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31 members - 3 128 contributions - Created 5 years ago

150 views / visits or more - (150-199) Du musst das Veröffentlichungsrecht haben! Keine fremden Bilder aus dem web! No photos of which You don't have the Copyright! No netfinds! Tasteful nudes are welcome.

up to 9999999999999999 visits (no need to take out any pics !) THE FIRST VISITS GROUP - THE ORIGINAL Does your photo, blog, film or something else have fast growing visits ? Then bring it in here. Sometimes an interesting contribution to ipernity is clicked hundreds of times but never faved. Who…

Collecter des photos si possible pas trop détournées par des traitements abusifs, à moins qu'elles ne soient considérées comme chef d'oeuvres par vos contacts (plus de 400 visites pour une carte de voeux par exemple ) Les membres deviennent automatiquement modérateurs. Ceci leur permet de proposer d…

To collect together the best geometric abstracts. Limited to one post per day so that the pool remains viewable and not just a dumping ground, so please post your best. Any suggestions for the group warmly welcomed.

This is a group for LANDSCAPES + THE MARK OF MAN - generally NOT for TOWN & CITY or WILDERNESS shots, although distant views of towns etc. may be deemed suitable. Landscape is taken as being "A picture depicting an EXPANSE OF SCENERY and an aspect, or aspects, of the land characteristic of a parti…

This is a completely open group for all Blythe photos. The only rule is that your photo must be of an actual Blythe doll, no clones or photos of clothing without dolls ... an no sales posts!

All pictures about France