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Overviews of park or garden, or details of elements which are a part of them : trees, flowerbed, ponds, fountains, bridges, sculptures..., which express the atmosphere of the place. NO PRIVATE, ONLY PUBLIC GARDEN OR OPENED TO THE PUBLIC. NO NATURAL PHOTO, ONLY PLACES CREATED AND MAINTAINED BY ME…

for manipulated, textured images

Regrouper différentes humeurs du ciel..Du lever au coucher du soleil, aux menaces d'intempéries, De toute la pallette des couleurs. (Beautiful skies...Sun up or sundown..daylight shots of the Fury and tenderness)

I'm looking for pictures showing their beauty in luminous colors against a dark backdrop with nice bokeh (blur) - where light comes to show in a special unusual way.

Jen la loko por afiŝi ĉion, kio rilatas al la socia komunumo Esperantujo: fotoj, filmoj kaj sonaĵoj faritaj dum Esperanto-aranĝoj, Esperanto en la publika vivo ktp. Fotoj de Esperanto-parolantoj prefere aperu ne tie ĉi, sed en la grupo "Esperantistoj".

Do you like the color green? Then this group is perfect for you, cause it's dedicated to the color green! Please post only pictures where green is the dominating color :)

Post pictures you have taken when traveling through distant countries.