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This group is for analog photographers, new or more experienced. Our goal is to promote the survival of film in the digital jungle. Experimenting and classicism welcome. However your photography should have a "felt" feeling in it or display a personal point of view, subtle or striking does not matte…

Hello, this group has been established to upgrade your pictures with less than 250 visits or less than 15 favorites. When you have reach your results with your picture, you must delete it in this group. So please dont uploud pictures with more than the mentioned visits or favorites. Kind Regards Gra…

Contemplons ensemble nos photos de couchers de soleils universels avec gratitude pour notre généreuse Maman Nature !! ________________________________________ Let's contemplate together our universal sunsets pictures with gratitude to our beloved Mother Nature !

Only beauties but no nudity please..

Merci Betty !! de m'avoir nommée administrateur de ce groupe. Splendeur de la nature ....des photographies exceptionnelles ... pensée de Confucius : "Toutes les choses ont leur beauté mais tout le monde ne sait pas la voir".