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Lampes, luminaires, rayons de soleil ou de la lune!

En partage, regards particuliers sur la beauté de Dame nature... Paysage, flore sauvage, le ciel dans tous ses états, l'instant magique et éphémère... Nota bene : pas de macros - merci

as the name says: this is about images with strong colours: monochromatic shots or psychedelic ones, abstract or natural...

This is a place to share pictures that you have created on a tabletop. COMMENT CODE ======== Start Copy after this line ======== Seen in: <a href="" target="_self" rel="nofollow">Creative Table Top Photography ======== Stop Copying before this line…

Talk freely about nature and its biodiversity ..! "We believe look at nature and nature is looking at us and permeates us. " Christian Charriere Parler librement de la nature et des sa biodiversité..! « Nous croyons regarder la nature et c’est la nature qui nous regarde et nous imprègne. » de…

näher dran..closeups Motive: Flowers,Grasses,Foliage,Drop,Filigree, Insekts,Technik,Portrait,Eye,Food,u.a..