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Collecter tous les types de photos, vidéos, et textes sur les chats. Photos de tous les jours. Photos d'oeuvres d'art sur tous genres de supports ayant comme sujet les chats. Vidéos ayant comme sujet les chats Textes d'auteurs connus et méconnus ayant pour thème les chats.

This is an 0P3N sub-group. Not only portraits but any photo technic to represent somebody's face or similar (masks etc.). Group photos. Painted faces. Let your imagination flow !

".. Please show photos of sculptures of all kinds, whether religious or secular, whether funny or pondering, whether sad or cheerful ..... Here, the shrill pop-art figure as well as the angel at the cemetery have their very own place, the heads of the Easter Island fit as well as the the Niki-St.Ph…

Do you like the color green? Then this group is perfect for you, cause it's dedicated to the color green! Please post only pictures where green is the dominating color :)

Welcome to Cologne, one of the most vivid cities in Germany. Share your photos, videos and all good stuff you want to show. Feel free to invite all your friends and fans of Cologne. One of the first groups @ Ipernity!

This group is only for pictures with 30 and more stars (fav)