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Show us your best analog black&white pictures taken with any film camera. It would be nice if you could mention the camera and/or the film that was used. HAVE FUN...

To showcase the wonderful and diverse landscapes we photograph. Buildings can be featured but only as part of the landscape. This group defines Landscape as "a picture that shows a natural scene of land or the countryside". So please add your cityscape photos to other groups.

Welcome to Fantasy image

Please feel free to post any Landscape picture you want :-)

Cemeteries, graves, gravestones... anything to do with this subject matter will be accepted. Please no nudity (I shudder to think how this might come about) unless it is a sculpture or statue. Have fun... but not too much...this is a cemetery group after all. And, if so inclined... please leave c…

Wir wollen mit Fotos und Videos zeigen, wie schön Brunnen und dergleichen sein können. Dazu muss man auch negative Beispiele zeigen.

Different, unique creations and images ...