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Ipernity en Español, para hispano-hablantes de todo el mundo! Ipernity in Spanish for Spanish speakers around the world!

Hier können schöne Fotos in Makroaufnahmen gezeigt werden, gerne auch im interessanten Blickwinkel. If you have nice and beautiful interesting images of macro, you can present this here.

Photos to smile and to laugh

La Maison du Bonheur vous ouvre toutes grandes ses portes pour accueillir toutes vos belles photographies prises avec tant d'amour ! Vous êtes Bienvenue ! (Pas de nudité) Merci à vous tous mes amis (es).

The first cat group at Ipernity! This is a international group for cat lovers. Please feel free to post pictures of all kind of cats and all ages. From Kitten to Granny, we want them all! 5 pictures per day. Have fun! :)

The group is for all images taken with a Canon DSLR. It would be great if the EXIF-Data'S would be included so that we can see which lens was used and how the general camera settings have been. Now moderated - sorry :( Please... don´t spam in the name of this group. Don´t add "Seen in...", "Adm…

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