IL18 on Apron YJS

Air Koryo: Il-18

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IL18 at YJS

A view from the side of Air Koryo's P-835 registered Il-18.


IL18 and crew

The crew posing in front of their aircraft they just flew into Samjiyon airport.


IL18 Front

The beautiful Il-18 of Air Koryo parked on the tarmac at Samjiyon Airport, seen from the front.


IL18 Crew

The complete crew of Air Koryo's Il-18 flight from Pyongyang to Somjiyan pose in front of the aircraft after the flight.


IL18 fuselage

A look onto the fuselage of the beautiful Il-18 of Air Koryo.


IL18 Flight attendant

After arrival of Air Koryo's flight, a flight attendant patiently awaits that all passengers have disembarked.


IL18 Cockpit

A look into the cockpit of Air Koryo's Il-18, P-835.


IL18 Y seats

Economy class seating in the part of the cabin where the rear entrance is. Note the fabric curtains to cover the window instead of blinds.


IL18 safety

Safety instruction and barf bag, Air Koryo style (aboard Il-18).
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