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  • Bridge after bridge after bridge...

    Reguliersgracht is one of the most picturesque and tranquil canals in the center and is the location of "Seven Bridges Amsterdam".

  • Narrow, narrower, narrowest (one of the smallest houses in Amsterdam)

    The narrow houses that line Amsterdam’s canals are among some of the most memorable examples. 3 of these stand out as the narrowest of them all. Measuring slightly more than 2 m across, residents can almost reach out and touch both walls from one spot. It…

  • In the town where the streets are canals... HFF

    ... and where bicycles and coffeeshops are ubiquitous (see PiP's)

  • Courette fleurie - HFF

    Idyllic small yard in summer clothes, and honeysuckle over the fence.

  • Art in the city

    Two monuments under the sign of space: "Galaxie" and its crystal ball, then "Ellipse" and a trompe-l'oeil on the wall (see PiPs). Deux monuments sous le signe de l'espace : "Galaxie" et sa boule de cristal, ensuite "l’Ellipse" ainsi qu'un trompe-l’œil su…

  • "Pistache-Vanille"

    Une feuille étonnante, trouvée dans le jardin: parfaitement bi-couleurs par une séparation nette au milieu. An amazing leaf, found in the garden: perfectly bi-colored by a clear separation in the middle.

  • Un coin de verdure

    A corner of greenery to let body, mind and soul relax...

  • Château d'Ô

    No, it is not a chateau in the Loire Valley! It is one of the many in Normandy which are smaller but nevertheless fascinating (and with much less tourists...).

  • Dentelle de pierre

    The chapel Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes in white stone and flamboyant style was built in the 19thC in request for protection of hail storms.

  • Once upon a time...

    Eppstein (Germany) : quaint village in the mountains of the Taunus PiP : view to the old castle rising above the city, and the "Emperor"s temple" in the forest.

  • "Durch diese hohle Gasse muss er kommen"

    Friedrich Schiller: Wilhelm Tell (Kapitel 15)

  • Habillé de lierre

    Dressed in ivy each building is beautiful - even if it's bad for the walls!!

  • Profusion de fleurs


  • Horus non numero nisi serenas

    "I count only the sunny hours"

  • This narrow alley is called Main Street:-)

    Eppstein is a quaint little town in the Taunus mountains. The ruins of the castle (first mention in 1122), the half-timbered houses and the narrow streets give much character to the old city centre.

  • Cinq siècles d'histoire - pavillon d'entrée de Carrouges

    The gatehouse (16th C.) with 4 circular turrets is a two-storey pavilion which construction combines red and black bricks and is considered the first witness of Renaissance architecture in Normandy.

  • La glycine habille les vieilles pierres

    Le château de Carrouges (14e-17e siècle) est entouré de douves en eaux vives et fait de brique, de granit et d'ardoise. Il abrite également de somptueux appartements au décor Renaissance. Autour de la demeure, l'agréable parc de 10 h a conservé ses splend…

  • Nature has fully awakened

    La paisible vallée de l'Erve près des grottes préhistoriques de Saulges.

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