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One day ipernity might be saved...

One day ipernity might be saved...
...but whenever it will be - the groups will be without any members as all accounts which are members in the groups got deleted.

It´s annoying to get each day mails because members leaving the groups (but in real they are deleted accounts now). I wonder if there will be someone left after this mass - account - suspensions.

Sami Serola
Sami Serola
As told on ima news, unused and inactive accounts are deleted. Unfortunately group admins do receive such notices unless notices are disabled on group admin settings.

See the yesterday news ;-) There are 1500 paid accounts (enough to survive) and 3000 active free accounts. That's not so bad.
13 months ago.
ୱ Kiezkickerde ( ͡°… has replied to Sami Serola
First part: Yes, already known, but it feels a-like as all members are leaving the groups.
About the news: Sounds indeed good, but are 4500 members for a would-wide community enough? We will see...
13 months ago.
Sami Serola has replied to ୱ Kiezkickerde ( ͡°…
Because you did publish that image, I check through quickly few of them. It looks like those accounts no longer exists. Most likely all those are accounts that were not used for three years, and therefore deleted as inactive. And because being inactive so long, they probably didn't even knew about takeover.

When an account becomes deleted, the group amdin unfortunately keep on seeing those notices. And as I said, you can choose to disable those notices from group settings, if you wish.

The estimate when takeover was announced that 1500 paid accounts should be enough to save the web site with current increased subscription prizes. But of course we need to convince more people to start seeing this worth to pay for.
13 months ago.
Hi Stefan!
Sami hatte es schon erwähnt: Was Du siehst, ist das Ergebnis des "Ausputzens". Was soll die Gemeinschaft mit 180.000 Karteileichen?
Übrig geblieben sind nach der Aktion ca. 25.000 registrierte Mitglieder, die innerhalb der vergangenen 36 Monate auch aktiv waren.
Das Wording "...verlassen" ist insofern irreführend, weil nicht das Mitglied aktiv war, sondern die ima.
4 months ago.
ୱ Kiezkickerde ( ͡°… has replied to Bergfex
:-) Sah aber echt ein wenig schlimm, deprimierend zu der Zeit aus, als ich die ganzen Mails bekam. Aber dachte mir dann letztlich schon so was.
4 months ago.