Once it was a pageantry stair

Remnants of the past

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  • Looks like Dracula's castle...

    Thanks Serge, for the idea with the bats!!

  • At nightfall in a quaint little town

    The market place ready for the Christmas market in Eppstein (Taunus mountains, Germany).

  • All what remains of the old church...

    This tower is the vestige of the old parish church, built during the 12th century and dedicated to Saint-Georges. The old chuch (see PIP) was demolished in February 1963, and the bell tower is all what remains. It was restored the same year and retains i…

  • As it was in ancient times

  • Summer souvenirs from Burgundy

  • Under the vaults

    This former bell tower is all what remains of a 16th century church. It is octogonal in shape, with 4 ogival-arch openings. The coats of arms of the lords of Langourla can be seen on the walls inside.

  • Standing stones, always a little mysterious...

    The alignment of MONTENEUF is truly an exceptional site.

  • The menhirs of Monteneuf

    2° site mégalithique après Carnac : à MONTENEUF, c'est la rencontre des plus nombreux alignements de menhirs de Bretagne intérieure : on dénombre 420 monolithes et 42 redressées !

  • Kind regards from Falaise

    Different views of the castle of William the Conquerer who was born in Falaise in 1028.

  • Le château dans son écrin

  • Some slates are missing, the bridge is wobbly - but still, the old washhouse is so charming

  • Once it was a pageantry stair

    Jadis, ce fut l'escalier d'apparat...

  • As if a giant nibbled the stones around;-)

    With a height of 26 m, the keep dominates the village and the valley. The remains of Lavardin Castle (11th-15th century) stand on a rocky promontory, above the village and the Loir-river.

  • The ceiling under open sky

    I was below, staring upwards and hoping that nothing would fall down!!!

  • Troglodyte dwelling

    La petite maison dans les rochers....

  • Nice home for holidays...

    Le château Renaissance (XVI° s) de l'Escoublère à Daon se dresse fièrement derrière ses douves

  • Dangerous for parachute landings!

    Le château du Bourg à Saint-Denis-du-Maine, village dans un écrin de verdure aux confins du Maine et de la Basse Normandie

  • Frapper avant d'entrer;-)

    Knock before entering;-)

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