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Thank You For Joining Us And Welcome To Auto Focus ( Post / 1 Comment / 5 ) RULES: 1. Please post Anything in this group 2. Please do not repost the same picture or you will be banned. 3. If you Post 1 picture please Comment on 5. ONLY USE COMMENT CODE BELOW 4. If you post a picture and run you wi…

Photographs of architecture in France, contemporary architecture, old or heritage. This group proposes to gather photographs of architecture. Is to say of detail, of a building, of a street, of a village or a city interesting from the architectural point of view. There is no definite period. One can…

This is a b&w group for every body, who still hasn't enough b&w groups here on ipernity... s&w, sw, bw, b&w, schwarz, weiß, schwarz-weiß, schwarz & weiß, black, white, black-white, black and white, b w, s w, s & w, b & w, sepia, grau...

*** This group accepts only Black and White photos

Témoignons de ce qui nous touche, de ce que nous trouvons beau, de ce qui nous interpelle.

A group for Textured photo ONLY Please type the reference of the texture's Owners you use in description, thanks

Ces géants qui nous font vivre et que l'on ne respecte pas parle de nos amis les arbres et les forêts en général...... Attention, pas de photos de fleurs ni de macro dans ce groupe.....uniquement arbres et forêts. Merci