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A group for photos of the urban, suburban and industrial landscape, the fragments of landscape in-between and the construction of landscape.

Bearbeitete Foto , wie z.B. Bildermontagen oder Effekte. und und witzige Fotos , die zum Lachen animieren

We allow any kind of art, crafts, photo-manipulations, doll photos,doll making, good photo scenes/subjects, and historical images in an inclusive mix of creativities. Keep it tasteful, creative, and no porn. Anyone who wants to describe how you create your stuff GO ahead, inform us all please. Gr…

Car Shows

Car Shows

7 members - 1 590 contributions - Created 6 years ago

Pictures from car shows around the world

Tout est dans le nom du groupe !!! 7 jours : du dimanche 20 heures au dimanche 20 heures !!! 1 thème : différent chaque semaine !!! 7 photos : Nombre de photos maximum sur la semaine !!!

To capture images of the people, buildings, architecture, landscapes and scenery that makes England such a wonderful place. Photos that attempt to capture the specific quality of "Englishness" are particularly welcome. Photos can be historical or contemporary.