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Cet endroit a été créé dans le but de mettre à l'honneur vos photos et créations (créées par vous et non pas par un tiers). Nous n'accepterons pas de photos de nu et/ou à caractère pornographique. Je considère, et à juste titre, qu'il faut correspondre à certains critères: Le format, la qualité…

Vintage photographs of athletes and sports teams. The focus of this group is pre-1960 photos.

Please feel free to post any architecture picture you want :-)

With a little imagination, we can have a different view of our world. Exhibit this vision here. For invitations and comments please use following code. Copy and paste the whole line : < a href="" > Another view of the world < /a> This should look like this :…

This is a group for pictures of at least two of the same species of animal. They can be adults and juvenile, male and female, as long as they are the same species. When possible, please include the name of the animal in the description.

car, airplane, motorcycle, truck,..... all vehicles are welcome

You feel that you can't live without colors? Then this is your place! Feel free to post pictures with more than three different colors. Also, feel free to post any photos with truly vivid colors.