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A propos de " Fleurs ma passion" Bienvenue ! Ce groupe a pour but de déposer ce que la nature a de mieux à nous offrir Fleurs ,plantes, arbres,Paysages , Jardin de fleurs splendides et exceptionnelles About "Flowers my passion" Welcome! File that the best nature has to offer us this group…

HDR addicts, please post your HDR-photos here and discuss your techniques and whatever else you like. Open for everyone. Only YOUR pictures, not some stuff from the internet!

Tout reflet dans l'eau:Nuages, bateaux, constructions, végétaux, animaux, personnages, lumières ,etc....eau de la mer, des lacs, des étangs, des rivières, flaques d'eau, bassins, etc...-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Any reflection in the water. Clouds, boats, buildings, plants, animals, people, lig…

Images made with, photos post processed with, discussions about the use of: The GIMP

donner des couleurs aux photos grâce aux fleurs!!

The art of painting around the world and throughout history ... Reproductions of paintings by great masters ... Including frescoes, mosaics and icons ... Please avoid: elusive perspectives, smaller formats that are not very clear, and the presence of people or objects partially obscuring the work ..…

Le jaune dans la nature. The yellow in nature. Das Gelb in der Natur La yema en la naturaleza