Diana Australis' photos

Coloured bovine with necklace

India. NOT photo shopped...au naturel!

Pin up girl with beads and painted horns

India. Street cow(vache sacree)

Lucknow. India

View from Chota Imambara mosque

Cow dung fuel maker. Metiers/Jobs

Varanasi, India. Making cow dung briquettes for use as fuel on cooking fires.

El Calafate

Patagonia. Argentina. On black please.

Pretty in red - with beads

India. Cow. (Vache sacree)

Pin up girl with beads

Cow (vache sacree). Bhuj. India

Which Coke sign is prettier?

Granada. I love the blue ceramic version!!!

Lace Monitor lizard: 2 meters long

Desert Australia. On black, please.
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