Diana Australis' photos

Pakistan. Skardu."Hijab is our culture"

A message for women. Baltistan, far north Pakistan. But there were no women on the streets...only me as a traveller. I saw one other woman in 3 days.

La vache en rose

India....le pays des vaches colorees

The street

Marrakech Medina

Black and gold bovine

Mysore. India

Le parking des vaches

Jaisalmer. India

Blue door

Jaisalmer. India

Tribal woman. Thar Desert India

Dhorimanna.. Fond noir svp.

Water carrier. India.

Thar Desert. Jobs/metiers

India. Near Tso Kar @ 4600m

Setting of remote Tibetan nomad camp. They had not seen travellers before. They live in a yak hair tent, and have a circular stone enclosure for their sheep and goats. This was in summer...it was around 5 degrees and had been snowing lightly around half an hour before.
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