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To learn from each other. To learn of other countries, cultures, towns. villages. provinces, areas, etc. Share your area and world with us. Art, photography, music, videos, sports, history, food, dance and more is welcome. :-) Have fun learn and enjoy!

SHOWCASE OF THE BEST PHOTO'S OF YOUR CONTACTS. Look every week at the photo's you faved and invite them to this group by using the group invitation and tag photos with "wwwonder" . For posting read Rules Invitation: -----------------------------------PLEASE COPY PASTE BETWEEN THESE LINES-------…

This is a group for pictures of bodies of water around the world.

Flowers (3)

Flowers (3)

118 members - 3 098 contributions - Created 7 years ago

Please feel free to post any flower pictures you want :-)

Tiu ĉi grupo celas arigi la diversajn titolojn publikigitajn kaj en Esperanto kaj en aliaj lingvoj, tamen pri Esperanto, kaj tiel konigi la libran produktadon en/pri la internacia lingvo. Ĝi do servos kiel bibliografia listo, espereble farita plurmane. Se vi konas aŭ volas koni librojn en/pri Espera…


If you use any kind of manual focus lens and would like to showcase your work then please post your images here. Please include some details about the lens you used and the camera it is on, if it is a modern digital camera or an old film camera - it doesn't matter, show us what your old glass can do…