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37 members - 524 contributions - 1 discussion - Created 11 years ago

Kids up to 10 years of age, or mother and child.

Only pictures of street art and graffiti from all over the world

Every week, there will be a new theme. Post only one vintage photo (1800s-1979) from your collection that fits the theme. Tell us a little about it, like why you picked it (if it is not obvious), or where you purchased it, etc. I will pick some common themes, but will also try to throw in some st…

Erotic photography with niveau. We ask that you strictly observe the laws for the protection of minors and the ipernity Terms of Service.

Pictures of anything with the Sky as background (not just landscapes where the sky is at top- it must be the background of the whole photo. NO Pictures with Focus on the sky! Biggest part of the photo have to be in the Sky. NO typical photos of Clouds or Sunsets or the Moon! The main thing needs…