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Toute photo, tout travail digital qui sont douceur par les courbes, les couleurs et un certain flou , émouvantes ....

Photos et oeuvres numériques, esthétiques,originales, travaillées digitalement. Pictures and works, artistic, aesthetic, outstanding, brushed by digital softwares.

The group is: Statues, fountain, Water too! lakes, streams, waterfalls, sea, ... Churches, Cathedrals, Chapels, castle, ancient village, stone, sinks, Pictures of street furniture, sunset. Forest, trees, nature No pictures of children, nor private photos No pets. Now Europe

Photographs of teenagers, from the late 19th Century up until the end of the 1960s. I appreciate that the term "teenager" was not generally used until after the Second World War.

Please take the time to vote for the Weekly contest and to post your shot for the Weekly contest Thank you. In regards to the Theme of the Week Contests there will be NO Time Frame as to when the images were taken, rather we would like for you to post which photo you are most proud of that…


An agitation free space welcoming flamboyant twaddle from dadaists, rebels, vacuists, dissenters, non-charlies, idiot-savants, antichrists, aesthetes, republicans, castaways, rioters, degenerates, aliens, drifters, unbelievers, two-tone panthers, freaks, situationists, outsiders, pagans, victims, pl…