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This is a group to collect vintage photographs of men and boys being playful, having fun and generally just fooling around.

Photos gens dans la rue, couleur ou N&B UNIQUEMENT....Merci

des nuages de couleurs ! PAS DE BLANC! s.v.p sauf si il y a plusieurs couleurs ensemble ...

up to 9999999999999999 visits (no need to take out any pics !) Does your photo, blog, film or something else have fast growing visits ? Then bring it in here. Sometimes an interesting contribution to ipernity is clicked hundreds of times but never faved. Who knows. 100+ Visits onehundredandmore.g…

This is the companion to the flickr group I founded, which is going strong with over 4,000 members. Architecture can be old or modern. Historical objects such as vintage articles or transport. Must be at least 50 years old. C'est le compagnon de mon groupe flickr, qui va fort avec près de 4000…

Schwarz und Weiß Black and White

Postez ici vos plus belles images maxi 2 / personnes à la fois.