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  • HFF

    Myself in 2000 on the famed Hussaini suspension bridge in Hunza, far north Pakistan....on the Karakoram Highway. I was very brave then...with the bridge, I mean, over the raging glacier melt river! Have a wonderful weekend, and lots of good wishes from…

  • Chester

    Chester UK with its atmospheric timbered buildings

  • On the road in Paraguay. HFF

    Out in the middle of the Chaco, in northern Paraguay. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and a happy week ahead. Your visits are comments are truly appreciated.....❤️

  • I’m just sitting on the fence....

    HFF. Wild proboscis monkey in Borneo, hanging out on the fence! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.....sending you very best wishes from Australia. Thank you for any visits and comments...I value them very much.

  • Sheep on Uist

    Outer Hebrides, Scotland

  • HFF

    Yes, there is a fence! Iguassu Falls, at the border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. And a very necessary fence! Happy weekend...hope it is a good one! Thanks so much for visits and comments.

  • HFF

    Buddhist temple, Ladakh, at 3500 meters in the trans- Himalaya, North India...( Little Tibet) Have a great weekend...hugs and sunshine from Australia ❤️

  • Pilgrimage halt, Iran

    During the Shi’a period of Ashura, it is considered an act of great faith to make a pilgrimage of up to 700km to Karbala in Iraq, to be there for the 40 th day of Ashura. This is the south of Iran, on the pilgrimage route to Iraq. Local communities make w…

  • HFF......

    Chile, Patagonia. Have a lovely weekend everyone. Sending thoughts and sunshine from Australia....

  • HFF

    Sheep herding Aras Valley, Iran...close to Armenian border. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Thanks for visits....and a hug to all!

  • HFF....Isle of Skye

    It is just Friday here in Australia, so happy weekend to all! Thanks for your visits and comments...sincerely appreciated! This is Skye on a clear, hot, sunny day!

  • Esfahan

    Iran. Happy weekend to all! Your visits and comments are so much appreciated....

  • HFF and happy weekend!

    North Uist. Outer Hebrides. Scotland Have a great weekend. Thanks a million for visits and comments - they are truly appreciated

  • The Mathematical Bridge

    River Cam. Queens College, Cambridge UK A spectacular day, weather-wise...28 degrees!

  • HFF ...Talisker Bay

    Isle of Skye. Scotland Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you immensely for your visits and comments!

  • Whitby harbour

    North Yorkshire

  • Benbecula. HFF

    Outer Hebrides. Scotland

  • HFF

    Estancia Harberton, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. The most southerly farm in the world.

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