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Any item,gadget or thing we love too much and offers pleasure to us or it is so useful to us we can't live without it..!!Personal things we love to wear or use or desire but not have and we would like to possess(our beloved watches,sunglasses,jewellery,hats,cameras,moblie phones,komboloi,hobby items…

Ajoutez ici vos contributions éclairées de lampadaires et lanternes en tout genre merci ! A place for street lamps and lanterns fans ! Add your lightened contributions and enjoy !

In this group, all photos are welcome which you think are your best. Photos that violate the law or common decency will be deleted immediately. All are welcome!

".. Please show photos of sculptures of all kinds, whether religious or secular, whether funny or pondering, whether sad or cheerful ..... Here, the shrill pop-art figure as well as the angel at the cemetery have their very own place, the heads of the Easter Island fit as well as the the Niki-St.Ph…

Bienvenue à vous, le noir et blanc uniquement pour toutes sortes de scènes de rue, parcs, manifestations divers et variées, photos de détails, d'architecture, d'animaux des villes, marchés, portraits, bars.... à vous de jouer...