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  • Autumn mood over the water

    On the banks of the Blavet (canal from Nantes to Brest), nearby the Cistercian abbey of Bon-Repos

  • Houseboats preparing for winter

    The Canal d'Ille-et-Rance is 85 km long with 48 locks, it connects Redon to Dinan thus forming part of the English Channel / Atlantic Ocean link. From Dinan the navigation continues in the semi-tidal river Rance for a further 6 km to Le Châtelier lock, be…

  • Flax fields

    En juin les champs de lavande en Provence - en octobre les champs de lin par chez nous. In June the fields of lavender in Provence - in October the fields of flax in our region.

  • Picturesque town hall

    Around the 12th century a priory was established in this village. It remained until the French Revolution and became the presbytery. Today it is the town hall.

  • A piece of untouched nature

    L'étang de Bondy, avec un petit air du Canada....

  • Morning mist over the river

  • Salagou Lake with its red shores

    Surrounded by beautiful red hills, the Salagou reservoir extends over 750 hectares and benefits from a special setting. Between red ruffles, the vine of a sparkling green and the deep and multiple blues of this beautiful expanse of water the color contras…

  • Color contrasts

    Red coloured Permian deposits, so called "ruffes" which are rich clay-like sediments. Whether it is ruffe, basalt or dolomite, these varied geological landscapes, together with farmland and the presence of the Salagou Lake, create a unique biodiversity.

  • Vivre et laisser vivre...

    Au fond le donjon de Montpeyroux, un des plus beaux villages de France.

  • Basaltic organ pipes

    These "organ pipes" are columnar jointed volcanic rocks. The mound is nothing more than a volcanic chimney in the hollow of which formed a lake of molten rock. The lava, cooling in contact with water, gave rise to basaltic organs still visible today. >>…

  • Over the volcanic mountain range

    Depuis le Puy-de-Dôme (1465 m) vue sur la chaîne des puys.

  • When the walls whisper the secrets of the past.

  • Sunday morning at the marina

  • Exotic greetings from Roscoff

    Back from Ireland Roscoff greeted us with this gorgeous sunrise

  • Dawn over the little chapel

    The chapel with its white walls, still used today as a landmark for sailors, was built at the beginning of 17th C. as an expression of devotion, to beg Sainte Barbe for protections agains the dagers incurred by the boats and sailors. The "Johnnies" saili…

  • Blue & red on white...

  • "Salvi's Café" in the center of Kinsale...

    ... is a friendly family run cafe serving good value breakfast, lunch and light snacks throughout the day. Mid morning is the time for the tea, coffee, scones, croissants and pastries....

  • In spite of the rain, Kinsale is colorful

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