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With just one focal length, lens design can be optimised: which is why top quality primes are still made. There is a satisfaction in using primes, whether old or new, that appeals to many keen photographers. This group is for only photographs taken with prime lenses. NB that we do ask you to inc…

Déposer des photos macro ou proxi quelque soit la nature du sujet, échangez vos opinions, commentez les photos , partagez vos connaissances sur les prises de vue et le matériel.... Je compte sur vous pour faire vivre "Spécial Macro" Bienvenue à tous

All kinds of Crosses...even jewellry

If you love to photograph nature, please join and add your photos. :-)

A group aimed at anyone over the age of 60. Please do not submit any photos that contain nudity/sex. This is a safe site for family viewing. There is a monthly competition for anyone who would like to enter and also a song titles game. Try not to 'dump and run', if you have a moment it is nice to…

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