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ART photographique, digital , pictural ou sculptural , MUSIQUE et POESIE Photos OR digital, pictural or sculptural ART, MUSIC AND POETRY

empty buildings, space left alone

Analogue shots taken with 120 film.

Small, large, short, long, grassy, any bridge, and ski for skiers

nice high heels shoes or sandals for the special night out or to work. Pics of women's feet in shoes. Below the knee or just ankle with high heels or high heel sandals. NO CD/TV. Pics of Women only

This is an 0P3N sub-group.

Can be any subject, for example flowers, animals, people, digital creations etc... The only rule is...they MUST be on a black background. And no frontal nudity. Peut être n'importe quel sujet, par exemple des fleurs, des animaux, gens, créations numériques, etc .. La seule règle est ... elles doi…