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Alles über Polizei tout sur la police tutto su di polizia todo sobre la policía tudo sobre a τα πάντα για την wszystko o पुलिस के बारे में सब все о полиции todo sobre a 警察のすべてを cop cops bulle bullen sheriff

.... art from the hand of nature (especially appreciated) or from "mankind" or both together, but specifically "art" and specifically outside in the open air...... sculpture, pattern, design, colour, light, sky, water, form, shape, transient / mythology / supernatural / surreal / humour / architectu…

We want to show, how beautyful, proud, sad or ugly a tree, trees or a forest can look. We don't accept photos of details. We accept photos of more than a half tree, of trees and of one or more forests. Please no Texture Mapping!

Bonjour .... ici on est fan des coups de coeur de tous et on le partage

This can be a place for us to find each other while we all get used to ipernity and settled here :) All Blythe doll photos welcome.

Photo d'Art, Artistic Picture.

This is an 0P3N sub-group. Photos from a special angle. 0P3N ★ no conditions, no restrictions, no limit ;) - V1SU4L_M0M3NT is also 0pen to this kind of photos, but not only. Any document of any theme is welcome.