Phil Sutters' photos

  • Spring on the South Downs - Denton - 16.5.2018

  • Examining a dead fish - East Blatchington Pond - 5.5.2018

    The two lads were debating whether to remove a small dead fish from the pond. There are a number of fish that live in the pond. How they got there I don't know. A few are carp that may have been dumped there when too big for garden ponds. There was one or…

  • Moorhen chick & Red-eared Slider Turtle - East Blatchington Pond - 5.5.2018

  • Winchelsea Beach at dusk - 16.8.07

  • Sand, Mud, Shingle & Sky - Winchelsea Beach at Dusk

  • Grass at Pett Level at sunset

  • Fisherman and his son heading home

    This was given a dry brush treatment in Photoshop

  • Evening sky over Dungeness 29 7 2006

  • Beach huts sky & shingle Seaford 9 5 2018

  • Shoal collage friends & family 9 5 2018

    The plaques set into the seats remember friends or family who have died. The fish hanging from the railings have names of couples - who knows what their relationships are - but they think they are special enough to celebrate in this way. The profits from…

  • Shoal collage - 9 5 2018

  • The Shoal from Seaford Head 9 5 2018

    This sculptural memorial bench has now been extended, this being funded largely by fish-shaped memorial plaques let into the wooden seating areas.

  • Seaford Bay panorama 9 5 2018

    Another of my experiments with the panoramic setting on my compact camera. Click on the photo to see it at its full width on your screen.

  • Tate modern staircase to level 4 - not PSed about with

    This is the original photo from which this - 0 was developed It's a bit sad that I find photographing the building's structure more interesting than the exhibits.

  • Vauxhall Cross bus station - London 30 10 2014

  • Vauxhall Cross bus station London 30 10 2014

    The great projecting 'ski slopes' carry a huge array of solar panels, powering the lighting and other facilities in this bus station. It is at an important transport intersection, with main roads to Victoria and Westminster to the north and the south of L…

  • Stairs to level 4 Tate Modern 12 4 2018

    To see the original image please see 6 As far as I remember this version was created from two layers, with the top one 'skewed. by dragging the top-left corner about two thirds of the way across the top edge. Th…

  • Small, supposedly superior

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