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Landschaften aus der Natur landscapes of nature

minimal, simple, abstract, composed this is the group for all those who are off-center or enjoy being it once in a while :) we're looking for surprising compositions beyond symetrix. simple and pure. post your asymetricx pix here. please don't post: flowers, buildings, seaside, landscapes -…

Témoignons de ce qui nous touche, de ce que nous trouvons beau, de ce qui nous interpelle.

Une fleur isolée de préférence, pas de bouquet ni paysage ! merci à tous♫

Any photo with 200 to 300 views. Anything goes as long as if's a photo you yourself took. Tasteful nudity is allowed. Porn isn't. Absolutely no web pics! -- Other groups: 50-100 Views -- 100-200 Views -- 300-400 Views -- 400-500 Views

To capture the last resting place of men and women who fought and died across the world. Single headstones and whole cemetery photos welcome from across the world regardless of nationality or conflict, recent or old. Memorials that remember those who died are also welcome both large or small.

For photographers aged 50 and over