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nice high heels shoes or sandals for the special night out or to work. Pics of women's feet in shoes. Below the knee or just ankle with high heels or high heel sandals. NO CD/TV. Pics of Women only

Images taken with reflex cameras Olympus E-System "

NO PEOPLE OR ANIMALS IN SHOTS IN THIS GROUP, PLEASE. A place to celebrate and record, with quality shots, essential British architecture and engineering. If you'd like to submit images and join, give me a shout. It's the building or structure that's the point, so 'inhabited' photos are removed.

This is the group sign to learning of photo. We all wants to learn more about exposure and shutterspeed. We all want to explain the world through visual communication... Intresting Groups Nature, Landscape, Catchy Coulors , Animal photo , Colour and more groups at my profile...

add here your pics about flowers , gardens , fruits and vegetables

Pictures of anything nautical that you think will be of interest. Both Merchant Navies and Warships, of any country at all. Small ships, private vessels, even rowing boats if it is a nice picture. Only rules, NO SMUT, NO NASTINESS

Bonjour .... ici on est fan des coups de coeur de tous et on le partage