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An 0P3N_V1SU4L_M0M3NT group. This group is open. No limits ! No restriction ! No censorship ! 9999 photos per day and per member maximum. Feel free to put your creations here ! Even the sky is NOT the limit ! Let's enjoy it together ! Every member will be promoted modera…

Pictures of Wales and all things Welsh welcome here! Lluniau o Gymru croeso yma! You are welcome to join and post your best photos, no need for an invitation.

Morning sky, sky of the night, twilight time... Heavens or sky ? ... ... Make pub for the group ? Past this code ! <img src="" /> <a href="">Oh! Ciel !!!</a> Tadaaaaaaa ! Oh! Ciel !!!

Hier können schöne Fotos in Makroaufnahmen gezeigt werden, gerne auch im interessanten Blickwinkel. If you have nice and beautiful interesting images of macro, you can present this here.

A still life is a work of art depicting inanimate subject matter, typically commonplace objects which may be either natural (food, plants and natural substances like rocks) or man-made (drinking glasses, cigarettes, pipes, hotdogs and so on).

Témoignons de ce qui nous touche, de ce que nous trouvons beau, de ce qui nous interpelle.

This group is only based on the artistic research of the hand(s) which must be the main subject, even the single of the photograph. Leave to research the most aesthetic hand(s) :) The administrators reserve the right to remove any photograph which would not correspond to their quality standards.