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Images taken with reflex cameras Olympus E-System "



48 members - 2 621 contributions - Created 13 months ago

vehicles, cars, trucks, buses, vans, scooters, bikes, tanks, tractors, apcs, locomotives - well anything that moves on wheels and can be classified as a vehicle. Alas investment vehicles or vehicles to promote some abstract evil like democracy do not belong to this group. Neither do images where a…

Bearbeitete Foto , wie z.B. Bildermontagen oder Effekte. und und witzige Fotos , die zum Lachen animieren

All photographs taken with a Sony Alpha DSLR and Sony NEX.

Arc-de-triomphe, arche de pont en tout genre / Every kind of arches

To show old buildings and churches. Members own quality photos No web finds postcards etc Post and comment We do not tolerate pictures with links or motifs on or between comments. Post And Comment

water - only water - nothing but water (every picture with other subjects will be removed)