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To get Woophy´s actual and ex-members in one spot.

Please take the time to vote for the Weekly contest and to post your shot for the Weekly contest Thank you. In regards to the Theme of the Week Contests there will be NO Time Frame as to when the images were taken, rather we would like for you to post which photo you are most proud of that…

HOMMAGE A LA FEMME. Sa beauté et sa sensualité, pas seulement physique. La beauté expressive. Ses traits qui marque son parcours dans la vie, ses larmes, son sourire, son regard, sa force et son courage. Du premier au troisiéme age.


I am a group administrator Nostalgia. We would be happy if you add this document in our group. Thank you!

*** This group accepts only Black and White photos

Welcome to portrait photos group. Please add a tag "portrait". To keep this Portrait group a real group for Portraiture, the rules of the group have been revised to the following: 1 - Only Portraits of a Person or People are allowed in the group. 2 - The Person or People must be the main subje…