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showing tenderness in all its kinds of variations, except pornographical... montrant la tendresse sous toutes ses sortes de variations, sauf pornographique ...

Gute EBV´s der Originalen Fotos

A group for all your nature images, it doesn't matter if it's your best shot or not, there are other boards for that. This is for those whose love of nature shines through from their heart and soul. No stress, no thinking too much, just enjoyment (NO LIMITS)

Mirrors, reflective surfaces, liquids, glass, metals, eyes and more. Specchi, superfici riflettenti, liquidi, vetri, metalli, occhi e altro

When water is painter and mirror lakes edges ocean blue ... Pretty new encounters (animals, characters etc)



50 members - 2 376 contributions - Created 3 years ago

il faut des photos "très" lumineuses!!!!!

Let's talk about kats, kitties, kitty-kats and more ... :-)