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1. search for an object or topic 2. take 50 different photos of it. Allowed are new or not yet published pictures on Ipernity. 3. mark each picture of a series with x/50. There is no time limit for the target 50/50. The goal is 50 pictures, but don't worry, it's not mandatory. You will not be ba…

Roses nothing but roses!

This group is for all the stuff of the beautiful city of Hamburg in Northern Germany. Here you can find more, more specific groups about Hamburg: District-Groups: Altona, Barmbek, Bramfeld, St. Pauli Places: Airport Alster-lake Bridges and Tunnels Elbe-river Elbphilharmonie FC St. Pauli Guess Wh…

Erotic photography with niveau. We ask that you strictly observe the laws for the protection of minors and the ipernity Terms of Service.



60 members - 288 contributions - 3 discussions - Created 2 years ago

Crocus flowers of all colors and varieties and only crocuses. Thank you all and welcome!