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Poder mostrar la alegría de las flores y de la Naturaleza... Por desgracia, las flores se marchitan, la Naturaleza puede cambiar a peor, pero en nuestra mano está detener ese momento de belleza a través de una foto. Gracias a todos por plasmar tanta belleza y perpetuar ese momento irrepetible.

Trois éléments qui font bon ménage très souvent ! Three elements often matching together beautifully !

Be "urban" no porn, no nude,.. just (dark-)life in the city the beauty or not of urban lifestyle.. it depend.. some photos with people but it depend... LOTS OF PHOTOS about "urbanism"!!!

We want to present our photos showing for example as an eyecatcher the couleurs pink, orange or red.

Photographs that blur bokeh or grant them a special beauty, poetic, "creamy" dream, immaterial. Become blur visual orgy.

Tips for travelers. Relevant informations about a city that you visited! Please write the name of the city and country! Only relevant photos that interest the TOURIST. Pictures of Gardens, Parks, Museums, historical places, hotels, restaurants, palaces, shopping streets, zoo parks, botanical garde…

This group involves connect ethnographic photographs of the modern world