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To collect together the best geometric abstracts. Limited to one post per day so that the pool remains viewable and not just a dumping ground, so please post your best. Any suggestions for the group warmly welcomed.

This group is about: boat ship yacht vessel mast pole spar rig prow forrard tackle sail rope jigger compass pyx

-Solamente fotos que se identifiquen con crepúsculos de las mañanas o puestas de sol -Es soll gezeigt wären, die Dämmerungen am morgen oder Sonnenuntergänge -Dawn and sunsets NOTA:no subir fotos donde salga solamente el cielo con nubes

The Museum is a gallery for all kinds of artwork: Photographs (digital & scanned from negatives or hard copies), Drawings, Paintings, Prints, Sculptures, ... But this group is now Family Friendly therefore pictures that may shock are not allowed. Please do not refer to this group in comments you m…



99 members - 2 364 contributions - 8 discussions - Created 7 years ago

Travel around USA !

Do you like the color red? Then this group is perfect for you,cause it's dedicated to the color red! Please post only pictures where red is the dominating color :)

Can't believe, that no one has found a "birds" group! So - here it is :)