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Photos from "street-art", graffiti, stencils, cuttings, stickers, urban knitting, etc. ... This is a moderated group Please give me some time to do the work, I haven´t each day time for ipernity, but will moderate this group in my free spaces. In case there isn´t any free time for ipernity all your…

The first cat group at Ipernity! This is a international group for cat lovers. Please feel free to post pictures of all kind of cats and all ages. From Kitten to Granny, we want them all! 5 pictures per day. Have fun! :)

Diagonal compositions

Isn't nature amazing....ALL OF IT !!!! ;) This group is devoted to the beauty of NATURE !! NO people. Not a requirement but it would be lovely if you took the time to comment on someone else's photo. "To photograph is to hold one's breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality.…

Regrouper différentes humeurs du ciel..Du lever au coucher du soleil, aux menaces d'intempéries, De toute la pallette des couleurs. (Beautiful skies...Sun up or sundown..daylight shots of the Fury and tenderness)