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This is a group of outstanding photographers from around the globe, and a gallery of fine landscape photography of the highest calibre. Feel free to start discussions here; it is a great way to make acquaintances and build friendships with others who share your passion for photography. Please post o…

Diese Gruppe wurde geschaffen für Fotos, die Kunst darstellen. Bei jedem hier eingestellten Bild, gehen wir (die Admin's und Moderatoren) davon aus, daß das künstlerische Werk keine Urheberrechtsschutzgesetze verletzt. NIcht akzeptiert werden: pornographische Darstellung, Gewalt, rassistische Äu…

Oil painting, acrylic, oil pastel... watercolor... Also mixed media painting. But not photos. And not drawings. Art you post must be created by you! LINKS: Cool group for Black And White Drawings A group for wider selection of art (paintings, drawings, etc) - Paint it! And Crafts and more…

photos of green plants. The occasional blossom should not prevent you from posting to this group, but this is not about flowers. However, green leaves (even if belonging to a flower) are admissable.

Dolls dolls dolls!!!!

Photographs of London are welcome here

Montages de photos, dessins ayants pour traits des regards.