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Exposición de fotografías hechas exclusivamente por mujeres. Mujeres Fotógrafas te abre las puertas para que como mujer fotógrafa, cuelgues aquí tus fotos preferidas. ========================= Código de invitación / Invite code Copia y pega / Copy and paste =================================…

I love the water and live near a couple small lakes, so of course water is one of my favorite subjects. The distortions water creates, ranging from almost indistinguishable from reality to utterly abstract, never cease to amaze me. My hope is here to have a pool of water reflecting or ref…

Alle Bilder die mit einer Olympus oder Panasonic mit mFT Sensor entstanden sind.

Temas pri fotoj de floroj kiujn mi tre ŝatas.

Self-portraits, Autorretratos, Selbstportraits // before you join: be aware that your self-portrait should not be one of the standard self-portraits (there is another group for that), it should be something different than the norm. different, emotional, creative and crazy self-portraits are all…

Hier kann man Kirchenfotos reinstellen !