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167 members - 4 478 contributions - Created 8 years ago

A group dedicated to each kind of buildings. Old Buildings are preferred, but new buildings are fine, too

A Group for High Quality photos of birds

A group where human activity can be seen, a place to observe and capture candid and social interaction. Although we prefer people in the photos here, the subject can be absent of any people by being that of an object or environment where that object projects a human character or the environment is d…

barış béke Fred Frieden mír мир pace paco paix paz PAZ peace (he ping) heiwa pokój Rauha TAIKA Vrede صل آشتي )سل

ི♥ྀAll Wonderful Flowers are Welcome ི♥ྀ PLEASE! ONLY USE THE CODE PROVIDED...NOT THE OLD CODES! S'IL VOUS PLAÎT! UTILISER UNIQUEMENT LE CODE FOURNI ... PAS les anciens codes! BITTE! NUR Kodex vorgesehene ... nicht die alte Codes! ...

Tout ce qui est aux pieds de l'être humain. Chaussures / bottes & co Pieds nus (ou non chaussées) : interdit Chaussures sans pieds & vice-versa: No ! All that is at the feet of human beings. Shoes / boots & Co Barefoot (or not pavement): No! Feet without shoes: No! prohibited

... to say it with Pink Floyd. This is just the right place to show all your amazing, stunning, colorful, "Wow" cloud shots! Winner of the "only clouds" contest Winners of "fluffy clouds" contest: