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Pictures taken with an Hasselblad camera (digital or film camera). V & H Systems: 500-series,2000 & 200-series,SW-series,H1,H2,H3, FlexBody & ArcBody,Xpan ... Pour les français: photos prises avec des appareils Hasselblad argentique ou numérique.

Toutes photos de reflets à la surface de l'eau... mer, rivière, étang, flaque d'eau, trottoir mouillé..... Il faut bien sûr que ce reflet soit le SUJET PRINCIPAL de votre image.... 3 photos par jour...

If you use any kind of manual focus lens and would like to showcase your work then please post your images here. Please include some details about the lens you used and the camera it is on, if it is a modern digital camera or an old film camera - it doesn't matter, show us what your old glass can do…

Anything creepy-crawly, the closer (macros) the better!

Black and white photos only Film or digital

Monotone and B&W.