Vale, Don.


Groovin' along

Audience member at the street jazz concert, Warwick "Jumpers & Jazzz" festival. I think this musical accompaniment suits. Explored.

Snapping the snapper

Quite a few other photographers were also at the "Jumpers and Jazz" event. Explored.

The supporter

Both teams and coaches link arms for the end of the basketball game - with the assistance of a junior supporter. Explored.

After it!

Yesterday I found myself in unfamiliar photographic territory - as the 'unofficial team photographer' for my grandson's first basketball final (they lost, but weren't disgraced). Indoor sport with reasonably dim lighting does create some interesting challenges! Explored.

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Let there be drums

The Warwick State High School had their own band in "Jumpers and Jazz" - I suspect this very committed drummer is their teacher. Which leads me to this musical link (not what they were playing). Best viewed on black. See my Jumpers and Jazz" album for more images from this event. Explored.


At "Jumpers and Jazz" in Warwick. Saxophones really sound great (IMHO) as this link shows. Second image in note. See my Jumpers and Jazz" album " for more images from this event.

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A wooly jumper

With all that wool on display at the "Jumpers and Jazz" festival, I guess it was not surprising to find there also was a demonstration of sheep shearing. HFF.

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31:100 Strangers - Monica and the Flea Circus

Along came a lady with a small barrow (note 1). Stopping, she set out a rope as an arena, opened the barrow's lid, and proceeded to entertain some fascinated children with her Travelling Flea Circus (music link). I asked her if she would mind being included in my "100 strangers" project. She readily agreed and told me that her name was Monica, but she had to be on her way as her little performers were ready for the next show and waiting in their dressing room (the box right foreground note 2). I rather like the pensive moment I caught in note 3. View large. Explored.

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30:100 strangers - Knitted Nancy

Among all the crowds in the street, some people stood out: this lady more than most. I spied her chatting to small children (see notes) and showing them the knitted animals she carries in her knitted bags. She readily agreed to take part in my "100 strangers" project when I asked, and told me that her name is "Knitted Nancy". She is part of the official "Jumpers and Jazz" street theatre and this was her third year at the event. She appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself. View large. Explored.
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