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Groups are a good way to share an interest with a small community or the whole world.

There are various kinds of groups but if none of them interest you, why don't you create your own?

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Erotic photography with niveau. We ask that you strictly observe the laws for the protection of minors and the ipernity Terms of Service.

The art of still life is the deliberate artistic arrangement of objects. In this group you can show your talent for creating such arrangements. Please no "normal" photos of blossoms or bouquets, no simple macros or nature photos and also no "normal" food photography. There are other groups for tha…

It is a group of images representing birds perched on a structure, such as a fence, a tree, not birds floating on the water or walking. No black and white. Live birds - wild or domestic. Thank you for your contributions

Pictures of mountain landscapes or mountain tours of all kinds.

This group is dedicated to tolerance and free expression in art and speech on Ipernity to foster an atmosphere of respect and understanding. No pornography or copyright infringed images please, since exploitation and intellectual property theft are not tolerance. Nudes are permitted. ____________…