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  • No through road

    Havana. Cuba

  • HFF

    Schoolgirls in Kargil, Indian Kashmir

  • In the wild .....fossa

    Madagascar’s apex predator, the fossa (cryptoproctor ferox ) Not a cat, not a dog...in its unique species, as with most of the fauna of this island. It climbs very well and mostly hunts lemurs as its prey. Very lucky to see this animal in the wild....at K…

  • HFF. Nahuel Pan, Argentina

    The indigenous village and current terminus of La Trochita, the Old Patagonia Express steam train service which runs here from Esquel. It in in the Cordillera of the Andes Happy weekend to all....xxxxx

  • The Tea Shop

    Esfahan, Iran

  • El Calafate, Patagonia

    HFF .....from Glaciares region of Argentine Patagonia. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, sunshine and happiness. Thanks for your visits and comments

  • Bringing home the bread

    Iranian Kurdistan. Taken very quickly with little time to frame. Love the bread!

  • Iranian Kurdistan

    Two men at the market. I found Iranian Kurdistan a place of infinite beauty and kindness. The people were so friendly and welcoming to strangers. This is near the Iraq border

  • Disaster Bay

    Near Eden, in NSW, Australia. Thus named because of many disastrous shipwrecks on this remote and wild Pacific Ocean bay Sincere thank you for comments and visits....❤️

  • HFF

    Silo art in Coonalpyn, South Australia. Many rural farming towns in Australia have had their grain silos painted, often by international artists. Some have flora and fauna, some are portraits..as these, of local school children. There is now a “Silo Art T…

  • Kookaburra

    Australian native kingfisher. It has a very loud voice, and makes a long loud laughing call, audible from afar. The name reflects the sound of their call. Native to the eucalyptus forests of eastern Australia, the laughing kookaburra is the largest member…

  • Campsite

    Last weekend, in Stawell. ( Australia). In autumn afternoon light. We camped here for a couple of days No crocodiles...too far south. No snakes...too cool for them.

  • Otters Crossing HFF

    North Uist, Western Isles. We only saw one otter, but not here...at the other end of the island, and in the sea! Have a wonderful weekend..,a big hug to each of you and a wish for sunshine and happiness. Thank you so much for any visits and comments....a…

  • Banksia cones(flowers)

    An Australian native, the banksia genus has more than a hundred forms, ranging from ground covers, to tall trees. They all grow spectacular cones or flowers...in a huge range of colours and sizes. Birds adore the cones for their seeds. I fell in love with…

  • Welcoming friend

    We are camping in Australia at present. This beautiful swan came and sat with us, with his mate, at our campsite. A quick iPhone shot. All our swans in Australia are black.

  • The Dog or Dingo Fence HFF

    The Dog Fence is over 5,600 km in length, stretching across the remote and arid lands of Australia from Queensland, far south to The Great Australian Bight. It was built in 1880-85 to protect the South Eastern sheep grazing lands from incursion by dingoes…

  • HFF

    Northern South Australia. Happy Easter weekend to you and your loved ones. Many thanks for your visits and comments

  • Kandovan, Iran

    An ancient village built into caves within pointed limestone peaks. It is still inhabited and houses a farming community

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