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Bitte nur Fotos zeigen, die mit einer Canon EOS xxx gemacht wurden. For your photos, which was taken with a Canon EOS xxx.

A group where human activity can be seen, a place to observe and capture candid and social interaction. Although we prefer people in the photos here, the subject can be absent of any people by being that of an object or environment where that object projects a human character or the environment is d…

I'm looking for pictures showing their beauty in luminous colors against a dark backdrop with nice bokeh (blur) - where light comes to show in a special unusual way.

Cet endroit a été créé dans le but de mettre à l'honneur vos photos et créations (créées par vous et non pas par un tiers). Nous n'accepterons pas de photos de nu et/ou à caractère pornographique. Je considère, et à juste titre, qu'il faut correspondre à certains critères: Le format, la qualité…

Collect various aesthetically beautiful pictures , reflections in water, in a mirror or in various Reflecting materials. We do not not accept shadows.

Submit your finest productions celebrating this wonderful element of life. Your best photos showing water in all its forms are welcome. Important: No hasty snapshots or rubbish out of smartphones. No nudity, please.

Share your photos shot on film. 135 film, 120 film, large format, whatever. B/W, C-41, E-6, you name it. Film photos only, please no digicam pics. Anyone can only upload 20 images per day.