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Tous nos amis les chiens, du moment qu'on les voit bien ! All our friends dogs, since we see them good! ¡ Todos nuestros amigos los perros, desde el momento que se los ve bien! Tutti i nostri amici i cani, dal momento che li si vede bene! Alle unsere Freunde die Hunde, da ja man sie gut sieht!

oh well... ;)) to comment: <a href="">seen in chimneys-roofs-walls</a>

That's for pictures of the megacities around the world. New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and so on...

The idea behind the duotone is to have desaturated (greyscale or black and white) pictures with a hue in one colour or another. Sepia is a perfect example of this but there are other pictures where the hue is a blue or a green for effect. Please see the following links for more information: e…

Become a GEO Reporter and publish your pictures of animals of the world.

Portraits,photos relatives aux animaux sauvages

Nel gruppo " La natura che...Vale" SOLO fotografia naturalistica : fiori, uccelli, insetti, farfalle ed animali in genere. No paesaggi !!! Le foto non inerenti saranno cancellate !!! In the "The nature that ...Vale" ONLY nature photography: flowers, birds, insects and animals in general. NO LAN…