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toutes les fleurs existantes... Vous pouvez mettre des fleurs de quelques sortes que ce soient ! les encadrées et les HDR seront acceptées ! Également les bourgeons de fleurs mais seulement photos et vidéos ! Plantes grasses mais fleuries. et mêmes les créations à partir de vos fleurs ! Nous nous ré…

Des fleurs, de près, de loin, de toutes les couleurs, de toutes les saisons, un bouquet de fleurs, un feu d'artifice de couleur ... Flowers, near, far, of all colors, of all seasons, a bouquet of flowers, a fire color fireworks ...

Photographs of teenagers, from the late 19th Century up until the end of the 1960s. I appreciate that the term "teenager" was not generally used until after the Second World War.

Anything creepy-crawly, the closer (macros) the better!



56 members - 2 282 contributions - Created 4 years ago

vehicles, cars, trucks, buses, vans, scooters, bikes, tanks, tractors, apcs, locomotives - well anything that moves on wheels and can be classified as a vehicle. Alas investment vehicles or vehicles to promote some abstract evil like democracy do not belong to this group. Neither do images where a…