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Do you like the color blue? Then this group is perfect for you,cause it's dedicated to the color blue! Please post only pictures where blue is the dominating color :)

A group for pictures about Portugal, the Portuguese and everything remotely portuguese...

10+ Visits - ipernity photos with at least 10- and maxium 49 visits at the moment from posting to this group. Posted according the rules but now more as 49 Visits? You are most welcome to post the photo in one of the sister groups. (to you the choice or you leave the photo in these group or remov…

Ιn music all sentiments are developed in their pure status and there is nothing in this world that it is done without music. Arthur Schopenhauer(1788-1860) German philosopher.

"light and shadow" - literally and metaphorically -

Public group for all kind of photos which were shot with a Canon camera.

Vintage photographs of genuine sailors only, from any navy. No pornographic photographs will be allowed.