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This is a group of people and places from around the world

I guess we all have shots we have taken and not used, or have old favourites which could do with a second look. So I thought it would be fun to start a group for all those old shots. Each week a theme will be posted on Wednesdays and you can post one shot per day from your archives until the follo…

Ipernity Love

Please post only beautyful photos from your or someone else's cats. We all love our pets, but we all love to see nice fotos, so please post only photos who are very nice good to look for every person. Thank you very much. Dov'e il gatto ? Our lovely pets. Sometimes quite silly. Mine broke his leg…

All birds - large, small, wild or tame

This Group is about all the Stuff that is related to the great city of Hamburg in north Germany. District-Groups: Altona - St. Georg - St. Pauli - Bramfeld - Places…

que du noir et blanc, pas de sépia, pas de point de couleur, pas de graveleux