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Paris, face B

Paris, face B

3 members - 2 077 contributions - Created 11 months ago

l'autre facette, les autres visages de Paris

This group is for each Member shall give its opinion, type discussions, forums, interviews in any digital format, videos, photographs and images. Either topical or in the past. It is also a way to know the opinions of others, make friends, exchange of knowledge and cultures. Each one is free to expr…

Fotos von alltäglichen Randerscheinungen. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photos of everyday peripheral phenomena.

Group for sharing pictures about doors and windows.

Haut-forme; Casquette; Borsalino / Teston; béret & Co Coiffes à bord court ou large... Chapeaux pour toutes & tous Vitrine / Shop Une tète coiffée tout simplement Perruques interdites. Ce groupe n'est pas une cuisine

from outside, from inside and also details... Limited. We do not tolerate pictures with badges between the comments. Thanks :)

Monuments, monumenti, Denkmal, 記念碑,памятник, monumento,기념물 ! Monuments and memorials of all kinds - plaques, statues, buildings, gravestones, war memorials...................anything put up to remember something publicly.