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  • Welcome autumn

  • Standing stones, always a little mysterious...

    The alignment of MONTENEUF is truly an exceptional site.

  • 2° site mégalithique après Carnac.

    À MONTENEUF, c'est la rencontre des plus nombreux alignements de menhirs de Bretagne intérieure : on dénombre 420 monolithes et 42 redressées !

  • Helpers carrying the "stained glass window";-)

    This was painted on the wooden fence around the Cluny Museum which is partly under renovation.

  • People, people, crowd....

    La pyramide du Louvre. Perhaps here Birdy found her title "people, help the people"

  • Beau cadre pour la Tour Eiffel

    Depuis le Pont Alexandre III

  • Pas vraiment dans le courant du Feng Shui...

    Bâtiments futuristes près de la station du métro Bir-Hakeim

  • Classical view, but always spectacular

    Notre-Dame cathedral, view from the Garden René-Viviani

  • Lueurs du soir sur Notre-Dame et les bouquinistes

  • Kind greetings from Falaise

    Different views of the castle of William the Conquerer who was born in Falaise in 1028.

  • The bride is ready for her wedding - hopefully the bridegroom too;-)

    The church Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais was built in the 11th century under William the Conqueror and consecrated in 1134. It has been recast several times over the centuries, especially in the 15th century during the 100 Years' War and after the bombing o…

  • Brand-new truck, in 1930 or so...

    This truck stands in front of the "Civilians in Wartime Memorial", a museum dedicated to both: the life and survival of the civilans during WW II.

  • Glad that our boat wasn't too high...

  • Water lilies on the lake

  • A "must see" for someone who enjoys odd attractions:

    The largest frying pan in the world: here was prepared an omelet which entered into the Guiness Book of Records: with 80 000 eggs, 200 kg butter, 20 kg salt & pepper, 1800 kg charcoal!! The diameter of the pan is 13,100 m (43 feet), its weight 2000 kg. It…

  • Summer in the city

  • Le château dans son écrin

  • Some slates are missing, the bridge is wobbly - but still, the old washhouse is so charming

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