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MEN and WOMEN mode dressing fashion use

Flickr's biggest group about birds has found it's new home on ipernity!

Faciliter la consultation des dernières photos des photographes animaliers d'Ipernity

Ysplix. The meaning of the word: During Olympic Games (and not only) in Classic Greece, they used to use a special mechanism to control the simultaneous starting of race horses, or racers. This mechanism, already used in 344 BC, was a system, positioned to the race start point, in front of racers,…

Pictures of Nature: Landscapes with sea, beach, rivers, trees, animals, people, plants, flowers...NOT MAN MADE THINGS, such as buildings, cars, roads, etc... Pictures that don't fit the purpose of the group will be removed without warning! As I'm not still 100% recovered from my last surgery, app…

En partage, regards particuliers sur la beauté de Dame nature... Paysage, flore sauvage, le ciel dans tous ses états, l'instant magique et éphémère... Nota bene : pas de macros - merci

ce sont des animaux pas comme les autres...