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Let's talk about kats, kitties, kitty-kats and more ... :-)

Diese Gruppe wurde geschaffen für Fotos, die Kunst darstellen. Bei jedem hier eingestellten Bild, gehen wir (die Admin's und Moderatoren) davon aus, daß das künstlerische Werk keine Urheberrechtsschutzgesetze verletzt. NIcht akzeptiert werden: pornographische Darstellung, Gewalt, rassistische Äu…

Poder mostrar la alegría de las flores y de la Naturaleza... Por desgracia, las flores se marchitan, la Naturaleza puede cambiar a peor, pero en nuestra mano está detener ese momento de belleza a través de una foto. Gracias a todos por plasmar tanta belleza y perpetuar ese momento irrepetible.

TOYS TOYS TOYS Missing my fav toy-groups "Secret life of toys", "Toys Toys Toys" and "Toysaholic Anonymous" already ... so here you go ^^ Feel free to post your photos of your beloved toys here - dolls, plushes, vinyl - collectibles ... all TOYS welcome ^^

Photos about anything and everything . About Photo PotpourriTired of all the limitations to groups? What you can post, what you can't post. Only B&W. Only Flowers. Only nature shots. Only blue flowers in landscape orientation taken on a Tuesday? Do you have a photo of something and you can't fin…

photos of trains buildings signals ect

Photos of childs in the range from 0 up to 12 years. Please write the city and state of the photo-location. Thanks.