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Technical photography and digital edition.

A group for all the Flickr Members who left for Ipernity and of course the other also This is a general Group, but PLEASE NO NUDITY DO NOT BLOCK ADMINISTRATORS Banner by YaensArt from DeviantArt Stocks : Autumncheshire, Hyenacub-Stock, SolStock & LittleWhiteWitch, all from DA

doggy and kitty there are pictures already enough

Unlimited photos and video with SONY technology! Please, no pornography, no violence, no brutality!



154 members - 1 393 contributions - Created 6 years ago

Orange. The colour. Or the fruit ;)

This is for images where curves or lines form a dominant theme.

Uniquement des portraits de personnes ou d'animaux, (uniquement la tête face ou profil),photos N&B ou couleur, dessins ou peintures, travaillés digitalement ou pas. Only portraits (just the head face or profile )of people, animals, B&W, colour,design or painting,digitaly worked or not.