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montrer les fontaines (de la plus belle à la plus curieuse). Ne pas oublier de mettre la ville oule village ou se trouve la ou les fontaines!



188 members - 7 193 contributions - 4 discussions - Created 17 months ago

Images that express a sense of quietness, peace and tranquillity.

Here you can post pictures of all seasons!

If you use any kind of manual focus lens and would like to showcase your work then please post your images here. Please include some details about the lens you used and the camera it is on, if it is a modern digital camera or an old film camera - it doesn't matter, show us what your old glass can do…

Uh, Pretty girls? Yeah, that's it... PLEASE NO BLURRED/BLOCKED OUT FACES. THEY WILL BE DENIED/REMOVED. This means that the face of the girl must at least be partially visible.

Alles, aber: Du musst das Veröffentlichungsrecht haben! Keine fremden Bilder aus dem web! "Künstlerische" Fotos; keine Schnappschüsse. Keine heimlichen Aufnahmen / candid shots ! Geschmackvolle Aktbilder sind willkommen. ------------ All, but: No photos of which You don't have the Copyright! No netf…