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Analog photography with and on 135 format and 35mm types of film, of any make, perforated or not, with either standard or square image (like the Robot or Zeiss Icon Tenax which use 35mm standard film but take square pictures) , SLRs, rangefinder, viewfinders, pinholes, Karat, Rapid, totally film med…

La sensualit sous toutes ses formes...



473 members - 8 222 contributions - Created 7 years ago

Show your most beautiful waterscapes. Pictures of the sea, beautiful lake scenes, waterfalls :) Please try to keep a certain amount of quality. Post only pictures where water in free nature is the main theme.

We collect fences of all view an kind....

Only beauties but no nudity please..

Monotone and B&W.

We strive to emulate the photographic quality of National Geographic magazine —combined with informational/educational content. Please do read the rules in the "New admin, new group rules" discussion topic.