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IL62 Tail

13 Sep 2013 1 336
The tail of an IL-62 in the China National Aviation Museum near Beijing.

IL62 Backview

13 Sep 2013 1 557
The back part of an Ilyushin 62 exhibited at the China National Aviation museum near Beijing. In this view, the extra support wheel for the heavy tail can be seen deployed.


16 Sep 2013 1 459
Some pilot hats stored in the hatrack aboard an Il-18 of Air Koryo.

IL18 at YJS

16 Sep 2013 3 515
A view from the side of Air Koryo's P-835 registered Il-18.

IL18 and crew

16 Sep 2013 496
The crew posing in front of their aircraft they just flew into Samjiyon airport.

IL18 Front

16 Sep 2013 1 526
The beautiful Il-18 of Air Koryo parked on the tarmac at Samjiyon Airport, seen from the front.

IL18 Crew

16 Sep 2013 490
The complete crew of Air Koryo's Il-18 flight from Pyongyang to Somjiyan pose in front of the aircraft after the flight.

IL18 fuselage

16 Sep 2013 431
A look onto the fuselage of the beautiful Il-18 of Air Koryo.

IL18 Flight attendant

16 Sep 2013 1 433
After arrival of Air Koryo's flight, a flight attendant patiently awaits that all passengers have disembarked.

IL18 Cockpit

16 Sep 2013 1 543
A look into the cockpit of Air Koryo's Il-18, P-835.

IL18 Y seats

16 Sep 2013 469
Economy class seating in the part of the cabin where the rear entrance is. Note the fabric curtains to cover the window instead of blinds.

IL18 safety

16 Sep 2013 436
Safety instruction and barf bag, Air Koryo style (aboard Il-18).

IL18 seatback

16 Sep 2013 386
The seatback of an economy class seat. Note the sticker on the seat back that indicates the seat number of the seat it's sticked on.

IL18 service from the aisle

17 Sep 2013 448
Inflight service on a flight with Air Koryo's Il-18.

IL18 Fridge

16 Sep 2013 382
This full size "normal" kitchen fridge in the galley aboard Air Koryo's Il-18. They had cold towels in there, by the way.

IL18 jugs

16 Sep 2013 1 397
The galley with hot jugs aboard Air Koryo's Il-18.

IL18 inflight service

16 Sep 2013 443
The flight attendants trying to make inflight service aboard Air Koryo's Il-18 despite aviation geeks running up and down the aisle during the flight.

IL18 bulkhead

16 Sep 2013 434
An economy class bulkhead seat with a rarely seen fold down table aboard Air Koryo's Il-18.

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