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The group is: Statues, fountain, Water too! lakes, streams, waterfalls, sea, ... Churches, Cathedrals, Chapels, castle, ancient village, stone, sinks, Pictures of street furniture, sunset. Forest, trees, nature No pictures of children, nor private photos No pets. Now Europe

NOTE PHOTO LOCATION IN: description, keywords or map. PHOTOS OF: flowers, insects, free wild animals, birds, scenes. NO PHOTOS OF: pets, animals in captivity, people, man made items. COMMENTS: appreciated but not required.

.... art from the hand of nature (especially appreciated) or from "mankind" or both together, but specifically "art" and specifically outside in the open air...... sculpture, pattern, design, colour, light, sky, water, form, shape, transient / mythology / supernatural / surreal / humour / architectu…

What's the group object? Obviously your document (photo / film / blog OR whatever) shoud have been voted 21 times or more. SISTER GROUPS ARE THE FOLLOWING : 3+ Faves We have fave groups in steps of 7 faves 7+ Faves 14+ Faves fourtee…

Analog if you prefer the American spelling, though in American English the word analogue might also exist but with a slightly different meaning, like analogue is something that bears analogy to whatever whilst analog is like a clock or camera, i.e. not digital, in British and other varieties of Engl…

La photo doit avoir du rouge vif et pétant