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Vos photos qui ont obtenues plus de 200 visites....c'est simple, hein ??

Color Blind

Color Blind

115 members - 1 743 contributions - Created 5 years ago

Monotone and B&W. Warning, I am picky. The only photography I will not allow, no matter the quality, technique and so on is work that is or borders pornography and work that is geared to sexual actions that could be viewed as inappropriate to viewers. Nudity is one thing, if a child cannot come and…

showing tenderness in all its kinds of variations, except pornographical... montrant la tendresse sous toutes ses sortes de variations, sauf pornographique ...

The Museum is a gallery for all kinds of artwork: Photographs (digital & scanned from negatives or hard copies), Drawings, Paintings, Prints, Sculptures, ... But this group is now Family Friendly therefore pictures that may shock are not allowed. Please do not refer to this group in comments you m…

Toutes photos relatives au thème. Cheval au naturel ou cheval monté.

To capture images of the people, buildings, architecture, landscapes,scenery and culture that makes France such a wonderful place. Please can the photos showcase France.

La pellicola come stile di vita, un modo unico per rendere unico il nostro modo di vedere. Come la chimica agisce in relazione alla luce, all'argento, ai colori. Fotografia: l'immagine che abbiamo in mente realizzata, trasformata, adattata attraverso un mix di argento, luce, chimica, passione. Dal c…