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showing tenderness in all its kinds of variations, except pornographical... montrant la tendresse sous toutes ses sortes de variations, sauf pornographique ...


For everyone who enjoys the seventeen syllable form ... share your favourites ... write your own ... or free verse with a similar spare quality ... hell, who cares ... just share your essential experiences! Images that capture the essence of a thing, a place, a mood, a feeling, a season etc etc.…

Do you like the color green? Then this group is perfect for you, cause it's dedicated to the color green! Please post only pictures where green is the dominating color :)

This group is dedicated to tolerance in art and speech on Ipernity. Unfortunately, even on Ipernity, some people insist on telling people how to shoot or what comments may be made on images. This dictatorial attitude must be stood up to, that is what this group stands for. In posting your images he…

All photographs taken with a Sony Alpha DSLR and Sony NEX.



92 members - 3 791 contributions - Created 7 years ago