Diana Australis' photos


Snow leopard. Darjeeling, India

Critically endangered animal of the high Himalaya and Tibetan Plateau.


Clouded leopard Darjeeling

Sleeping in winter sunlight.

Calcutta: feeding of the poor (nourrir les pauvres)

India: Sudder Street Kolkata (Calcutta).

Singapore shop

On black svp

Rope makers. Jobs/metiers

India. women spinning rope from coconut fibre (coir).


India. Village house

Orchha. Madhya Pradesh


Chhatris(royal tombs). Orchha. India

Daybreak. Bathing on river bank.


Rickshaw driver India

Jobs/metiers. And mobile street art!

India: A holy man and his cow

With his ( soi-disant ) "fils". He was asking for money to feed his "son".
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