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This is the place for film lovers to post their work and talk about everything film. Members may start topics on any subject. Please mark off-topic threads with 'OT' Please invite your friends and contacts. Please mail me with any suggestions or start a thread. This is a democracy - thanks. More…

With Orchids - our popular flowers - we want to show the great variety of them. Please not all the time the white phalaenopsis!

Usure du temps ou des éléments, la rouille change l'aspect , rend les choses plus ou moins belles suivant la caresse de l'oeil qu'on lui donne ..Mais elle ne rend pas insensible..Pour preuve les photos prises ...... Le poète lui écrira quelques mots Le peintre le caressera de couleurs Le photograph…

Images from -- well ;-) -- Scotland. For whatever reason, it looks like two Scotland groups have been created at the very same time ...

Welcome to Cologne, one of the most vivid cities in Germany. Share your photos, videos and all good stuff you want to show. Feel free to invite all your friends and fans of Cologne. One of the first groups @ Ipernity!

This group aims to highlight the many magnificent birds of North America. Please limit uploads to 5 per day.

The orchids or Orchideengewächse (Orchidaceae) is a cosmopolitan plant family. They are viewed as particularly beautiful, and many, the orchid as queen of flowers.