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The best spot for pcitures of the sky

Kathleen's & Paul's Favorites Admin-invited images only. For Comment Copy:. Seen in <a href="" target="" rel="nofollow">Master and Muse . . Looks like this: Seen in Master and Muse

You feel that you can't live without colors? Then this is your place! Feel free to post pictures with more than three different colors. Also, feel free to post any photos with truly vivid colors.

For all those who love analog photography and use medium format cameras 120 film or perhaps even 220 film both color and black & white.

Bright & mixed colors & colorful constrasts found somewhere in the world are the theme of this group come join and enjoy bright colors!

La mer (pas les lacs ni les cours d'eau, si ce n'est les estuaires) et tout ce qui l'entoure.

Les maisons habitées ou non, châteaux, demeures anciennes, les ruines à condition qu'elles soient à peu près entières. Pas de photos de bâtiments religieux ( ce ne sont pas des habitations ) ni de moderne Les photos d'intérieur de châteaux sont acceptées également. The inhabited houses or not, cast…