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To capture the diversity and similarities in terms of architecture, landscapes, scenery and people of the countries of the European Union. In 2013 there are 28 members of the EU: • Austria • Belgium • Bulgaria • Croatia • Cyprus • Czech Republic • Denmark • Estonia • Fi…

Bellydance bellydancer Tanz Disco Salsa Tango Walzer Samba Ballet ballerinas ballerina Pow Polka



24 members - 2 593 contributions - Created 17 months ago

Cars, airplanes, motorcycles, trucks,..... all vehicles are welcome. Autos, avions, motos, camions.......tous genres de véhicules sont bienvenus.

Bilder in Schwarz weiß mit einem künstlerischen Anspruch, grafisch, expressiv. Jedes Sujet ist willkommen. Streetfotography, Impressionen, Stimmungen, alle Schattierungen. Landschaft und Portrait. Stilleben und Makros was auch immer Fotografie heißt und dem eigenen Anspruch genügt kann hier seinen O…

tous les beaux ciels avec de beaux nuages

28+ Faves

28+ Faves

84 members - 3 389 contributions - Created 5 years ago

What's the group object? Obviously your document (photo / film / blog OR whatever) shoud have been voted 28 times or more. SISTER GROUPS ARE THE FOLLOWING : 3+ Faves We have fave groups in steps of 7 faves 7+ Faves 14+ Faves fourtee…

We are seeking this old world differently. That we make pictures about it's nature and inhabitans means that we try to archive our toughts about it. Archiving individual toughts as visual inprints gets close to poetry. We share our toughts - visuals trough verbal communication, written texts and pho…