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Group for sharing pictures about doors and windows.

Celebrating the square format.

flowers of the world href="">

Toute abstraction en Art digital, pictural ou photographie Every abstraction in digital and pictural art or photography

La Maison du Bonheur vous ouvre toutes grandes ses portes pour accueillir toutes vos belles photographies prises avec tant d'amour ! Vous êtes Bienvenue ! (Pas de nudité) Merci à vous tous mes amis (es).

A collection of all the images of summer. If you feel like summer with a picture of yours, this is the right place. Further groups: 4 Seasons - Spring 4 Seasons - Fall 4 Seasons - Winter

NO PEOPLE. The city as subject and star. Bright, dark, tall, stark, optimistic and broken. NO PEOPLE.