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This group represents all content related to Germany. Deutschland - Germany - Allemagne - Alemania - Tyskland Other Germany-related groups: Baden-Württemberg: Freiburg i. Br.: Heidelberg: Heilbronn: www.ipernity…

Pour l'amour de la Poésie...Lire et essayer de comprendre les poèmes ,,les émotions ressenties



157 members - 4 314 contributions - Created 9 years ago

A group dedicated to each kind of buildings. Old Buildings are preferred, but new buildings are fine, too

Nella casa di Nadia & Valerio belle foto con interessanti didascalie ( non è obbligatorio ) che aiutino a conoscere meglio ciò che si è fotografato. Si prega di assicurarsi che le informazioni siano corrette In the house of Nadia & Valerio beautiful photos with interesting captions ( it is not ma…

Bilder aus Deutschland

Simple. People in motion. Running, jumping, crawling or driving. Here sharpness is not important. A sense of movement is even desirable. This group is moderated and requires approval before it is posted to the group.