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89 members - 2 679 contributions - 1 discussion - Created 6 years ago

vw cars volkswagen Auto Car Autos Cars automotive carro vehicle vehicles voiture coche αυτοκίνητο cotxe automobil Samochód karozza transport carros coches voitures traffic wagen

Is it Art? Fortunately,tastes vary as much as interpretation. I certainly know what Art is - as I am sure that you know as well. To incite, to move, to express, to report, to share, to display, -Art is used for these purposes, and always there are other forms and uses. Art is what we say i…

Hello there! imagine this group as you would a roller coaster ride. what we see here should cause that effect in you and hopefully in all of us! the idea here is to make this a great bw and monochrome experience, one with serious and honest critiques and comments, this way we are able to learn from…

showing tenderness in all its kinds of variations, except pornographical... montrant la tendresse sous toutes ses sortes de variations, sauf pornographique ...

To showcase the wonderful and diverse landscapes we photograph. Buildings can be featured but only as part of the landscape. This group defines Landscape as "a picture that shows a natural scene of land or the countryside". So please add your cityscape photos to other groups.

This is the companion to the flickr group I founded, which is going strong with over 4,000 members. Architecture can be old or modern. Historical objects such as vintage articles or transport. Must be at least 50 years old. C'est le compagnon de mon groupe flickr, qui va fort avec près de 4000…