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This is a group of people and places from around the world

All pictures about France

object of this group: rollfilm works / medium format photography. show us the cream of analog photography! to point out: work of 120 / 220 rolls or 127 rolls only!

Oil painting, acrylic, oil pastel... watercolor... Also mixed media painting. But not photos. And not drawings. Art you post must be created by you! LINKS: Cool group for Black And White Drawings A group for wider selection of art (paintings, drawings, etc) - Paint it! And Crafts and more…

Reunir en lo posible las caras mas bellas de nuestro mundo, sin distinción de sexo, edad o raza. Esa es nuestra temática. Pero lo hacemos con la finalidad de que en la Unión de las caras sonrientes contribuir con un Mundo unido por la Paz y el Amor. Julio Patiño

Night shots in and of cities are always interesting and sometimes how unrevealed or hidden shapes ....

Beautiful Gardens arround the world, gardens arround castles, in cities and arround your home! In this group no single flowers please. And I would wish images with a good quality. Partner Group: Schlösser - Burgen - Castles - Châteaus