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La pellicola come stile di vita, un modo unico per rendere unico il nostro modo di vedere. Come la chimica agisce in relazione alla luce, all'argento, ai colori. Fotografia: l'immagine che abbiamo in mente realizzata, trasformata, adattata attraverso un mix di argento, luce, chimica, passione. Dal c…

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Pictures of this splendid colourful sky phenomenon

Abstracts with a bias for ! And a Strong Strong preference for B&W, B/W, BN, NOIR....But not Limited to......i think you get the point(;

Have a picture of a bird, or a flock of them? Post them here and share with other bird photographers. Just make sure they're pictures of living birds. Those that are dead, plucked and stuffed need to find another group. ;o)

5+ Faves (at least 5- and maxium 9 faves) Group rules Faves Sister Groups : 1+ Fave 10+ Faves 25+ Faves 50+ Faves 100+ Faves. Comment code : Seen in <a href=""> 5+ Faves </a> Visits Sister Groups : 10+ Visits 50+ Visits 100+ Visits 2…

Photos d'Art

Photos d'Art

29 members - 1 841 contributions - Created 2 years ago

Chers amis, En ce qui concerne l'Oeuvre Artistique, la photographie ne diffère pas de la peinture, et n'est pas davantage une juxtaposition de pixels qu'une peinture à l'huile n'est une superposition de couleurs primaires. La Photographie d'Art est l'aboutissement d'un désir, celui de montrer l'in…