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children and juniors kids boys and girls alone or with parents or in company daily life in house schools and outdoors

Sharing marvelous macros of course! DUH! ; ) Please feel free to post up to three images a day of your amazing macros. Any and all true macros will be accepted but PLEASE nothing obscene. I hope to have this group be an inspiration to us all.

Beautiful Good Looking Models from all over the world from Amateurs to Par Timers Men or Women.

toutes les fleurs existantes...

paris Île-de-France

Pour l'amour de la Poésie...Lire et essayer de comprendre les poèmes ,,les émotions ressenties

Is it Art? Fortunately,tastes vary as much as interpretation. I certainly know what Art is - as I am sure that you know as well. To incite, to move, to express, to report, to share, to display, -Art is used for these purposes, and always there are other forms and uses. Art is what we say i…