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Pictures of all kind of dogs :) Feel free to post 5 pictures a day, but don't forget to look at the other pictures and to write to them too :) You can also visit our other group

This group aims to highlight the many magnificent birds of North America. Please limit uploads to 5 per day.

Nature, landscape, wildlife, documents about nature conservation Quality prefered than quantity. only about Europe !

Gay, bride, techno, tekkno,love, umzug karneval, karnival, faschingsumzug, fasching, parade, street, day, fun, mardi gras,Alaaf, helau

Photo d'Art, Artistic Picture.

Schöne Blumenaufnahmen aller Art . All Flower / Flowers ! Blumen Garten/Garden Flora

This is an 0P3N sub-group. Not only portraits but any photo technic to represent somebody's face or similar (masks etc.). Group photos. Painted faces. Let your imagination flow !