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I would like to have this group be images with more than one of something, Vague, I know. That's on purpose. I want to allow for a single image with say two distinct trees, or multiple images with one type of thing repeated, or a single image repeated. So diptychs, triptychs would work if is the…

RULES! Do not post copyrighted works or part of copyrighted works in this group unless you own the copyright or have the permission to do so. By accepting and signing the Ipernity-ToS/Guidelines, you agreed to upload only pictures done by yourself. Please only post photos which are currently…

Any kind of humorous images. Please no images of 'cute' animals. There are other groups for this, for example: Funny Animals

The art of still life is the deliberate artistic arrangement of objects. In this group you can show your talent for creating such arrangements. Please no "normal" photos of blossoms or bouquets, no simple macros or nature photos and also no "normal" food photography. There are other groups for tha…



59 members - 1 404 contributions - 1 discussion - Created 16 years ago

The colour or the fruit: one of the two (or both?) should be the dominant element of the picture.