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Ce groupe est pour mettre en évidence la pollution visuelle des lignes électriques aériennes et qui rendent caduques une photographie. When you thing that your pictures are spoiled with electric wires just add them here. Fotos con hijos eléctrico.

reflection on the water...reflection on the glass.... reflection on any object you can capture:)

Tous nos amis les chiens, du moment qu'on les voit bien ! All our friends dogs, since we see them good! ¡ Todos nuestros amigos los perros, desde el momento que se los ve bien! Tutti i nostri amici i cani, dal momento che li si vede bene! Alle unsere Freunde die Hunde, da ja man sie gut sieht!

La flor es la prinicpal propagadora de las especies

FOR PHOTOS TAKEN WITH LEICA CAMERA (Digital or Film) WHAT IS LEICA Leica is the name of several cameras produced by a German company of the same name. The company, formerly Ernst Leitz GmbH, is now three companies: Leica Camera AG, which produces cameras; ... read more

With a little imagination, we can have a different view of our world. Exhibit this vision here. For invitations and comments please use following code. Copy and paste the whole line : < a href="" > Another view of the world < /a> This should look like this :…

Women Only

Women Only

119 members - 1 559 contributions - Created 5 years ago

photos of women.