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In der Gruppe Sepia soll jedes Ipernity-Mitglied die Möglichkeit haben, seine Sepia-Fotos einstellen zu können. Herzlich willkommen! Venez partager avec nous vos plus belles photos sépia et soyez le bienvenue ! You are warmly welcome to share with us your favoutite sepia pictures ! Thank you !

Solo fotos de Arquitectura en España independientemente del tiempo y del autor. Only photos of Architecture in Spain regardless of time and/or author

A ball-jointed doll is any doll that is articulated with ball and socket joints and made of resin. Please share pictures of your BJDs here. All different types of BJDs are welcome!

Please submit pictures that help to get out of blue moods, depressions etc. The fun factor is very important here. :-)) Pictures that make you laugh/smile/giggle spontaneously ...! Please NO : Erotic, fetish, violance or other adult oriented content. Do not post copyrighted work…

This group is here to gather all your beautiful shot of butterflies, moths and caterpillars they can be on flowers, plants, ground anywhere but please no dead ones.

Toutes lees photos de nos petits compagnons à poils (chiens, chats.......) toutes photos X etant strictement interdites...... lol

Des sculptures, ou des statues tous simplement, qui doivent être le sujet principal de la photo. Sculptures, or statues all simply, who have to be the main subject of the photo.