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154 members - 1 380 contributions - Created 6 years ago

Orange. The colour. Or the fruit ;)

Post your dog pictures here. :o)

« Ce qui élève l’homme par rapport à l’animal, c’est la conscience qu’il a d’être un animal... Du fait qu’il sait qu’il est un animal, il cesse de l’être. »

i-Central: the Pulse of the Ipernity Community i-CENTRAL IS YOUR get involved and be active! The more you contribute, the better you make YOUR group!! Don't be shy, we have so many great threads and so many great people here. So, instead of just looking at the threads, post in them!!…

Simple. People in motion. Running, jumping, crawling or driving. Here sharpness is not important. A sense of movement is even desirable. This group is moderated and requires approval before it is posted to the group.

VIntage photographs of men showering, bathing, washing.



76 members - 1 687 contributions - Created 5 years ago

wetter is the german word for weather