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Discuss and show art, drawings and paintings. Drawings in color and black and white, watercolor and oil, or what technique you might be using, whatever level you think you are on - you are welcome here to discuss art.

Post pictures here with a dark mood.

If you can ride it, fly it or drive it, IT belongs here. Trains, planes, automobiles, motor cycles, or skateboards. Basicly anything that moves a person from one place to another. The main subject of an image has to be some sort of transportation. If something other than a means of transportation…

pictures, personal paintings,landscapes, connected wtih the variationof autumn colours . Be creative.

All kinds of faces

Ordinary everyday spaces and places that don't normally get a second glance. Simple views. Topographic photography. This group is not about people or street photography. No close-ups, no plants, no romantic sunsets, no animals, please.

la temática es: las flora silvestre del mundo, deben tener una descripción del lugar donde la encontraron, y en lo posible escribir algo que se sabe de estas flores. Pueden ser especies de la monataña, de los bosques, o simplemente lo que crece a orillas del camino, en los pantanos, en el roquerío d…