world, gardens arround castles, in cities and arround your home! In this group no single flowers please. And I would wish images with a good quality. Partner Group: Schlösser - Burgen - Castles - Châteaus

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this group is meant as an open gallery for everybody... most posted pics are only viewed by friends and contacts... and that's a pity... here you can show your pics to others, who don't even know you... you can find new friends here, get a bigger audience, see new pics, get new inspiration…

A group for photos of the urban, suburban and industrial landscape, the fragments of landscape in-between and the construction of landscape.