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Analog photography with and on 135 format and 35mm types of film, of any make, perforated or not, with either standard or square image (like the Robot or Zeiss Icon Tenax which use 35mm standard film but take square pictures) , SLRs, rangefinder, viewfinders, pinholes, Karat, Rapid, totally film med…

Hola Aquí pongo mi wueb, me gustarías que el que tenga wueb oh blogspot se pudiera poner en el grupo. para que lo vieran todos, soy Español, Andalucia, Isla Cristina ¡ Lo importante respeto y pasarlo bien' BESOS Y ABRAZO PARA TODOS

Faciliter la consultation des dernières photos des photographes animaliers d'Ipernity

This group is about trees. It should be obvious that trees are the subject of the photo and not just a background for another motif. The media should be photography. Trees are natural wonders and should be shown in an honest way. No artwork, digital art or manipulations. All photos must be taken by…

A collection of all the images of summer. If you feel like summer with a picture of yours, this is the right place. Further groups: 4 Seasons - Spring 4 Seasons - Fall 4 Seasons - Winter

do you take time for an experiment? taking pix can be so different and the results are different too. abstract, beautiful, colorful, conceptual, crazy, different, emotional, industrial, macro, monochrome, natural, nice, strange, sweet... different kinds of experiments are welcome... so also feel…