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Please, add only images in b/w with a smudge of colour (colourkey)! NO pure b/w images and NO pure colour images! If somebody poste such images we will delete them. THANKS! Please NO: Erotic, fetish, violance or other adult oriented content..

Anything goes - except violence/nudity/porn

Salutation, this is a Group ONLY for very high quality photos TO ALL MEMBERS : I AM VERY SORRY if i am sometimes very late to check the photos in the queue. I am sometimes very ill.

Trains, planes and automobiles and all other forms of transport :)

10+ Visits - ipernity photos with at least 10- and maxium 49 visits at the moment from posting to this group. Posted according the rules but now more as 49 Visits? You are most welcome to post the photo in one of the sister groups. (to you the choice or you leave the photo in these group or remov…

Berlin . . . . .members are allowed to post 10 docs per week - please try some quality ... serials themes Kiezgefluester politics styles spaces perspectives architecture and so on ...