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Hello there! imagine this group as you would a roller coaster ride. what we see here should cause that effect in you and hopefully in all of us! the idea here is to make this a great bw and monochrome experience, one with serious and honest critiques and comments, this way we are able to learn from…

This is a group for pictures depicting spring, summer, autumn and winter.

ElMagreb,Maroc, Marruecos, Morocco Everything about Morocco.

« Les nuages sont comme les pensées, les rêveries, les cauchemars du ciel. » La troposphère est le domaine de l'atmosphère où se développe les systèmes nuageux. Les nuages sont formés de fines particules d'eau assemblées à l'état liquide (nuages de gouttelettes) ou à l'état solide (nuage…

To let people see the photos you've taken and like. Let them know where you found their image too by using this tag: <a href="">seen in Anything Goes</a>

If you are proud of it, we'd love you to show it in our group! All photos are welcome here. Please, no nudity, as we are family friendly. It doesn't matter if it is straight from the camera or edited with software after you snapped the shutter. Please, just have fun! Thanks for posting in Impu…