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03 Oct 2016 35 14 69
In Oscar Niemeyer’s Brasilia. Architecturally amazing city

HFF …Paraguay

11 May 2010 28 31 73
While travelling in Paraguay, we went by local bus to the north, the Chaco, to the large tracts of land owned and farmed by Mennonite communities. We stayed a few days among the Mennonites. One fellow we met, a farmer, had this juvenile giant anteater, which he was raising after its mother was hit by a vehicle. I fed it minced meat, and it licked it off my hand with its very long ant- gathering tongue. I found it an extraordinary experience. Those front claws can be lethal…they tear apart giant termite mounds, and can kill! The grow over 2 meters in length. They are almost my favourite animal. I have been lucky enough to see them in the wild also in Paraguay and Brasil. Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday and new week. I am wallowing in travel photos in lockdown! Diana xxx

HFF from the golden bovine

06 Jul 2021 47 38 115
Mysore, India, 2002. Harvest festival, when cows are coloured red and gold and green…and this one is in harmony with the fence! Today Mysore no longer has its streets like this, half full of cow drawn carts, but is a maddening noise of dense polluting motor vehicles. Sending warmest wishes for an enchanting weekend,for good health, and happiness

Heavy metal art…

05 Sep 2019 36 25 98
Tbilisi, Georgia. A most extraordinary piece of public art, made from recycled tools and metal scraps…a park bench, with patient dog and briefcase. A comfortable seat. And with a giant tree made of similar materials to overlook it. I loved the creativity implicit in the work.

Peruvian HFF

22 Sep 2016 57 43 128
An Inca set of relics high in the mountains of Peru. A much needed fence here. Please excuse me for not visiting. I am finding a few things a bit tough at the moment…living in a tiny caravan for over 14 months with Covid delays on house construction, in lockdown in a city I am just getting to know. My head is in a strange space. I look forward to returning to some normality some indeterminate time ahead. Sending hugs. Best thoughts for a fabulous weekend and a positive and cheerful new week. Diana

HFF from a brown cow

26 Aug 2021 45 33 125
On my walk the other day. May your weekend be safe and wonderful, and may your new week bring pleasure and happiness. A warm hug….D

HFF to all

29 Sep 2019 55 40 167
An autumn scene in the high Caucasus in Georgia. The town of Mestia in Svaneti. Wishing you a safe and super week-end, with best wishes. Thank you for your visits an comments

Cahill’s Crossing welcoming committee

20 Aug 2020 49 39 149
The man-eating saltwater crocodiles at Cahill’s Crossing in Kakadu UNESCO listed National Park in remote Northern Territory of Australia. Waiting for fish on an incoming tide, or for a car with stupid occupants to wash off the causeway. They line both sides of that causeway …up to 60 of them…WAITING…..

Running the gauntlet…at Cahills Crossing

20 Aug 2020 35 20 81
This is the causeway from Thé UNESCO listedKakadu National Park to the remote Aboriginal community of Oenpelli. The crossing is tidal. At low tide up to 60 saltwater crocodiles( they eat people) line the causeway waiting for the tide to bring in fish. They swim in and line up with open mouths. Some silly people like to cross the causeway on a strong incoming tide, like this. If the car was washed off, no one would help and the occupants could well be eaten. It does happen, believe me! All the lumps and bumps in the water are crocodiles. There are lots of online videos of the Cahills Crossing crocs. There are no rescue facilities nearby.

HFF from desert South Australia

06 Jul 2021 53 42 147
Parachilna’s Prairie Hotel is way out on the old Ghan Railway track in northern South Australia. It is legendary to travellers on this road north for its cuisine, with local emu, camel and kangaroo on the menu. Delicious food, and a fascinating remote place. It was a watering stop on the old line…blink and you miss the place! HFF to all. A happy and interesting weekend to you. Keep safe. Thanks for any visits and comments…I am delighted by them!

Purnululu National Park

20 Jun 2014 54 37 129
UNESCO World Heritage Listed, The Bungle Bungle Range in Purnululu National Park is one of the most striking geological landmarks in Northern Western Australia, offering a remote wilderness experience. They cover around 250,000 hectares with thousands of weathered, sculpted domes of ancient eroded mountains composed of Cyanobacteria layers sandwiched in layers of sandstone, giving a dark striped effect. The land is arid, but I found a single rock pool, probably with a small spring supplying it. It is remote and access is by 4WD or super tough vehicle.

Autumn in Kamchatka

06 Sep 2014 69 53 166
In an old Soviet gulag on the Arctic Circle, in the far north of the Russian Far East. In polar bear territory, on the Bering Sea. The summer and autumn are super short…. It has scaffolding and a tiny bit of fence, I promise! Keep well everyone…please! A wonderful weekend to you…and warm wishes.

Black breasted buzzard

26 Aug 2020 47 29 126
This large Australian raptor is very skilled at tool use, using rocks to break the tough shells of emu eggs. No other bird does this. Emu eggs have a hard and thick exterior and really need force and tools to break them open. This was photographed in a bird park in Central Australia. This is a replica emu egg…the bird being rewarded with a tasty morsel for opening it.

À bovine HFF to you

06 Jul 2009 49 40 150
À street in Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh, India. I adore the random contrasts of street life in India. Here, while wandering, you can buy some fruit, a gun or two, and bump into some cows on the footpath. Have a happy Friday, and a welcome and productive weekend. Above all stay safe and well.

Central Australia

08 Sep 2020 42 31 103
In the red, desert heart of my land…the awe inspiring Kings Canyon ( Watarrka National Park) up which we climbed and hiked last year on a 38C day. It is literally hundreds of kilometres from anything…except more desert!


17 Jul 2013 34 29 129
HFF from a hilarious advertisement in Madhya Pradesh, India. Have a fabulous Friday and a well deserved and safe weekend ….with sun! Best wishes from Down Under

On thé street….Olinda, Brazil

22 Oct 2016 33 16 123
Olinda is as all historic Portuguese city in Pernambuco, Brasil. Nowadays it is an artists’ haven and has a giant annual Carneval. A Carneval figure sits atop this house, which is cheerfully painted. It is about 15 km from Recife, and is a feast for the eyes and spirit. We spent a week there, and I adored it. Very un touristed.

HFF from Singapore

10 Jul 2013 53 39 173
Cheerful yellow for an end of week smile. Have a wild and woolly weekend and a super interesting and safe new week! Lots of good wishes xxxxx

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