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59 members - 1 405 contributions - 1 discussion - Created 16 years ago

The colour or the fruit: one of the two (or both?) should be the dominant element of the picture.

Frankfurt am Main. Welcome to the small group, for the big city. Please only upload pictures from Frankfurt am Main. Have fun!

All about black and white photography. Black and White only (means: no color-toned monochrome!), please. Moderated. Please no fetish, violance or similar content! We do not tolerate pictures with badges between the comments. Thanks. As said: moderated and limited ;)



59 members - 314 contributions - 3 discussions - Created 3 years ago

Crocus flowers of all colors and varieties and only crocuses. Thank you all and welcome!

Show the photos taken with an ICM: either with a voluntary movement of the camera, or with a zoom effect; the result must be creative and artistic, of good quality. No shocking photos