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Pictures and videos of musicians playing music... also, singers!

An 0P3N_V1SU4L_M0M3NT group. This group is open. No limits ! No restriction ! No censorship ! 9999 photos per day and per member maximum. Feel free to put your creations here ! Even the sky is NOT the limit ! Let's enjoy it together ! Every member will be promoted modera…

Please NO: Erotic, fetish, violance or other adult oriented content. This group is only for pictures with 5 and more faves!

Anything goes - except nudity/porn

Paris, face B

Paris, face B

1 member - 2 030 contributions - Created 6 months ago

l'autre facette, les autres visages de Paris

This group is about any picture that is odd and appealing in a special way.Pictures of an objects taken from unusual angle or exposure or just pictures of weird stuff that makes one ask himslef a question "what is that actually?"

Pictures of the Department "Bretagne" in France / Images de la Bretagne / Bilder aus der Bretagne