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Any photo with 300 to 400 views. Anything goes as long as if's a photo you yourself took. Tasteful nudity is allowed. Porn isn't. Absolutely no web pics! -- Other groups: 50-100 Views -- 100-200 Views -- 200-300 Views -- 400-500 Views

Welcome to Fantasy image

He tardado en decidirme pero por fin me he decidido en crear este grupo no sin antes pensármelo mucho...quiero que todos los que pertenezcan a él, de alguna forma puedan compartir fotografías de personas, lugares y pensamientos que han tenido de que ver con un estado de ánimo concreto, que les han h…

Bright & mixed colors & colorful constrasts found somewhere in the world are the theme of this group come join and enjoy bright colors!

This group is for photographs that are influenced by the New Topograhpics movement. The inspiration for this group is the New Topographic exhibition held in 1975 at the Eastman House in Rochester, NY. This exhibition was published in the book "New Topographics" published after the exhibition and r…

Challenging, Stimulating and Eccentric. Near the tracks and around stations. Off the beaten track. Focussed on your photo skills and experience. It is the image that counts. Every now and then an image is a truly "Punked at the Bahnhof". An eccentric touch and a bit concernless. All around the rail…

Photographs of teenagers, from the late 19th Century up until the end of the 1960s. I appreciate that the term "teenager" was not generally used until after the Second World War.