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The Architectural Marvels Group was created to showcase the most beautiful images of buildings & architectural details -- including classic & modern buildings along with details such as doors, windows, wood or stone carvings that embellish them. Both interior & exterior shots are welcome!

Dettagli architettonici di un edificio o monumento, Architectural details, details and parts of buildings or monuments Les détails architecturaux, des parties de bâtiments ou de monuments Detalles arquitectónicos, partes de edificios o monumentos

Toutes vos photos de fleurs et de plantes.

Color Blind

Color Blind

115 members - 1 740 contributions - Created 5 years ago

Monotone and B&W. Warning, I am picky. The only photography I will not allow, no matter the quality, technique and so on is work that is or borders pornography and work that is geared to sexual actions that could be viewed as inappropriate to viewers. Nudity is one thing, if a child cannot come and…

To show old buildings and churches. Members own quality photos No web finds postcards etc Post and comment We do not tolerate pictures with links or motifs on or between comments. Post And Comment

photos de portes et fenêtres apportant un intérêt certain soit par la poésie (peintures de couleur, fleurs...), soit par les matières (pierres, vieille peinture, volets cassés...) attention, je suis très difficile !!! amicalement à tous, je vous attends.