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"A Treasure Hunt" is intended to be a fun group which was started for those who enjoy looking for themes for their photos. Based upon the various Scavenger Hunts on another site and dedicated to the Administrators of those groups! Each month a set of 20 themes will be posted and the object is to…

La Maison du Bonheur vous ouvre toutes grandes ses portes pour accueillir toutes vos belles photographies prises avec tant d'amour ! BIENVENUE !!!!

Public group for all kind of photos which were shot with a Canon camera.

Share your photos shot on film. 135 film, 120 film, large format, whatever. B/W, C-41, E-6, you name it. Film photos only, please no digicam pics. Anyone can only upload 20 images per day.

If you take photographs of splendid views, please share them in this group. It can be a landscape, flower, architectural, sunset, sea, water, animal, celebration but it has to give splendid emotion to us. Thank you for everyone who join this group.

alte marode Orte (Gebäude)

toutes images prisent de la rue (urbaine / rurale)