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Africa from behind. Tanzania. 2012
By Heidiho

Poor mum! (Milieu naturel)
By Diana Australis

Guinea Fowl.
By Eunice Perkins

By Eunice Perkins

Félin des neiges ...
By Gyp'

'Keep moving bud!'
By Jim Boynton

Cows in Pasture.
By Eunice Perkins

Three horses and their shadows
By Adam *

Morgenäsung   /   Morning grazing
By Rudi Valtiner

By Torsten D-P

Aren't You Also on the Pig?
By Alan Mays

Entspannte Rinder im Wind / Relaxed cattle in the wind
By Rudi Valtiner

Happy Easter from Chick-Chick Easter Egg Dyes
By Alan Mays

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, Ossineke, Michigan
By Alan Mays

A Man and His Moosehead Bier
By Alan Mays

Spofford Lake in the Future, New Hampshire
By Alan Mays

Thanksgiving Greeting—Turkey in a Pumpkin
By Alan Mays

Were It Not for Friday's Pain
By Alan Mays

Uncle Sam's Advice: Use the Empire Wringer
By Alan Mays

Turkeys Breaking the Wishbone on Thanksgiving Day
By Alan Mays

Walkin' On By the Sleeping Man
By Paul's Pictures

By ♥Annieta♥

German Shepherd at home - Perla
By Perlaroques

Mouths and eyes of light-up lambs.
By Tim Kiser

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