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Analog photography, which means film. No photos from digital cameras, thank you!

Film based photography is your passion? You are a nerd or a noob, a hip shooter or oldschhool afficionado? You shoot b/w or color? With or without darkroom? You develop your films yourself or even mix your developer at home? Your workflow is hybrid and you scan the negs? You push the button and let…

Oil painting, acrylic, oil pastel... watercolor... Also mixed media painting. But not photos. And not drawings. Art you post must be created by you! LINKS: Cool group for Black And White Drawings A group for wider selection of art (paintings, drawings, etc) - Paint it! And Crafts and more…

Photos, vidéos uniquement en rapport avec l'eau... Ne mettre que 5 photos par jour et uniquement le thème du groupe...Nous nous réservons le droit de supprimer ce qui ne correspondrait pas...

If you take photographs of splendid views, please share them in this group. It can be a landscape, flower, architectural, sunset, sea, water, animal, celebration but it has to give splendid emotion to us. Thank you for everyone who join this group.

Kinda crazy 'bout abstracts?