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Images in which the nature is protagonist, under all its forms: water, earth, sky, flowers, animals…

Pays du Chili - Country of Chile

Film based photography is your passion? You are a nerd or a noob, a hip shooter or oldschhool afficionado? You shoot b/w or color? With or without darkroom? You develop your films yourself or even mix your developer at home? Your workflow is hybrid and you scan the negs? You push the button and let…

This is an 0P3N sub-group. Ever realised that you can see yourself taking the picture in the eye of the person or animal you took with your camera ? or in a window, mirror etc. bring them here in. Can also jsut be a reflection without seeing yourself in it.

Simple. People in motion. Running, jumping, crawling or driving. Here sharpness is not important. A sense of movement is even desirable. This group is moderated and requires approval before it is posted to the group.

The photos which show the color Yellow in the foreground, thus primarily. Yellow the photo should determine.