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Photos taken with a Panasonic LUMIX cam, for example the FX07 or the LX2. All visitors are welcome. Feel free to subscribe.

Un groupe ou tout est "Zen" Ennemi du stress, de l'anxiété,il est surtout un groupe ami de bien-être et de sérénité..! A group or is "Zen" Enemy of stress, anxiety, it is mostly a friendly group of well-being and serenity ..!

Liberté d'expression d'abord, discussions, partage, communication... et participation!

All photos taken with a rangefinder type camera. Leica, Contax, Yashica Electro, Ricoh 500 or 800 series, Olympus XA series, Soviet FED / Zorki etc. There are lots of others of course, any rangefinder photos are welcome!

tout ce que vous avez sur le coeur , dans la tête , en travers de la gorge , venez hurler vos peines vos joies vos folies et ensemble, nous y arriverons PAR CE QUE LA VIE EST BELLE

This group is dedicated to the fine detail that makes surfaces look interesting. Please post images that have texture as the main subject or where texture is the key feature.

Tips for travelers. Relevant informations about a city that you visited! Please write the name of the city and country! Only relevant photos that interest the TOURIST. Pictures of Gardens, Parks, Museums, historical places, hotels, restaurants, palaces, shopping streets, zoo parks, botanical garde…