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Wie der Gruppen-Name schon sagt, dunkle, düstere und geheimnisvolle Bilder.

Photos taken with film cameras of any type.

The idea behind the duotone is to have desaturated (greyscale or black and white) pictures with a hue in one colour or another. Sepia is a perfect example of this but there are other pictures where the hue is a blue or a green for effect. Please see the following links for more information: en.wi…

This is the group sign to learning of photo. We all wants to learn more about exposure and shutterspeed. We all want to explain the world through visual communication... Intresting Groups Nature, Landscape, Catchy Coulors , Animal photo , Colour and more groups at my profile...

Wabi-Sabi (jap. 侘寂) ist ein japanisches ästhetisches Konzept (Konzept der Wahrnehmung von Schönheit). Eng mit dem Zen-Buddhismus verbunden, ist es eine Entsprechung zur ersten der buddhistischen Vier Edlen Wahrheiten, Dukkha. Wabi-sabi (侘寂?) represents a comprehensive Japanese world view or aesthet…

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