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This is a group of people and places from around the world

Hello there! imagine this group as you would a roller coaster ride. what we see here should cause that effect in you and hopefully in all of us! the idea here is to make this a great bw and monochrome experience, one with serious and honest critiques and comments, this way we are able to learn from…


We would love to see all your photos of the many birds and wild animals in the uk,but please no dead animals or egg shots.Happy snapping,and welcome.

This group is for photographs that are influenced by the New Topograhpics movement. The inspiration for this group is the New Topographic exhibition held in 1975 at the Eastman House in Rochester, NY. This exhibition was published in the book "New Topographics" published after the exhibition and r…

Tout ce qui fait passer d'une rive à l'autre, ponts, passerelle , bac ,barques... au dessus des ruisseaux, des rivières , des fleuves, des bras de mer . Mais aussi tout ce qui se passe sur ou sous les ponts , le long des rives. N'hésitez pas à publier si vous avez des photos qui correspondent.