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Technical photography and digital edition.

Photos from "street-art", graffiti, stencils, cuttings, stickers, urban knitting, etc. ... This is a moderated group Please give me some time to do the work, I haven´t each day time for ipernity, but will moderate this group in my free spaces. In case there isn´t any free time for ipernity all your…

Here you can post pictures of all seasons!

This is an 0P3N sub-group. Not only portraits but any photo technic to represent somebody's face or similar (masks etc.). Group photos. Painted faces. Let your imagination flow !

Ajoutez ici vos contributions éclairées de lampadaires et lanternes en tout genre merci ! A place for street lamps and lanterns fans ! Add your lightened contributions and enjoy !

This group is about trees. It should be obvious that trees are the subject of the photo and not just a background for another motif. The media should be photography. Trees are natural wonders and should be shown in an honest way. No artwork, digital art or manipulations. All photos must be taken by…