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Memorials rather than gravestones*: stones, plaques, inscriptions, gardens... any period (NB 'monument' is ambiguous: for this group it means "an obelisk, statue, building, etc., erected in commemoration of a person or event or in celebration of something" RATHER THAN "a building, structure, or sit…

Images made with, photos post processed with, discussions about the use of: The GIMP

Welcome to portrait photos group. Please add a tag "portrait". To keep this Portrait group a real group for Portraiture, the rules of the group have been revised to the following: 1 - Only Portraits of a Person or People are allowed in the group. 2 - The Person or People must be the main subje…

Willkommen | Welcome! The QUADRAT Größe▐█ SQUARE Size accepts the best and finest artistic quality photographs formatted as a PERFECT▐█ SQUARE = QUADRAT= CUADRADO = KVADRAT What is must & matter the most in this group are: the PERFECT▐█ SIZE and FINEST QUALITY of your artistic photography. Dankeschö…

Gute EBV´s der Originalen Fotos

B&W (3)

B&W (3)

63 members - 1 952 contributions - Created 9 years ago

only b&w photos and sepia. Thanks for sharing !!!

Post your HDR Pictures here !