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We allow any kind of art, crafts, photo-manipulations, doll photos,doll making, good photo scenes/subjects, and historical images in an inclusive mix of creativities. Keep it tasteful, creative, and no porn. Anyone who wants to describe how you create your stuff GO ahead, inform us all please. Gr…

Worldwide urban/suburban/rural exploration and infiltration of abandoned & decayed structures (industrial, commercial, hospitals, farms, barns, etc.)... some of these sites may even be active, if you dare! If you have a cool story to share of an experience while exploring, please share it here...…

Anything goes: shadow play, self, soft lighting, photoshop, wild, use your imagination! Be creative and please give constructive critique to others. (please, minimum nudity.)

Lets talk and view into the human soul. A picture is the perfect way to catch the expression of the personal mood in a very special moment.

Seules vos photos photos de couchers de soleil sont acceptées.

Kathleen's & Paul's Favorites Admin-invited images only. For Comment Copy:. Seen in <a href="" target="" rel="nofollow">Master and Muse . . Looks like this: Seen in Master and Muse