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Portraits du monde entier.

All about black and white photography. Black and White only please. Moderated. Please NO: Erotic, fetish, violance or other adult oriented content! We do not tolerate pictures with badges between the comments. Thanks. Moderated and limited ;)

Portraits in black and white No nude No colour....

*share your BEST seascapes, beach images, ocean sunsets, anything relating to the sea! *partagez vos MEILLEURS paysages marins, images de plage, les couchers du soleil d'océan, quelque chose concernant la mer ! ! *presenti i vostri seascapes MIGLIORI, le immagini della spiaggia, i tramonti d…

Photos taken at the special special time between night and day. Whether the sun is visible or not...

To capture images of the people, buildings, architecture, landscapes and scenery that makes England such a wonderful place. Photos that attempt to capture the specific quality of "Englishness" are particularly welcome. Photos can be historical or contemporary.

Das BESTE, was der iperniyty-Stream für dich zu bieten hat.... ....bitte gebt den anderen Rückmeldung The BEST of the ipernity stream for you: ....please ..... give the other a response Utilisez uniquement le meilleur. S'il vous plaît donner à l'autre une réponse