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Voir ce que nos pieds et nos mains nous disent en photos. Let's see how feet and hands talk. El lenguaje de las manos y los pies.

Art decorated vehicles on: cars, motorbikes ,vans, trucks,boat and aeroplanes (and helmets). Airbrush airbrushed paint painted Art décorées sur les véhicules: voitures, motos, camionnettes, camions, bateaux et avions (et casques). Arte decorato su veicoli: auto, moto, furgoni, camion, imbarcazioni e…

In the area of photography, a silhouette is defined as an outline that appears dark against a light background. More specifically, it is where your subject appears as a plain black shape against a brighter background. It is an artistic photography expression that many photographers like to refine an…

Mirrors, reflective surfaces, liquids, glass, metals, eyes and more. Specchi, superfici riflettenti, liquidi, vetri, metalli, occhi e altro

A Group for High Quality photos of birds

La fotografía, como todos sabemos, no es real en absoluto. Es una ilusión de la realidad con la que creamos nuestro propio mundo privado. Arnold Newman Hello, Welcome to the new group. No porn, no violence, no marginals. Bienvenu au nouveau groupe. Pas de violence. Saludos. Greetings. Saluts. Grü…

NO PEOPLE OR ANIMALS IN SHOTS IN THIS GROUP, PLEASE. A place to celebrate and record, with quality shots, essential British architecture and engineering. If you'd like to submit images and join, give me a shout. It's the building or structure that's the point, so 'inhabited' photos are removed.