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Our ★ IPERNITY ★ Masterpiece ★ Chef-d'œuvre ★ Meisterwerk ★ Group has been dedicated to your ★very best high ★★★★★ quality contributions ★ ( = photos. audios, videos, and other documents ). Please keep in mind that we're FAMILY FRIENDLY ! Show your respect 'n' support by commenting on the minimum…


Photos from "street-art", graffiti, stencils, cuttings, stickers, urban knitting, etc. ... This is a moderated group Please give me some time to do the work, I haven´t each day time for ipernity, but will moderate this group in my free spaces. In case there isn´t any free time for ipernity all your…

Every photo that is refering to any greek island-of the Aegean Sea,the Ionian Sea and Crete too..!!Greece has so many beautiful islands after all..!!

The collection of photos of old windows and doors and their accessories

up to 9999999999999999 visits (no need to take out any pics !) Does your photo, blog, film or something else have fast growing visits ? Then bring it in here. Sometimes an interesting contribution to ipernity is clicked hundreds of times but never faved. Who knows. 100+ Visits onehundredandmore.g…

*** This group accepts only Black and White photos