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ZEN 禅 ART showcases: calligraphy, symmetry, geometrics, aesthetics, ambiance, minimalism, serenity, meditative, colour and B&W . . . etc. . . . images which celebrate incredible world around us, simplicity in the midst, our inmost spirituality.

Toute photo, tout travail digital qui sont douceur par les courbes, les couleurs et un certain flou , émouvantes ....

Images in which the nature is protagonist, under all its forms: water, earth, sky, flowers, animals…

Analogue shots taken with 120 film.

Retraités et préretraités : partage, entraide, amitié, humour et l'usage de la langue française sont le sésame pour participer à ce groupe.

This is a group to collect vintage photographs of men and boys being playful, having fun and generally just fooling around.

Pictures about river and lakes. The pictures are to be in context with the river or lake and must have a geotag or tag with the point of view. It's an easy and the only rule for this group. Have a lot of fun. --------------------------------------------------------- Bilder über Flüsse u…