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Photos that have been manipulated or created in Photoshop or any other image editing software.

We create publications focusing on urban photography the blog is : the google group is : We're always looking for more contributors. Email :

Toutes vos photos de fleurs et de plantes.

All kind of photos except of the following: Erotic, fetish, violence or other adult oriented content. Add a note to your picture to provide a magnified detail of your original image. This could be another shot, showing a closer view or another point of view as well. SORRY, with the new Ipernity ru…

We strive to emulate the photographic quality of National Geographic magazine —combined with informational/educational content. Please do read the rules in the "New admin, new group rules" discussion topic.

What kind of music makes you fly! Which music makes your emotions free? Please share this with us in this group. No limit! You can add many music, but it is important that it gives good emotion to fly for you.

here put your best pictures of animals and insects in a wide plan and make us stund by your picts