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Sports cars of the World. Track Cars, Rally cars, and scenes with sports cars, E.g track scenes. Strictly members own quality photos. Post and Comment - See Rules

Simple. People in motion. Running, jumping, crawling or driving. Here sharpness is not important. A sense of movement is even desirable. This group is moderated and requires approval before it is posted to the group.

Group for Nikon D90 users

do you take time for an experiment? taking pix can be so different and the results are different too. abstract, beautiful, colorful, conceptual, crazy, different, emotional, industrial, macro, monochrome, natural, nice, strange, sweet... different kinds of experiments are welcome... so also feel…

Tus mejores fotos con Picasa Vos plus belles photos avec Picasa Your best photos with Picasa

Tous les documents"corrects" qui ont au minimum 200 visites.. max 300. Lien : Please visit and comment some other pics in our pool, thanks.

up to 9999999999999999 visits (no need to take out any pics !) THE FIRST VISITS GROUP - THE ORIGINAL Does your photo, blog, film or something else have fast growing visits ? Then bring it in here. Sometimes an interesting contribution to ipernity is clicked hundreds of times but never faved. Who…