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This is for images where curves or lines form a dominant theme.

Sculptures around us

Maritim moods: Ocean, sand, boats, roaps, fishing nets, gulls, shells, beach, lighthouses, beach chairs, anchors, sails, quays, bollards, and so on… Please, NO images of nude beach! Please, NO cargo ships, freighter, cruise liners - therefor other groups! Thank you!

TOYS TOYS TOYS Missing my fav toy-groups "Secret life of toys", "Toys Toys Toys" and "Toysaholic Anonymous" already ... so here you go ^^ Feel free to post your photos of your beloved toys here - dolls, plushes, vinyl - collectibles ... all TOYS welcome ^^

I ♥ Film

I ♥ Film

134 members - 7 256 contributions - Created 13 months ago

All of you still loving good old film feel free to join! Be honest and post analog photos only. This group is limited to three photos a day.

Any item,gadget or thing we love too much and offers pleasure to us or it is so useful to us we can't live without it..!!Personal things we love to wear or use or desire but not have and we would like to possess(our beloved watches,sunglasses,jewellery,hats,cameras,moblie phones,komboloi,hobby items…

Show us your best analog black&white pictures taken with any film camera. It would be nice if you could mention the camera and/or the film that was used. HAVE FUN...