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Gruppe für analoge Fotografie - egal ob Kleinbild, Mittelformat oder Großformat - Hauptsache auf Film. Gerne dürfen hier auch Tipps und Tricks ausgetauscht werden!

Willkommen | Welcome! The QUADRAT Größe▐█ SQUARE Size accepts the best and finest artistic quality photographs formatted as a PERFECT▐█ SQUARE = QUADRAT= CUADRADO = KVADRAT What is must & matter the most in this group are: the PERFECT▐█ SIZE and FINEST QUALITY of your artistic photography. Dankeschö…

Ipernity Beautiful Faces..where we celebebrate BEAUTIFUL FACES. Please upload ONLY pics of faces and upper torso. NO NUDITY! Any pics not deemed suitable will be removed.

butterflies all... pictures from butterflies, papillons, schmetterlinge,

Here you can post pictures of all seasons!

Pictures of reflections of all kinds

A group for all your nature images, it doesn't matter if it's your best shot or not, there are other boards for that. This is for those whose love of nature shines through from their heart and soul. No stress, no thinking too much, just enjoyment (NO LIMITS)