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This group is for photographs that are influenced by the New Topograhpics movement. The inspiration for this group is the New Topographic exhibition held in 1975 at the Eastman House in Rochester, NY. This exhibition was published in the book "New Topographics" published after the exhibition and r…

For photographers aged 50 and over

Réunir des photos ou des vidéos sur les façades... Quand on photographie, la moindre promenade dans une ville peut être l'occasion de multiples clichés.. Architecture, humour, originalité, toutes les photos de ce type sont les bienvenues ! Merci de localiser vos images soit en description soit par g…

Reunir en lo posible las caras mas bellas de nuestro mundo, sin distinción de sexo, edad o raza. Esa es nuestra temática. Pero lo hacemos con la finalidad de que en la Unión de las caras sonrientes contribuir con un Mundo unido por la Paz y el Amor. Julio Patiño

Any photo in which the colour is the big eyecatcher.

The group for all transport related photos. Car, motorcycle, truck, plane, bicycle, boat, train, pretty much anything you like. This is a family friendly group so please keep that in mind when posting images. So let's see what you got, but bear in mind any low quality 'phone type snaps' will be d…

children and juniors kids boys and girls alone or with parents or in company daily life in house schools and outdoors