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Pictures, music, and art that make you say WoOW!!

showing tenderness in all its kinds of variations, except pornographical... montrant la tendresse sous toutes ses sortes de variations, sauf pornographique ...

Regrouper différentes humeurs du ciel..Du lever au coucher du soleil, aux menaces d'intempéries, De toute la pallette des couleurs. (Beautiful skies...Sun up or sundown..daylight shots of the Fury and tenderness)

publish photos with words, slogans, principles and phrases celebrated around the world... Welcome with your participation. Thank you!

Hello there! imagine this group as you would a roller coaster ride. what we see here should cause that effect in you and hopefully in all of us! the idea here is to make this a great bw and monochrome experience, one with serious and honest critiques and comments, this way we are able to learn from…