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Schöne Landschaftsaufnahmen aus aller Welt .................... Landscape - Landscapes - Landschaften - Landschaft - Natur - Nature - Welt - World , Paysage , Paesaggio , Paisaje

35+ Faves

35+ Faves

91 members - 3 488 contributions - Created 6 years ago

What's the group object? Obviously your document (photo / film / blog OR whatever) shoud have been voted 35 times or more. SISTER GROUPS ARE THE FOLLOWING : 3+ Faves We have fave groups in steps of 7 faves 7+ Faves 14+ Faves fourtee…

ONLY THE PICTURES BY APPLICANT ARE ACCEPTED (no photo recovery net!) The principle of automatic "mechanism" consisting of delivering 5 stars (thanks mates) allowing a photograph to shine in a welcome page of a photographer's site does not suit us. We are not "star hunters"... Please no pornog…

Merci Betty !! de m'avoir nommée administrateur de ce groupe. Splendeur de la nature ....des photographies exceptionnelles ... pensée de Confucius : "Toutes les choses ont leur beauté mais tout le monde ne sait pas la voir".

Sunrises and sunsets. Les levers et couchers du soleil. Sonnenaufgänge und Sonnenuntergänge. Los amaneceres y atardeceres del sol. I albe e tramonti.

Uh, Pretty girls? Yeah, that's it... PLEASE NO BLURRED/BLOCKED OUT FACES. THEY WILL BE DENIED/REMOVED. This means that the face of the girl must at least be partially visible.

This is a group to collect vintage photographs of men in the military. Pre-1960 photographs are encouraged. However, any pre-digital photographs are welcome. Please do not add photos without men in them.