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Please feel free to post any architecture picture you want :-)

Pictures of all kind of dogs :) Feel free to post 5 pictures a day, but don't forget to look at the other pictures and to write to them too :) You can also visit our other group

Woman femme frau donna spoose wife female... …That sensual, emotional, loving and yet so strong creature of God, in all its glory and all its beauty. Show us with your photos what you see in them, what they mean to you for all the rest of the world to see. Rules: Please, no porn nude pictures he…

The collection of photos of old windows and doors and their accessories

La seule ambition de ce Groupe " Oiseaux de mon monde "est de vouloir participer modestement à la sensibilisation d'un plus grand nombre de personnes à la protection des oiseaux, afin qu'un jour, les générations futures ne puissent pas nous reprocher d'avoir détruit leur environnement. La terre et l…

Flickr's biggest group about birds has found it's new home on ipernity!

Analogue shots taken with 120 film.