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La música es el corazón de la vida. Por ella habla el amor; sin ella no hay bien posible y con ella todo es hermoso. Franz Liszt. Welcome to the new group ipernity: Photos and music Bienvenue sur le nouveau groupe ipernity: photos et musique Willkommen in der neuen Gruppe ipernity: Fotos und Mus…

This group is only based on the artistic research of the hand(s) which must be the main subject, even the single of the photograph. Leave to research the most aesthetic hand(s) :) The administrators reserve the right to remove any photograph which would not correspond to their quality standards.

This is a group for pictures of at least two of the same species of animal. They can be adults and juvenile, male and female, as long as they are the same species. When possible, please include the name of the animal in the description.

We create publications focusing on urban photography the blog is : the google group is : We're always looking for more contributors. Email :

Alles, aber: Du musst das Veröffentlichungsrecht haben! Keine fremden Bilder aus dem web! "Künstlerische" Fotos; keine Schnappschüsse. Keine heimlichen Aufnahmen / candid shots ! Geschmackvolle Aktbilder sind willkommen. ------------ All, but: No photos of which You don't have the Copyright! No netf…

Black and white images from film or digital. Imágenes de la película o digital blancas y negros. Schwarzweiss-Bilder vom Film oder digital. Images de film ou digital noires et blanches.

In this group, all photos are welcome which you think are your best. Photos that violate the law or common decency will be deleted immediately. All are welcome!