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Gruppe für analoge Fotografie - egal ob Kleinbild, Mittelformat oder Großformat - Hauptsache auf Film. Gerne dürfen hier auch Tipps und Tricks ausgetauscht werden!

Fine ART photos only.



76 members - 1 695 contributions - Created 5 years ago

wetter is the german word for weather

0P3N.Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle ! - Fahrräder, vélos, biciclette - everything similar to a bycicle : tandems, rickshaws, bibicis, all of them - thank you This is an 0P3N sub-group. elctrical bycicles are allowed but no motorcycles. An example from : www.ipernity…

Berlin . . . . .members are allowed to post 10 docs per week - please try some quality ... serials themes Kiezgefluester politics styles spaces perspectives architecture and so on ...

With just one focal length, lens design can be optimised: which is why top quality primes are still made. There is a satisfaction in using primes, whether old or new, that appeals to many keen photographers. This group is for only photographs taken with prime lenses. NB that we do ask you to inc…

Ipernity Beautiful Faces..where we celebebrate BEAUTIFUL FACES. Please upload ONLY pics of faces and upper torso. NO NUDITY! Any pics not deemed suitable will be removed.