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Pictures of anything with the Sky as background (not just landscapes where the sky is at top- it must be the background of the whole photo. NO Pictures with Focus on the sky! Biggest part of the photo have to be in the Sky. NO typical photos of Clouds or Sunsets or the Moon! The main thing needs…



54 members - 3 625 contributions - Created 7 years ago

La flor es la prinicpal propagadora de las especies

Uniquement des photos, créations et tout ce qui se rapporte à cette saison d'automne ou d'hiver...toutes autres photos seront rejetées ! Veuillez respecter ce thème svp ! merci à tous♫

Tout genre de machins à roues sans exception ! All kind of wheeled vehicles or things without any exception !

Photos of childs in the range from 0 up to 12 years. Please write the city and state of the photo-location. Thanks.