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Vom Hölzchen auf's Stöckchen... :-)
Some things I always wanted to say - but nobody bothered about... ;-)


  • Planes at Plaza

    - 15 years ago - 1 comment
    Today, a new shop at Schiphol airports shopping centre for aviation enthusiasts opened its doors: Planes at Plaza. Eye-catcher of the shop that can be found in the publicly accesible shopping center on the arrivals level of the terminals is the front section of a former TWA DC-9 painted in home carrier KLM's new colours. Historically this colour scheme is not correct as a DC-9 of KLM never flew in these colours, the current KLM colour scheme. Other eye-catchers include an authent…

  • Back home.

    - October 21, 2007 - 2 comments
    Yesterday evening I returned home from my vacation. It was great, Jelle and I enjoyed every bit of it. We met our great new friends David and Daniel onboard the Diamond Princess, took some fun flights in Hawaii and in Vancouver, made a short train trip on Vancouver Island, had pretty good Lufthansa flights, drank way too much alcohol, I gained about three kilos in weight, we enjoyed the two cruise ships we cruised on very much and I took an endless amount of pictures of which I will upload a sel…

  • Cruising.

    - October  6, 2007 - 1 comment
    Hi everybody. Just a short note from the middle of the pacific ocean somewhere in between Los Angeles and Kona, Hawaii. It's a fascinating idea to sit on a giant cruise liner somewhere in the middle of the ocean and being connected to the internet. So far our journey went as planned and we are now on the second cruise ship during our holiday (yeah, I know, very decadent...) now on our way to Hawaii. Yesterday, our first day at sea after we left L.A. the ship rolled and rocked quite a bit whic…

  • Limit.

    - September 24, 2007
    Just a short note to let you know why I haven't uploaded any new pix the last time. Very simple: I used up my monthly upload space and since I am on vacation now I decided to postpone my request for pro-membership. So, as I am back end of October I will have upload space again and I also plan to upgrade my membership to pro-level. Gotta go to bed now urgently, I have an early morning shift and will later leave for my vacation... and therefore: That's all folks, I'm off now... see ya all in a fe…

  • Aloha.

    - September 24, 2007
    Finally, vacation is near. Only two more days to work and off we are, yeah! Jelle and I will fly to Frankfurt where my parents Lieselotte and Peter from Cologne will join us. During this trip my mother will celebrate her 70th birthday. So we thought we work out something special for her. As she didn't like to do much sightseeing and preferred to have nice and warm weather we finally found something to her taste... ;-) So that is why we will fly from Frankfurt to Vancouver (speaking of warm weath…

  • Sniffing weekend.

    - September 21, 2007 - 2 comments
    Are you interested in civil aviation in general and in Cologne's airport in special? Then consider to pay the continent's largest lowcost airport a visit this weekend, as the "22nd Aviation day" will be held at the airports' modern terminal 2/D this weekend between 10.00 and 18.00hrs. Organized by a spotters group called "Aviation Friends Cologne e.V." this special event is aimed at aviation enthousiasts and therefore offers books, postcards, photos, slides, models and many other aviation relate…

  • Fahrenheit 104.

    - September 12, 2007
    I was walking back on memory lane today. Since some days for whatever reason there was a song on my mind that I remembered I liked very much as a teenager. I could not remember the name of the group however I remembered it was somehow italian but it was sung in english and the title included something with "Highway to ...?" and I couldn't remember the questionmark. I thought it was heaven but when you look on google or itunes for a title with something like "Highway to Heaven" you get lots of li…

  • Completely nuts.

    - September 11, 2007 - 4 comments
    I just read an internet article in german newspaper "Die Welt" about George W. Bush's newest plan: [ read here in german ] in future he wants any person coming to the U.S. without Visa to submit specific information 48 hours before entering the country! They are really getting completely nuts if this is going to be introduced. It's so out of this world, that'll never work! How can then anybody spontaneously decide to make a trip to the U.S.? I know from experience (I work as a ticket agent for a…

  • I hate ironing.

    - September 11, 2007 - 1 comment
    In preparation for our vacation I thought I start ironing some shirts and stuff. I am one of those persons that hate ironing and therefore once clothes are washed they get folded and stacked away somewhere in the closet. When I intend to wear something I will therefore have to iron it first. But to me that seems to be the most perfect solution to avoid unnecessary ironing... Anyway, after my friend (who applies the same strategy with his clothes...) had started to iron the stupid electric iron s…

  • Kaffeetante.

    - September  7, 2007
    I confess: that's what I am, I am addicted to coffee. :-) And I think it's my mother's fault... or was it my grandpa when he fed me coffee with a spoon when I was a baby... ;-) It doesn't matter anymore... I drink a lot of coffee. At work, at home, when "on the road". At home, we usually drink Senseo coffee. Even though I think it's not the best coffee out there it's a very convenient way of making a fresh cup of coffee. I prefer it to filter coffee at home because I tend to forget that there…

  • Next stop:

    - September  7, 2007 - 2 comments
    a station near you? I now uploaded a collection of my station photos and they can be all found back in the new folder "stations". Do you guys like trains and do you also use it? I go to work with the train daily. For me it's most convenient as it's only a seven minute train ride to my work whereas it would take about 30 minutes if I would take the car to work (because of the longer car ride and the need to park far away from the work place and catch a shuttle bus from the parking place). Some…

  • A whole different animal.

    - September  6, 2007 - 1 comment
    Not to long ago I was looking for some airline commercials over at youtube (did I mention that I have a passion for aviation, as well?)... I came across this commercial which I really like: I like the Frontier corporate image and the way they promote themselves. Frankfurt Airport has a nice bookshop somewhere in the arrivals hall which is dedicated to aviation. It was there that I saw a book about "old" Swissair sales posters with really beautiful, stunning photography.…

  • Schmap.

    - September  5, 2007 - 1 comment
    Online travel guide publishes one of my photos.

  • Countdown.

    - September  4, 2007 - 2 comments
    It's still a few weeks ahead but already I am counting down till I finally go on my yearly vacation... and guess what? I am going to cruise again! :-) I am really looking forward to it, can't wait 'till I am finally aboard a new ship. This time we will sail on a Holland America Ship, the "Zuiderdam", just for a few days. Anyway, I'll be around here for a few more weeks to come. Regards again from Amsterdam, Guido

  • Weekend.

    - August 30, 2007 - 2 comments
    Oh my god, it's already 01.15 and I'm still surfing on ipernity (isn't there a nice short commonly agreed on nickname for the site?, "ity" or such?)... and I have to be at my work fresh and shiny and wide awake at 06.00... I think I should go to bed now... well, to make it short: I am off this coming weekend for a change (yeah, I work shifts and I am only off every third weekend) and I will leave Friday afternoon to visit my family in Cologne. No updates in the next three days, therefore.…

  • Decorating.

    - August 29, 2007
    After "moving" in here at ipernity I now managed to transfer the first few pictures from flickr. And I even started "decorating" the "house" by creating the first albums so I can get a similar structure in my stream as I had over at flickr. Please bear with me while I am still busy to transfer my pix from flickr to ipernity and not all pictures have the same and/or all tags right away. I am working on that. Thanks for your patience, I hope you enjoy the photos anyway if you haven't done so befor…

  • Your new neighbour.

    - August 27, 2007 - 2 comments
    Funny thing, a few days ago I hadn't even heard about this place called ipernity and now I am sort of moving in this new "house" from my old home over at flickr. But what happened? Since mid may I was cut off from internet by my dutch provider KPN. It took them until last Friday to at least reinstate my internet access on a temporary basis while they try to re-establish my old connection. During my three month absence from the internet something happened over at flickr, the place where I felt…