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photos des églises françaises, pas d' abbayes, pas de ruines, pas de temples, seulement les églises chrétiennes et en France et les vues d ' ensemble

A collection of all the images of autumn. If you feel like autumn with a picture of yours, this is the right place. Further groups: 4 Seasons - Spring 4 Seasons - Summer 4 Seasons - Winter

Reunir en lo posible las caras mas bellas de nuestro mundo, sin distinción de sexo, edad o raza. Esa es nuestra temática. Pero lo hacemos con la finalidad de que en la Unión de las caras sonrientes contribuir con un Mundo unido por la Paz y el Amor. Julio Patiño

100+ Visits - ipernity photos with at least 100- and maxium 249 visits at the moment from posting to this group. Posted according the rules but now more as 249 Visits? You are most welcome to post the photo in one of the sister groups. (to you the choice or you leave the photo in these group or r…

"Have Fun"

Share your photos shot on film. 135 film, 120 film, large format, whatever. B/W, C-41, E-6, you name it. Film photos only, please no digicam pics. Anyone can only upload 20 images per day.

Pictures of this splendid colourful sky phenomenon