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  • Antique shopping, Drew Pritchard Antiques.

    I generally hate shopping, especially for clothes and household appliances, but love shopping for food & booze, antiques, plants, books etc, Covid 19 has taken away this pleasure for me, hoping it will be back soon...

  • Cambio de editor

    Acabé con los planes fotográficos de Adobe y con mi estimado Photoshop de hace 10 años. Todos quieren mucho a sus clientes; mientras, les ordeñan mensualmente sus bolsillos. Esta es la primera fotografía que edito con un programa de Nikon que lo tenía gr…

  • Double col vert

  • 200525 Chernex BDe3005 MOB 0

    BDe 4/4 3005 MOB à Chernex

  • Empties before sunrise

    JS 8366 and 8358 thrashing uphill on the Sandaoling coal railway with empties from Liushuguan. All China is on Beijing time and this remote desert area is so far to the west that even at 9.15am the sun had yet to rise on this cold January morning.

  • L'irisme est un confinement

  • Poortekerl


    Envoyez moi de bonnes ondes, je vais en avoir besoin (IRM) aujourd'hui. Send me some good vibes as I will need some to day (MRI). Pas certaine de pouvoir faire beaucoup de commentaires aujourd'hui, mais je pense à vous. Not sure to make many comments toda…

  • Roof and leaves, temple corner


  • Esplanade


  • Papierblume

  • Canary Wharf


  • A Toolbox With Character...

    Saturday Self-Challenge: Toolboxes My Husband's much used toolbox containing some of his many tools acquired through the years. Have a wonderful week, everyone! :-))

  • Reeds. 143/366

    After my gardening session yesterday I woke to rain, sunshine, rain, sunshine for the rest of the day combined with yet another near gale. And not warm as a result. This meant I could stay on the sofa guilt free all morning only moving occasionally to ti…
    By Jean

  • Flowering window....:)

  • Ponies in the River Colne

    Coln St Aldwyns, Gloustershire

  • hier sur mes groseilliers .....

    il n' a pas bougé d' un poil du matin au soir ........ SPHINX DU PEUPLIER .......merci boro !

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