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Photos from the urban environment. Show the life on the streets of towns and cities. Please no static lifeless building shots or snaps of posters. Show life in the Urban environment, but do remember the Ipernity rule that faces are not allowed on any candid photos. A Post And Comment group We do no…

A group to share photos of vintage (25+ years old) automobiles. Any makes, models, countries - restored or original!

- Created !

Only will be able to be published photographies that should be neither the pets of house, nor dogs, nor cats, etc.

Memorials rather than gravestones*: stones, plaques, inscriptions, gardens... any period (NB 'monument' is ambiguous: for this group it means "an obelisk, statue, building, etc., erected in commemoration of a person or event or in celebration of something" RATHER THAN "a building, structure, or sit…