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The Black & White loves beautiful pictures and their members. Beautiful and friendly is The Black & White's watchwords. A single objective: TBW A too visible post-production will not be accepted. Refused frame (well, not always ;)). Refused panoramics view (if artficial :)) Please respect the rule…

A group for Insects. PLEASE no spiders here, thanks

tout ce que vous avez sur le coeur , dans la tête , en travers de la gorge , venez hurler vos peines vos joies vos folies et ensemble, nous y arriverons PAR CE QUE LA VIE EST BELLE

This group is for photographs that are influenced by the New Topograhpics movement. The inspiration for this group is the New Topographic exhibition held in 1975 at the Eastman House in Rochester, NY. This exhibition was published in the book "New Topographics" published after the exhibition and r…

Wir wollen mit Fotos und Videos zeigen, wie schön Brunnen und dergleichen sein können. Dazu muss man auch negative Beispiele zeigen.

Bilder aus Norddeutschland - Landschaft , Leute , Ereignisse

Tout genre de machins à roues sans exception ! All kind of wheeled vehicles or things without any exception !