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Owens Lake (#0442)

Owens Lake (#0442) 

Don't let this surprisingly pastoral scene fool you, Owens Lake is still a source of toxic dust thanks to the historic LA drainage of water from the Owens River. See:

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Quel dommage, ce paysage est de toute beauté....
Quand respecteront-ils la vie, la nature....?
2 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs travels)
Don Barrett (aka DBs…
Beautifully put, or is just that French sounds much more poetic??

Actually there's much more respect for environment now than there was 80 years ago.
2 years ago.
I've had so much going on that I've lost track of California weather the last few months, so I don't know if you've had as wet a spring as I was thinking you might. This looks a lot greener than I'd have expected.
2 years ago.
Don Barrett (aka DBs… has replied to Clint
Northern California had a wet and snowy winter, even with some flooding, but the El Nino rains had much less effect in Southern California. Per the link below, downtown SF was 102% of average, but downtown LA was only 48% of average. My understanding is that even the places that were above average were not far enough above average to be a major benefit, but at least better than the past few very dry years. Since much of the water used in the south comes from the north, we're generally in better shape though I suspect the central coast areas (e.g., San Luis Obispo) are facing tight situations since they get most of their water locally
2 years ago.