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Pictures of waterfowl, divers or waders

Only will be able to be published photographies that should be neither the pets of house, nor dogs, nor cats, etc.

all about pictures taken at night ... ------- .. für Nacht aufnahmen ------- .. pour les vues de nuit ------- PLEASE post just a couple pictures at a time. If you post a bunch, you'll push other night shot pics off of the 1st page and they won't get their moment to shine. ALSO, if…

This is a Group for vintage photographs only of soldiers belonging to the Regular Army - ie: no contemporary re-enactments, please! Any photograph uploaded must include at least one soldier, so please, no photographs of tanks, artillery, bridges, aeroplanes, etc. All photographs uploaded must be…

To let people see the photos you've taken and like. Let them know where you found their image too by using this tag: <a href="">seen in Anything Goes</a>

To showcase the wonderful and diverse landscapes we photograph. Buildings can be featured but only as part of the landscape. This group defines Landscape as "a picture that shows a natural scene of land or the countryside". So please add your cityscape photos to other groups.

Landschaften aus der Natur landscapes of nature