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ESPAÑOL: Fotografía callejera y espontanea. La filosofía del grupo va orientada a la recopilación de imágenes que capturen la realidad de una forma espontanea. No se trata en absoluto de un tipo de fotografías de carácter novedoso. La fotografía callejera se viene realizando desde siempre, y c…

We allow any kind of art, crafts, photo-manipulations, doll photos,doll making, good photo scenes/subjects, and historical images in an inclusive mix of creativities. Keep it tasteful, creative, and no porn. Anyone who wants to describe how you create your stuff GO ahead, inform us all please. Gr…

Every shot and digital or pictural art with music which evokes a dance picture or tempt to dance, alone or two and several people are welcome in this group. No picture that can shock will be agreed by respect of everyone.

Arquitectura popular, Architecture populaire, lidová architektura, Volksarchitektur As you can see, some of the buildings are not so popular, but we do not mind.

"When the images of the memory break down, slowly or suddenly, some signs or clues remain almost in our eyes, as evidence of our existence. This group loves those signs."

I've just come over from Flickr, and decided to start a new group where a few of my Flickr refugee street photographer friends might be able to settle in and feel comfortable. But of course all are welcome! Contributors may post up to three color or black and white photographs daily.

RULES! Do not post copyrighted works or part of copyrighted works in this group unless you own the copyright or have the permission to do so. By accepting and signing the Ipernity-ToS/Guidelines, you agreed to upload only pictures done by yourself. Only post pictures that are listed in Explo…