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The art of still life is the deliberate artistic arrangement of objects. In this group you can show your talent for creating such arrangements. Please no "normal" photos of blossoms or bouquets, no simple macros or nature photos and also no "normal" food photography. There are other groups for tha…

Photos from "street-art", graffiti, stencils, cuttings, stickers, urban knitting, etc. ... This is a moderated group. Please give me some time to do the work, I haven´t each day time for ipernity, but will moderate this group in my free spaces. In case there isn´t any free time for ipernity all you…

Different groups of tulips! Fringed tulip, also called Lace: its petals are cut. Triumph Tulip: It comes in bright or pastel colours. Fleur de lys tulip! The Pluriflore tulip! In short, all kinds of Tulips! Welcome to this group! thank you in advance for your participation ♥

Any kind of humorous images. Please no images of 'cute' animals. There are other groups for this, for example: Funny Animals

Your favorite photos among all those you come across as you walk through the Ipernity galleries!