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Wonderful photos for sun "sunrise and sunset" around the world

We strive to emulate the photographic quality of National Geographic magazine —combined with informational/educational content.

Our ★ IPERNITY ★ Masterpiece ★ Chef-d'œuvre ★ Meisterwerk ★ Group has been dedicated to your ★very best high ★★★★★ quality contributions ★ ( = photos. audios, videos, and other documents ). Please keep in mind that we're FAMILY FRIENDLY ! Show your respect 'n' support by commenting on the minimum…

Dettagli architettonici di un edificio o monumento, Architectural details, details and parts of buildings or monuments Les détails architecturaux, des parties de bâtiments ou de monuments Detalles arquitectónicos, partes de edificios o monumentos

Bienvenue ! Welcome ! Déposez ici vos créations artistiques en tout genre que ce soient des photos bidouillées, peintures, sculptures.......etc.... Welcome in your place and add here your artistic creations of al kind which can be doctored pictures, paintings, scupltures and so on !

empty buildings, space left alone

Tous les oiseaux d'Europe. Seulement les espèces sauvages