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Abstract phenomena in nature seen and originally presented by the photographer. Please restrain from digitally over-processed and manipulated images. Thank you. Enjoy the group.



54 members - 3 646 contributions - Created 8 years ago

Dragonflies are a masterpiece of evolution. Please join our group if you've managed to take some good pictures of one (or more) of these artists of flying. And, of course, feel free to invite any dragonfly-picture you like. This group is also available under this address:…

This can be a place for us to find each other while we all get used to ipernity and settled here :) All Blythe doll photos welcome.

SHOWCASE OF THE BEST PHOTO'S OF YOUR CONTACTS. Look every week at the photo's you faved and invite them to this group by using the group invitation and tag photos with "wwwonder" . For posting read Rules Invitation: -----------------------------------PLEASE COPY PASTE BETWEEN THESE LINES-------…

This is created for Asia travellers and welcome to feel the difference !