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Bienvenidos al nuevo grupo de ipernity. Momentos mágicos de nuestro día. Saludos "La vida es una pura llama y vivimos cerca de un sol invisible en nuestro interior" Saint Exupery Tous avons un moment dans le notre jour par jour que nous ne voudrions jamais oublier, tant dans notre esprit ou…

Vögel am und im Meer, am und im Fluss, am und im Bach

I love the water and live near a couple small lakes, so of course water is one of my favorite subjects. The distortions water creates, ranging from almost indistinguishable from reality to utterly abstract, never cease to amaze me. My hope is here to have a pool of water reflecting or ref…

Have a picture of a bird, or a flock of them? Post them here and share with other bird photographers. Just make sure they're pictures of living birds. Those that are dead, plucked and stuffed need to find another group. ;o)

object of this group: rollfilm works / medium format photography. show us the cream of analog photography! to point out: work of 120 / 220 rolls or 127 rolls only!

Trois éléments qui font bon ménage très souvent ! Three elements often matching together beautifully !

Amikaro de L.L. Zamenhof - la kreinto de la Internacia Lingvo(Esperanto)- en ipernity. Ni celas rememorigi lian admirindan ellaboron al la homaro diversmaniere interalie diskutante kaj disdonante informojn pri li.