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Un groupe où les ombres et reflets dominent le contexte ! A place where shades and reflections rule !

Beautiful Good Looking Models from all over the world from Amateurs to Par Timers Men or Women.

All about black and white photography. Black and White only please. Moderated. Please NO: Erotic, fetish, violance or other adult oriented content! We do not tolerate pictures with badges between the comments. Thanks. Moderated and limited ;)

This group is for pictures of places located in North America

Pictures with, water, mirrors, anything with a reflection in it. PLEASE post just a couple pictures at a time. If you post a bunch, you'll push other reflectors pics off of the 1st page and they won't get their moment to shine. ALSO, if you space it out, picture of yours will…

La pellicola come stile di vita, un modo unico per rendere unico il nostro modo di vedere. Come la chimica agisce in relazione alla luce, all'argento, ai colori. Fotografia: l'immagine che abbiamo in mente realizzata, trasformata, adattata attraverso un mix di argento, luce, chimica, passione. Dal c…

object of this group: rollfilm works / medium format photography. show us the cream of analog photography! to point out: work of 120 / 220 rolls or 127 rolls only!