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Film based photography is your passion? You are a nerd or a noob, a hip shooter or oldschhool afficionado? You shoot b/w or color? With or without darkroom? You develop your films yourself or even mix your developer at home? Your workflow is hybrid and you scan the negs? You push the button and let…

Admired in:yokopakumayoko **International Photo Gallery** Admired in:yokopakumayoko **International Photo Gallery**

Pictures about river and lakes. The pictures are to be in context with the river or lake and must have a geotag or tag with the point of view. It's an easy and the only rule for this group. Have a lot of fun. --------------------------------------------------------- Bilder über Flüsse u…

Haut-forme; Casquette; Borsalino / Teston; béret & Co Coiffes à bord court ou large... Chapeaux pour toutes & tous Vitrine / Shop Une tète coiffée tout simplement Perruques interdites. Ce groupe n'est pas une cuisine

pictures of woods, forests, trees (not parks or gardens)

Any image with a focus on children, people only in the background or as minor elements of the composition... NO SNAPSHOTS..

This group is devoted to abstract images which depict a periodic pattern, such as translational symmetry or a type of rotational symmetry.