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International, traditional, food & drink shots, recipes from all over the world. Candy? Beer? Wine? Meat? BBQ? Anything food & beverage related goes here... Happy sharing! :)

Willkommen | Welcome! The QUADRAT Größe▐█ SQUARE Size accepts the best and finest artistic quality photographs formatted as a PERFECT▐█ SQUARE = QUADRAT= CUADRADO = KVADRAT What is must & matter the most in this group are: the PERFECT▐█ SIZE and FINEST QUALITY of your artistic photography. Dankeschö…

Uniquement des photos, créations et tout ce qui se rapporte à cette saison d'automne ou d'hiver...toutes autres photos seront rejetées ! Veuillez respecter ce thème svp ! merci à tous♫

Merci à toutes celles et ceux qui intégreront mon groupe Animaux de la création - Photos et Art Digital. J'espère que vous lirez ce message. Après correction, j'accepterai tous vos travaux dont le sujet comporte des animaux, des personnes avec des animaux, etc. Mes critères de sélection seront : Des…

Please post only beautyful photos from your or someone else's cats. We all love our pets, but we all love to see nice fotos, so please post only photos who are very nice good to look for every person. Thank you very much. Dov'e il gatto ? Our lovely pets. Sometimes quite silly. Mine broke his leg…

To learn from each other. To learn of other countries, cultures, towns. villages. provinces, areas, etc. Share your area and world with us. Art, photography, music, videos, sports, history, food, dance and more is welcome. :-) Have fun learn and enjoy!

Photos from all over the PPCC.