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155 members - 1 512 contributions - Created 7 years ago

Orange. The colour. Or the fruit ;)

I'm no expert with this by any means, but I'm still astounded by the quality of images that can be made from this process. Please feel free to show your results and join the discussions to post recipes or ask questions.

Fotoj propra farite pri urboj, urbvivo ktp. Bonvenas NUR Originalaj fotoj.

Lorsque l'eau se fait peintre et miroir, des bords de lacs au bleu océan... Des jolies rencontres inédites (animaux, personnages etc)

Photographs of London are welcome here

Contribute here with your photos about China and all China Towns around the world or just take a look around. Everybody is welcome to write and express in any language. Català, 中文, Deutsch, English, Español, Esperanto, Euskera, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, tiếng Việt, whatever. Importa…

Nature, landscape, wildlife, documents about nature conservation Quality prefered than quantity. only about Europe !