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Des yeux, des regards, au travers de photos ( macros, plans serrés ) ou de créations digitales. Pas plus de trois images par jour pour permettre une certaine diversité.

Dedicated to black and white photographs I'd like this to be a group to have a simple but at the same time attractive objective, create a photo stream of B&W photographs that can attract and inspire the visitors of this group. Please keep it B&W or at least monochrome. Two-toned images and images…

just a place for some flickr friends to collect ourselves, regroup, and figure out some new digs for ourselves... please feel free to post, discuss, trouble-shoot, and share!

At the time of the digital technology, and in spite of the difficulties taking photos of street, our purpose is to promote the photography of street in cities. You can participate by posting photos of street in this site as soon as you possess all the rights and agree to share them with this site, b…

children and juniors kids boys and girls alone or with parents or in company daily life in house schools and outdoors



40 members - 3 125 contributions - Created 5 years ago

400 views / visits or more - (400-499) Du musst das Veröffentlichungsrecht haben! Keine fremden Bilder aus dem web! No photos of which You don't have the Copyright! No netfinds! Tasteful nudes are welcome.

To capture the diversity and similarities in terms of architecture, landscapes, scenery and people of the countries of the European Union. In 2013 there are 28 members of the EU: • Austria • Belgium • Bulgaria • Croatia • Cyprus • Czech Republic • Denmark • Estonia • Fi…