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Fontaines, maisons, châteaux, ponts, hameaux, ruines, moulins, escaliers ...

Minimalism to the maximum, less is more so let's see less. I leave it to your idea of real "rules", just post what YOU(the artist) think is minimal.

I love the water and live near a couple small lakes, so of course water is one of my favorite subjects. The distortions water creates, ranging from almost indistinguishable from reality to utterly abstract, never cease to amaze me. My hope is here to have a pool of water reflecting or ref…

montrez en photo les trésors et la grande diversité des Ardennes française, luxembourgeoise et belges dans leur leur paysages, leur races d'animaux, l'histoire ,gastronomie, les personnes marquantes, n'oubliez pas d'aller dans la rubrique discussion, il a des présentations sur les trésor des Arde…

Bright & mixed colors & colorful constrasts found somewhere in the world are the theme of this group come join and enjoy bright colors!

das sammeln von farbfrohen bildern

Balade à la rencontre de toute la beauté de la nature.