Diana Australis' photos

Pin up girl with beads and painted horns

India. Street cow(vache sacree)

Lucknow. India

View from Chota Imambara mosque

Cow dung fuel maker. Metiers/Jobs

Varanasi, India. Making cow dung briquettes for use as fuel on cooking fires.

El Calafate

Patagonia. Argentina. On black please.

Pretty in red - with beads

India. Cow. (Vache sacree)

Pin up girl with beads

Cow (vache sacree). Bhuj. India

Which Coke sign is prettier?

Granada. I love the blue ceramic version!!!

Lace Monitor lizard: 2 meters long

Desert Australia. On black, please.

Buddhist Hell 2

Sri Lanka temple diorama. It makes me think I must behave well......just in case!
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