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Every shot and digital or pictural art with music which evokes a dance picture or tempt to dance, alone or two and several people are welcome in this group. No picture that can shock will be agreed by respect of everyone.

Ce groupe est réservé aux créations et photos prises partout dans le monde par des francophones et des francophiles. Merci d'indiquer le lieu de prise de vue, si possible. Par respect pour la vie privée, toute photo comportant des personnes reconnaissables seront refusées. Seules les photos des memb…

Black and white images from film or digital. Imágenes de la película o digital blancas y negros. Schwarzweiss-Bilder vom Film oder digital. Images de film ou digital noires et blanches.

Beautiful Good Looking Models from all over the world from Amateurs to Par Timers Men or Women.

The best spot for pcitures of the sky

Abstract photography is understood to mean that it does not depict objects in the natural world, but instead uses color and form in a non-representational way. Obviously do we need objects but let us see them abstract.

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