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55 members - 2 472 contributions - Created 2 years ago

il faut des photos "très" lumineuses!!!!!

This group is for all images except nudity. We encourage comments on images that you like to show that you can be noticed in The Little Pond. This will be a friendly group where the image is the most important thing NOT how comments are posted. Have fun and remember The Little Pond is a community o…

car, airplane, motorcycle, truck,..... all vehicles are welcome

In this group, all photos are welcome which you think are your best. Photos that violate the law or common decency will be deleted immediately. All are welcome!

This group is for photographs that are influenced by the New Topograhpics movement. The inspiration for this group is the New Topographic exhibition held in 1975 at the Eastman House in Rochester, NY. This exhibition was published in the book "New Topographics" published after the exhibition and r…

The Architectural Marvels Group was created to showcase the most beautiful images of buildings & architectural details -- including classic & modern buildings along with details such as doors, windows, wood or stone carvings that embellish them. Both interior & exterior shots are welcome!

An 0P3N_V1SU4L_M0M3NT group. This group is open. No limits ! No restriction ! No censorship ! 9999 photos per day and per member maximum. Feel free to put your creations here ! Even the sky is NOT the limit ! Let's enjoy it together ! Every member will be promoted modera…