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Uh, Pretty girls? Yeah, that's it... PLEASE NO BLURRED/BLOCKED OUT FACES. THEY WILL BE DENIED/REMOVED. This means that the face of the girl must at least be partially visible.

Night shots in and of cities are always interesting and sometimes how unrevealed or hidden shapes ....

This is a group of outstanding photographers from around the globe, and a gallery of fine landscape photography of the highest calibre. Feel free to start discussions here; it is a great way to make acquaintances and build friendships with others who share your passion for photography. Please post o…

A collection of all the images of spring. If you feel like spring with a picture of yours, this is the right place. Further groups: 4 Seasons - Summer 4 Seasons - Fall 4 Seasons - Winter the winners of pic #1 - "a smell of spring" Varin for "Incredibly Nice" iljuschin for "Angies Relaxing" shi…

To get Woophy´s actual and ex-members in one spot.

Des sculptures, ou des statues tous simplement, qui doivent être le sujet principal de la photo. Sculptures, or statues all simply, who have to be the main subject of the photo.