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The Black & White loves beautiful pictures and their members. Beautiful and friendly is The Black & White's watchwords. A single objective: TBW A too visible post-production will not be accepted. Refused frame (well, not always ;)). Refused panoramics view (if artficial :)) Please respect the rule…

Share your photos with rust or with ruins. Make them a part of the history! Photos having a Rusty background, or some Ruins behind/under/anywhere Welcome!

Vintage photographs of genuine sailors only, from any navy. No pornographic photographs will be allowed.

Fine ART photos only.

Holy Macro!

Holy Macro!

267 members - 9 145 contributions - Created 23 months ago

A place for all your macro pictures.

oh well... ;)) to comment: <a href="">seen in chimneys-roofs-walls</a>

Tout reflet dans l'eau:Nuages, bateaux, constructions, végétaux, animaux, personnages, lumières ,etc....eau de la mer, des lacs, des étangs, des rivières, flaques d'eau, bassins, etc...-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Any reflection in the water. Clouds, boats, buildings, plants, animals, people, lig…