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Schlösser - Burgen - Castles - Châteaux all over the world Tags/Stichworte: Schloss Schloß Schlösser Burg Burgen Castle Castles Château Châteaux Partner-Gruppe: Beautiful Gardens

The group is: Statues, fountain, Water too! lakes, streams, waterfalls, sea, ... Churches, Cathedrals, Chapels, castle, ancient village, stone, sinks, Pictures of street furniture, sunset. Forest, trees, nature No pictures of children, nor private photos No pets. Now Europe

Street photography The group is changing from OPEN to MODERATED. We will select only photos which follow the rules below. Please do not feel offended =================================================== Please have a look at what typically is considered street photography before adding photographs t…

Images made with, photos post processed with, discussions about the use of: The GIMP

Photos taken with film cameras of any type.

Dedicated to all you "long exposure"-lovers :-) Be welcome to add you long exposure shot here!

I guess we all have shots we have taken and not used, or have old favourites which could do with a second look. So I thought it would be fun to start a group for all those old shots. Each week a theme will be posted on Wednesdays and you can post one shot per day from your archives until the follo…